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Armenian Church

Sues Getty

Over 'Magical' Bible

6/2/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Western branch of "the oldest organized Christian Church in the world" is suing the J. Paul Getty Museum in L.A., demanding the return of 7 pages from a "magical" 750-year-old bible that was allegedly stolen during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1918.


doc_launch_small_200In documents filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America claims The Getty "acted in complete disregard" for the Church's rights in 1994 when it bought "stolen" pages of the Zeyt'un Gospels Bible.  

The Church claims the Zeyt'un Bible was created for Constantine I by "the master illuminator T'oros Roslin" in 1256, and is one of Armenia's most valued national treasures.  The Church believes the book "wielded supernatural powers."

When the Turks invaded Armenia in 1915, the suit claims, descendants of a royal Armenian family fled with the Bible, with whom it was thought to be safe.  Yet, when the Bible was returned to Armenia following WWII, 7 key pages were missing ... pages that turned up at The Getty.

The Church claims it learned the Getty Museum had the pages in 2007, but the Getty has refused to return it.  Now, the Church is asking the court to order the pages returned, and for damages of $35 million.


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Hugh Jass you're an ASS!

1611 days ago


This is a case that has to be litigated in order to come to some resolution. What I suggest is hiring a mediator and resolve it in a peaceful fashion. There are so many issues invovled that needs to be addressed: Did Getty know that the pages were stollen? If yes, why they did not report it? Why the plaintiffs (Armenian Church) waited until now to make a case? Why plaintiffs are asking $35 million in damages? What financial damages did they suffer? What Armenian Chruch needs is an injunction to collect the property and return it to Armenia and ask for the cost involved (i.e., attorney fees, cost of shipping and etc.,). Another Option is for the Kardashian family to go to Getty and ask it back :)

1611 days ago


It seems to me that that average poster on this story has the IQ equivelant to a PEA. National treasures no matter who they belong to stolen / or taken by force should be returned to their rightful owners. During WWII a great many works of art by the masters that were held by the Jewish nobility of Europe were confiscated and taken to Berlin. years later when ownership was proven, whole collections were returned to their righful owners the decendants of those who owned the works of art. So far as the Anti-Armenian bigoted remarks that are surfacing here, those who post those remarks should consider this...Todays's Armenians are the decendants of a 3000 year old people, culture, and heritage. When Armenia declared it's independence in 1918 from Ottoman Turkey right after the Genocide of the 1915, it became a democratic country and afforded all of its citizens the right to vote incuding women years ahead of the west's women's suffrage. When the west was busy with enslaving the African continent, and trading in human commodities in the 17-1800's Armenians were fighting for freedom from slavery. When the United States was an agrarian society, Armenians had organized trade unions, were in import / export, in Law, engineering, and medicine. Armenians designed and built the most notable historic sights in today's Turkey, Middle East, and even Europe. The Gothic Architecture of Europe was based on Armenian Architecture brought back by the Crusaders who spent time in Christian Armenia....And Yes, Aremnia was the First nation in the world to take Christianity as it's national religion. For that one reason Armenia has paid a steep price, and still does in a region where the Romans were still worshiping the sun and saw christianity as a threat to their empire. In a region where Islam took hold in every other country except Armenia. This of course was one of the main causes of Genocide against the Armenian population. So yes, the national treasures of Armenia should be returned to their rightful owners. The $35 Million in damages is only fair because an amicable settlement to this matter was attempted and failed.

1611 days ago


To ignorant poster #43:

Just because you have Armenian blood running through your veins does NOT mean you're Armenian. You are Armenian if you have Armenian values & are proud of your culture.

You have allowed yourself to become brainwashed by Turks, regardless of all the evidence that the Genocide did happen. With one ignorant comment, people like you attempt to wash away 95 years of tears, pain, and heartache.

Your ancestors lived in Turkey. You live in Turkey. You have Turkish friends. You defend the Turks. You claim there was no Genocide. Shame on you!

You are not Armenian at heart. Please don't call yourself Armenian. You are a disgrace.

1611 days ago


To Professor Obvious - when is the last time 1.5 million people were killed in a war? and if you check your facts, there is written do***entation of general attaturk's edict for systematically removing all male armenian writers, doctors, scientists, and other intellects, from their homes and subjecting them to death marches across the desert. show me another war where that has happened that has not been classified as genocide. and again, you need a fact check. armenians do not claim that Turkey were the perpetrators, rather, the Ottoman Empire. But Turkey, rather than acknowledging the facts that are all around them, actually contribute to future genocides by not renouncing the acts that took place by their predecessors. there can be no rapprochement (use your dictionary) between these two countries based on this denial alone. and in the news these days, turkey wants to condemn Israel for genocide, because 9 people were killed in those envoys. really turkey? really? let me see: 9 vs. 1.5 million.

1611 days ago


My previous post was directed at PeaceOnEarth, my mistake.

1611 days ago


The Getty Museum should return the sacred pages back to the Church.

1611 days ago

Arman Chertinan    


1611 days ago


To #12: "Armenian Genocide fraud" ? Wow - you are the most ignorant and uneducated piece of work to ever post a comment on this site. Please read some history before making such ridiculous and closed-minded statements. If you had half of a brain you would know the only reason this country doesn't recognize the genocide is because of its own relationship with Turkey. Turkey is very defensive about this issue and if anyone points blame or acknowledges the massacre of 1.5 million people, they will cut them off. If that's not enough proof they are guilty than I don't know what is. So please, stop being an idiot.

1611 days ago


Hi, I'm Armenian! The only thing you know about me and my culture is the constant stream of angry words regarding a war that we lost (and no one cares about) and the trashy Kardashian family.

Congratulations...way to go!

1611 days ago


And here we thought the only magical Bible was the phony Book of Mormon.
Guess fraud is everywhere, although mostly in Utah.

1611 days ago


15.N. Totally agree with you! this is not about money or ethnicity but about identity which Armenians try to maintain for centuries.

And by the way 12. Professor Obvious, genocide is not a war! Planned and mass slaughter of innocent people and children is called genocide and there are proofs for that (do***ents, videos taken by foreign journalists).

1611 days ago


The biblical should be returned to the Armenians. Any stolen property has no place in Getty! Armenians are good people and any of you who say otherwise are just ignorant.

1611 days ago


ACUTALLY #37. Posted at 11:36 AM on Jun 2, 2010 by Bodrum
YOUR THE IDIOT, My form of YOUR is correct in the text I am using it in. You're is YOU ARE, how does the sentence make sense if you are reading it "why dont you try to get YOU ARE FACTS straight"

"your" has a possessive meaning and is used in this way
you're" is a contraction of two words - you and are, means you are doing this or you are going someplace


1611 days ago


Armenians = Angry. No one knows otherwise. No wonder they are ignored -who wants to listen to someone who is always yelling? Just look at all of their postings - all in capital letters, overuse of exclamation points, derogatory words. What a sad group.

1611 days ago
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