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Charlie Sheen's Jail Break

6/4/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen may not be serving 30 days in jail ... only 30 nights.

Charlie Sheen Jail

An official in the Pitkin County jail tells us Charlie is eligible for work release  -- meaning he could do volunteer work in Aspen where he would spend his days, and come back to the jail to sleep at night.

We're told when Charlie goes to court on Monday to plea bargain his case, the judge can declare him eligible for work release.  Then it's up to the Sheriff to decide if Charlie meets the criteria for work release ... which includes working at a productive job in the community.  If the criteria is met, Charlie would get a daytime pass.

As we first reported, even though Charlie will plead no contest to 3rd degree misdemeanor assault and accept a 30-day sentence, he will only serve 17 days if he's a good boy and two of those days (the first and last) could be nothing more than a few minutes behind bars.



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Allen Ridak    

I'm sure the local McDonald's would be happy to put him on the payroll. That's about all he's qualified for

1605 days ago


**** work release, just do the jail time.

1605 days ago


Just another celeb who managed to finagle his way out of doing time, it's revolting how celebs are treated, the average Joe would be doing serious time, nice to be rich.

1605 days ago


Hey Really great and nice info, thanks for sharing nice info.

1605 days ago


I'm sure rich celebrities in Aspen would be pleased to "hire"
him for some trumped up job, but why not just stay in the jail
and read, watch TV or work on a script. The accommodations don't
look all that bad. No worse I'll bet than some of the movie
locations he's probably been on.

1605 days ago

Wanda W.    

Why stop at work release ? Why not allow this unrepentant woman beater the option of clothing attire,or allow him to have his meals catered ? Or maybe those slick,money grubbing,bottom dwelling, s*** sucking, attorneys can negociate a comfy mattress and box springs too for his sleep overs. If that were you or I, they would throw us in there and throw away the key ! I hope Sheen contracts a disease from those whores he pays for, and his pecker falls off !

1605 days ago


1st class ugly *****. christ why dont they just let him go. maybe next time he will kill a woman.

1605 days ago


he was treated no differently than anyone else..most of you people just do not have a clue...this goes on 365 days a year and people walk who have done a lot worse than him..

1605 days ago


This is bunch of crap this piece of s*hit should do 90 at Stateville prison in IL. and be ;put in the general population or even better let him state a Joliet State Prison as the only prisoner for 90 days. As Bretta once said " Don't do the crime if you can't do the time". In the Justice system it is said "How much justice can you afford" I won't be watching 21/2 men anymore. Hey Charlie you be better off divorcing your wife and living with Porn Stars you seem to like that kind of life style. Call Tiger I think he can set it up.

1605 days ago


Definite work release. Mr. Sheen should film a "Come to Colorado" TV spot promoting tourism; and be made to foot the bill for it's production. What good does it serve anybody to have Charlie sheen sit in the hoosegow for two weeks?

1605 days ago


Hello.90 days in prison?Dont know what youre talkibg about do you?Ever wonder why people get 51 weeks not 52?or get a year and a day?idiot.And yeah,lets lock up everyone ,it doesnt cost anythingCry about debt,taxes and what not than want all roads fixed ,criminals kept away longer and crap that costs a fortune.AND fyi,work releae is worse than county lockup.after a few days he will wish he just stayed behind bars.fact not opinion.

1605 days ago


I got no ill will towards the guy...but this shows you how celebrity status and a high price lawyer treats you....its not about justice anymore...its who you are and how much the lawyer costs....

1605 days ago


oh, that's right ! 'cause celebs r above the law ! from paris 2 lindsay, or chris brown 2 Mr. sheen, they can b b*thes or *ssholes, & have their punishment reduced ! - by fawk 'eem !

1605 days ago


I think this repulsive POS should be doing HARD time in a prison...not a 17 day 'work release' sentence out of a nice, comfortable jail where all he has to do is sleep. Not only can't this guy act (he can play Charlie Sheen pretty well though), but he threatened his wifes' life and I'd bet it wasn't the first time either. He is just a rich, liberal junkie with connections, so he'll get off early....but I bet this isn't the last time he does this and tragically, when he finally does go off the edge, he'll unfortunately take some innocent lives with him. What a loser!

1605 days ago

Chucky Mansome    

If you really believe this is an ultra light slap on the wrist for a celebrity, I suppose you also think OJ got off a bit too easy as well. I don't think so!

1605 days ago
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