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Britney Spears -- Conservatorship In Name Only

6/4/2010 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Britney Spears tell TMZ ... her conservatorship has essentially become a formality -- because Britney now makes almost all of her personal decisions herself.

Britney Spears

Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, is the official conservator and has the power to make life decisions for his daughter.  But our sources say Jamie has quite intentionally pulled back and is allowing Britney to control her life -- where she goes, what she does with her kids, etc.

As for when the conservatorship will end -- it's sketchy.  Late last year, sources told TMZ the plan was to end the conservatorship around this time.  But it now looks like the conservatorship will last at least 'til the end of summer.  We're told for his part, Jamie would like to set Britney free and get back home to Louisiana.

Sources tell us the court-appointed psychiatrist has conducted a new evaluation and is submitting his findings to the court.  Everyone involved -- including the shrink -- say Britney is like a different person from the one who was on a 5150 in January 2008.

One final note -- although Britney is making her own life decisions, the conservatorship over Britney Spears "the business" will stay in place indefinitely.


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It's great to hear she's doing well - but this doesn't just concern her. If the conservator-ship is moot, then letting it remain until it is a non issue.

Her kids deserve that much & Big props to Brittney for getting her **** together!

1570 days ago


brittney is going to run for president in 2014,,and she will win

1570 days ago


She made her money, let her do what she wants!

1570 days ago


There was a story in the New York Post 2 days ago about Britney blowing up on her boyfriend in public, at some restaurant I think, and causing a big scene and storming out. Her "boyfriend" has now quit his job and I'm guessing his full-time job now is living off Britney. Until she finds someone that has their own life and their own money, she will never be happy. Daddy better not go too far away if she is throwing tantrums like this. Oh, then there was the picture a couple days ago about her going to Disneyland and "just standing there watching her Nannies put kids on rides". I think she is backsliding right now.

1570 days ago


You can't save anybody, from himself, (or, herself!) Pull the lug...let her tend to her own financial affairs...and, let her crash, and burn, for the last time! She is a bore...a tiresome, no-talent chippy...and, she deserves to wipe herself, out...period.

1570 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Her father has done an excellent job getting her back on track, maybe he could help Lindsay Lohan

1570 days ago

LA Native    

I'm with Trooper Tom, her dad sounds like he's really a wise man and it's evident that what he did was the right thing. I think keeping the conservatorship over her business is a smart thing to do, while backing off her personally to let her see how she is building trust. Brilliant! We need more people like him it seems.

1570 days ago


That is BS, it's still a conservatorship. Sure she can make decisions, that is until she makes one someone does not like or approve of.
The lawyers want to keep getting paid obviously and her dad may not trust her but forget them.
She might as well be sitting in a mental institution in front a television with cartoons turned up to the maximum volume.

She needs to takes some asses to court and quit being controlled by people who don't to give up control and m o n e y.

1570 days ago


Guess what is REALLY important, Britney? Your money will be under conservatorship forever. Wow. The money must be pretty important for the family, huh? Well, at least you can have an allowance. As far as I am concerned, that is like being under your dad's care forever. She is an emotional mess and her career has seen it's best days. Bye, Britney.

1570 days ago


How can her Father have conservatorship over her business indefinitely? How is that legal? If she's stable enough to make personal decisions and take care of her kids how can someone control her business decisions for a unlimited or undefined amount of time?

1570 days ago

J Simp    

Hopefully Britney will be back on track again soon.

1570 days ago


She looks like she needs throat yogurt therapy and a pearl necklace!

1570 days ago


If Britney's dad hadn't stepped in when he did I doubt if she would even be alive right now. He's taken a lot of flack over the years but he really stepped up when his daughter needed him the most. Thanks to him she has a whole new future to look forward to both as an entertainer and as a mom. Outstanding job Mr Spears! Britney should really be proud of all the hard work she put into her recovery as well.

1570 days ago


How exactly is a conservatorship constitutional? If you are your own legal guardian and not a danger to yourself or someone else, how can a court say other people can make decisions for you?

1570 days ago



1570 days ago
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