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Charlie Sheen -- Not a Care in the World

6/5/2010 8:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is expected to check in to jail on Monday morning -- but does this look the face of a guy headed to the joint?

Charlie was spotted around LA this afternoon, gassing up his Mercedes and joking with paps.

As we first reported ... if all goes well in court in Aspen on Monday, Sheen will begin his 30-day sentence right on the spot -- with a little work release dinner theater thrown in. 


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i like you    

I hope everything works out nice for him in anything he's going to do for himself and any changes that, it wouldn't be looked at as a wrong phase in any direction he wanted to go, and I read his wife is still by his side and thier working out everything and it's non of my business at all about anything about his personal life, a life, I think that blew up so much in the public eye and on TV. People have thier problems and just move on, and I know I write from my end in my own free written blogs, in a fanatsy about charles, but I'm very aware, I'm looking at a very private and professional man, that is well liked by his co-workers and people involved closet to him, I just think sometimes when if he dose go to jail, that the room looked kind of small, in the slides, people are talking about it being unfair, that it should be worse for him, anybody has thier right to free speech, say what they want, I just don't like the idea of walls closing in on Charlie, please don't blame me for thinking like that, he' s so cute and I really like two and half men!

1579 days ago


the guy is a complete tool and its people like laura( aka charlie with an alyis name)who is trying to make excuses for his bad behavior. what a wonderful parent he is too, such a role model for all of us. "at least he makes us laugh?" laura, if that is your real name, too bad he cant be locked up in a cell with you with plenty of sharp objects around, whould you sleep soundly those nights knowing he was right there with you? you are a f**king douche bag! "he makes me laugh so its all ok then" too bad he cant be locked up with some harden criminals and really get shown the ropes=sodomy- now that would be funny

1579 days ago


Sheen is a sleezebag, and it is catching up with him at least a little in the looks department. And what is it with that big ball of metal in his top left molar? He is only in his forties, and - being both rich and and American - should not have such bad dental work.

1579 days ago


Annnnd scene! How bad could it be for thirty days? Amusing yourself with students all day, laughing at them all night.

"Alright now the. orange."

1579 days ago


LOVE HIM. Love you Charlie, you should have married me.

1579 days ago


He is smiling like he got away with murder. It's only a matter of time before he kills one of his dumb ex girlfriend/wives. Like statistically would it not be time for someone superfamous to commit some super heinous domestic crime. And isn't Charlie one who fits the profile perfect? Threatening multiple women with guns during rapesex and his history of hookers and generally treating women like trash. Marrying them does not make his behaviour any better. Abuser is what he is. And his abuse is criminal. The guy is going to jail.

1579 days ago


smiling even though he's going to jail {PART-TIME}, even though he's ruined ANOTHER marriage, he's happy even though he's a proven wife abuser, smiling though his kids wonder where he's at...{both sets of kids...}, he's a ROYAL LOSER but boy can he smile.
And JUSTICE is letting this piece of crap "pay" by having him party with a bunch of theater people ?
there's no justice for CELEBRITY *******S. THEY ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING. He's a psychotic piece of crap.

1579 days ago


Charlie kicks ass! Aspen jail should be about as bad as staying at a Super 8, 30 days and work release, big deal.

1579 days ago


The moron is high as a kite. Of course he has no cares.

1579 days ago


Eeeeeekkkkk... Ugly man, inside and out!

1578 days ago


Hey Disturbed Do you think it was true if the so-called victim tried to get the charges dropped the next day if it were? Your going on hyped up bullsh*t and I'm going by I like him as an actor and since I don't know him personally I went by her trying to revoke the charges the next day WHEN SHE SOBERED THE F*CK UP ASSBAG!!! You are the one calling yourself Disturbed What the f*ck do you like, Self-mutilation? What I can't stand is assbags like you!

1578 days ago


Titan Who sounds like a serial killer?

1578 days ago


This theatre club fed slap with a wet noodle is probably all so he can smoke.

1578 days ago

South Beach    

Taking that deal was one of the more intelligent things Charlie has done in his life. Pretty sure he's had hangovers which lasted longer than he's going to sit in jail, and no probation after.

1578 days ago


This guy is richer than god and he still goes for a gold crown on his teeth? Why not spring for the porcelain so it doesn't look like you have rotten teeth?

1578 days ago
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