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Miley Cyrus Goes G-A-Y

6/6/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

17-year-old Miley Cyrus performed at London's famous G-A-Y nightclub last night ... wearing a dress she apparently borrowed from "Gossip Girl's" Taylor Momsen.

Well, at least it's an improvement over this.


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1597 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

When you have no talent, you have to go for shock. She knows she is getting too old for the Disney crowd. I bet she is being told to sex it up to keep her career alive.

1597 days ago


enough already with this chipmunk.

1597 days ago


gosh people were u all virgins when 17 ??
I hardly think so.

1597 days ago


Hey Billy-Ray, I know she's your cash cow and all, BUT she's still a minor - quit allowing her to leave the house looking & acting like $10 whore!

1597 days ago


Personally I think she is still a minor and her family should be investigated by Child Protective Services.

1597 days ago



1597 days ago


Well it's obvious that Miley wants to be done with the Hanna Montana phase of her life. She's no longer a tweeny bopper and wants to entertain an older crowd. I say leave her alone and let her grow up the way she wants to. Jeez I swear, most of you people act like you forgot what it was like to be a teen during your high school years. You had your good girls, your in-between girls and your not so good girls. I don't believe there has been any reports of her drinking and drugging, so if her parents don't object to whatever she is doing, then who are you all to object? This is Miley's life and she is the one who is gonna look back one day and have regrets or not.

One of our jobs as parents should be to teach our children not to treat celebrities like god-like figures. Don't hold them to a higher standard than themselves, because they are not holy and falter just like the rest of us. Teach them that it's ok to like them for what they do, and not necessarily for what they are. That way they won't be confused or crushed when their 'hero' acts human.

1597 days ago


I have a $500.00 bet with a friend that Miley will be locking lips with another person....before her 19th birthday. This will be the easiest money I've ever earned. This girl has 'I'm going to lez it up' written all over her. And I came so frigging close to getting the money last week. I think she was just testing the public opinion prior to letting the lesbo in her come out.

1597 days ago


Her only alibi to behaving so ughh is that she wants to be a woman. Well, clearly, this GIRL needs her mother around, or someone to tell her how a woman is to behave..and they wonder why the youth are so screwed.

1597 days ago


She's becoming quite the little slut, isn't she? He parents must be so proud ... that she can afford to support them.

1597 days ago


I am so sick of this BRAT and her catterwawling. This CHILD can't act nor can she sing! Honey go back to where you came from and stop tormenting everyone with your antics. Also take your mullet wearing father with you!

1597 days ago


On pic #8, I think she needs to wax or shave, or that is a nasty birthmark!

1597 days ago


Just amazing how young girl singers have to emphasize the slut factor to push their career to new heights. Seriously isn't a great voice and a nice look enough? This is ridicule worthy, first she is kissing other girls, wow how original and now comes the grinding other dancers routine. Does she really think she is going to hit a whole new audience with these old worn out tactics? All she will do is lose the young ones who still follow her just like Britney and then she will lose the huge album sales just like Britney.

1597 days ago


She's probably not really a slut in the sexual sense. This is America. Capitalism. All that crap. She's capitalizing. Making as much money as she can before people figure out she has no talent. As long as she's got our attention she will continue to do the things that she knows we hate just to make money and stay in the spotlight. That's just good business. So what if she sold her soul to the devil. She's getting richer by doing it. That's what America is all about these days. Unfortunately it's why terrorist groups are trying to end us.

1597 days ago
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