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Lindsay's Lawyer: TMZ Users Hate Her Too Much

6/9/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's civil lawyer is asking a judge to delay a big civil trial ... because so many people want Lindsay to crash and burn at the moment, she just can't get a fair shake with the jury.


TMZ has obtained legal docs that attorney Ed McPherson will file this morning ... in connection with a lawsuit in which several people claim they were terrorized by LiLo during a wild, dunken ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.  It's the same incident for which Lindsay is now on probation.

According to McPherson, "Every facet of the criminal proceeding and every facet of Ms. Lohan's life ... have been reported on TMZ and other media outlets literally on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis."  McPherson goes on:  "There are current widespread public feelings of intense negativity against Ms. Lohan ..."  McPherson says it's highly likely the jury pool will be tainted against her.

And McPherson includes some harsh comments -- he told us they're right from the "comments" section of TMZ -- including, "I hate her; she should be killed."  "She's a drunk, a junkie, a no-talent actress who has no respect for the law."  "This bitch needs to be locked up without her drugs and her roommates ..."

And McPherson adds, Lindsay could end up in jail for 6 months if the judge in her criminal case rules she violated her probation.  Therefore, McPherson says, the civil trial must be put on ice until the criminal case is resolved.

UPDATE:  TMZ has learned, the judge in the civil case just denied Lindsay's motion to postpone the trial.  But the issue can be revisited after Lindsay's probation violation hearing on July 6.


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Well, I agree that saying she should die is completely wrong and dangerous.... Her case is public, and we are allowed to have an opinion about it.

Once something goes into the court system, it's public knowledge.

We are allowed our First Amendment right to free speech... on the internet and off.

Some people go too far with their comments.

I don't want Lindsay to die, but I think she should be held accountable for her actions and not be given special treatment because she's a celebrity.

And she shouldn't try to make us feel sorry for her because of her past.

1596 days ago

Henry Stauf    

" ZOMG LILO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " (Please feel free to quote this in your legal do***ents.

1596 days ago


Wow! She brought it on herself.

1596 days ago


Lawyer tricks. No amount of public sentiment can change facts. And the facts are the facts. If she broke probation, its a fact. If she's been consuming alcohol. That's a fact. We're not talking trial by jury here. Get ON with it!

1596 days ago


Oh boo effing hoo. If she didn't keep messing up and getting arrested there would be "nothing" to report.

These people deserve their day in court to confront her obvious disrespect for the law and other human beings.

1596 days ago

Just Sayin'    

BULL CRAP!! That is what the first amendment is about. We have the right to express our opinions in rhe media. If Lindsay gets off with no trial, then NO ONE should EVER be tried for ANY crime. Do your time Lindsay. You are NOT entitled to get off because you were in a few stupid movies years ago, BEFORE you became a druggie and drunk!!

1596 days ago


It's not just the readers
TMZ staff are stalker-like in their coverage
It's creepy
But then it's obvious they're in bed with her creepy father

1596 days ago


Well, she should not have dissed my e-trade babies.

1596 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Well this is American and we as Americans have freedom of speech..So sorry Lindsay has her crackhead, alcoholic rights revoked. Yep we forced her to be a selfish spoiled rotten media whore..Yep that is all us! Oh and in America crack is illegal and her actions are illegal...We didnt have **** to do with Lindsay's issues.

1596 days ago


TMZ users are a bunch of retards they always go full retard

1596 days ago


The only way she can get out of this is with CASH. This girl has a serious problem and is unable to comply with a basic rule DO NOT USE. However she will not get better until she hits rock bottom and decides she wants to be sober. This is all up to her. If she goes to jail she will only "dry up" and probably go right back to where she left off. SAD.

1596 days ago


You have to admit TMZ her lawyer is right. Some of the comments on this site have sickened me, utterly repulsive. Its beyond belief how people can say such things about someone they don't even know! And YOU TMZ have been guilty of hounding this girl, almost encourgaging hate with the negative snide remarks. It was if someone in TMZ said "lets get Lindsay Lohan", you reported some items that were true but MANY more which were untrue or exaggerated. TMZ must accept responsibility for their actions. I believe Lindsay to be at the end of her tether and TMZ did their best to push her there.

1596 days ago

Just Sayin'    

How about "doc q ments" Will TMZ allow that?

1596 days ago


We don't hate everyone. We call them as we see them. What we hate is that she gets away with everything that none of us can. She makes an excuse for everything and takes no reasponsability for anything. Even this story, now it's all our faults for disliking her. Of course her course of actions over the last several years has nothing to do with it. TMZ does not report these things on everyone because they don't do these things. When they do we dislike them too. But she adds to it because of all the excuses.
Our society is screwed up because of role models like her and she needs to be punished for her crimes like all of us would be. PERIOD!!!

1596 days ago


There are some harsh comments that have been posted, but what I think it all boils down to is just people wanting to see justice served. It isn't that everyone hates her, we just hate seeing her get special treatment and being let off time and time again. She apparently has no respect for the law or the rules set upon her. If she did not have money or a celebrity status, she would likely be in jail right now.

1596 days ago
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