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Gary Coleman Death Photo -- For Sale

6/7/2010 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman Death PhotoTMZ has learned a series of photos of Gary Coleman in the hospital are being shopped around to the media -- and in one of the photos ... Gary is already dead.

We've seen one of the photos and declined to even look at the rest. In the pic, Gary is in the hospital, his eyes are closed and he is hooked up to a ventilation machine. It is not a pleasant sight.

The person selling the photos claims to have four photos -- the one we were shown was taken about an hour before he died. The final photo was taken after he was taken off life support.

Asking price is in the low five figures.

We're guessing someone will buy it. It's just the way it is.


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Absolutely outrageous. Do people have no ethics at all any longer?

1602 days ago


Thank you for having the balls to say no.

1602 days ago


I will boycott any publication which publishes those photos. Not because it is Gary Coleman, but because to it is simply wrong to publish such photos of anyone. Friggin' ghouls.

1602 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Besides being completely disgusting and immoral, is that even legal?

1602 days ago


that is so horrible! it was probably his crazy ass "wife" :(

1602 days ago


I gonna have to throw up thats all I can take of this im done rip little homie

1602 days ago


SO Sad..........

R.I.P. Gary.

1602 days ago


"5. that is so horrible! it was probably his crazy ass "wife" :(
Posted at 1:12 AM on Jun 7, 2010 by missyprissy"

She certainly is the first person who popped in to my mind as being on the top of the "most likely" list

1602 days ago


So, 10 days after Gary Coleman passed away someone is trying to sell his death photo. Michael Jackson is "dead" for 11+ months and yet still no death photo has emerged. The EMT's, the hospital staff, the staff at the coroners office and the Forest Lawn mortuary staff all had the opportunity to take a 'death photo' (the body has been reportedly temporarily in-vaulted at Forest Lawn for 9.5 weeks) and NO ONE wanted to make an extra couple of bucks..? Come on...

1602 days ago


That's awful! I hope no one buys it.

1602 days ago


It's his crazy wife. Siiiiiiiiick!!
I totally agree, I will boycott whoever may decide to publish this!

1602 days ago


You shouldn't even talk TMZ. I've seen you post and publish photos before, that shouldn't have been made public ! Shame on you. Acting all innocent. I'm not speaking of "death/dead?" photos, but lots of others that should of never been published. I love you guys, but what a joke!

1602 days ago


I'd have said yes.
I'd like to see them, I honestly have never seen anything with Gary Coleman in it, like tv or movie or anything, so it wouldn't disturb me, it'd just be cool.
Morbid interest, sure, but death is a part of life, and we should embrace that, there's no god, our bodies just rot, why not study them?
I, for one, would love to see the death photo, for the same reason I loved watching "The Bridge".

1602 days ago


You know who will buy it. The Enquirer, Globe, the tabloids! People please don't buy them. How can anyone take advantage of this situation. Is there no decency in this world? Michael was tormented in life by these rags and so was Gary. Gary had alot of medical problems since he was a small child and like Michael someone always wanted something from him including his family. TMZ good for taking the high road. We don't want to see Gary like that on the worst day of his life. We will remember his good times. RIP Gary

1602 days ago


No. 9 (Oh, sounds so James Bond like) but anyway, it wasn't TMZ, but there is a photo of a dead MJ, on the gurney, circulating. I was surprised to just see it surface now. The "photographer", and I use that term loosely, was on Joy Behar's show on HLN last week. I was surprised to see it actually. That photographer was on her show, along with "another" long time paparazzi, that day. TMZ gets lots of BS for stuff they post, understandably so, but this photo has nothing to do with them. Yes, MJ, on the gurney, dead. Something I didn't, nor wanted to see.

1602 days ago
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