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Lindsay Lohan Can Drink ... For a Price

6/9/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has done some digging, and it turns out Lindsay Lohan is effectively free to drink as she pleases, provided she's willing to pay $10,000 for a vodka on the rocks.

Lindsay Lohan

The man who posted Lindsay's bail yesterday -- David Perez -- tells TMZ Lindsay didn't really forfeit her $100,000 bail.  The judge just applied the $100,000 to the new, enhanced bail, adding another $100,000 on, thus forcing Lindsay to pay an additional 10% premium to Perez. So Lindsay has really lost nothing, other than having to pay a total of $20,000 to the bail bondsman.

If the SCRAM people tell the judge Lindsay is drinking again, the judge will go through the same drill. Judge Revel can't revoke bail altogether and throw Lindsay in jail ...  because the case involves only a misdemeanor.  As long as Lindsay keeps paying the increased premium, she'll be free.

Bottom line ... if Lindsay wants to keep drinking, it will probably cost her $10,000 a pop. 

One more twist. Even though Lindsay is insisting she wasn't drinking Sunday night, it won't do her any good to get Shawn Chapman Holley to challenge it.  Even if Holley can convince the judge the SCRAM reading was bogus, all the judge would do is cancel the $200,000 bail and go back to the $100,000 bail.  So Lindsay would get $10,000 back, but it would probably cost $25 grand in legal and expert fees.


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What a classy lady!

1596 days ago


Can't someone do something about Lindsay? Or has she just gotten away with all of this and will continue to make a laughing stock out of the court. I am stunned this is ongoing. I've never seen a criminal make such a laughing stock out of the system.

And on we go....over and over again.

1596 days ago


Big deal, 10,000 dollars for a drink. Go out to a casino and the free drinks could cost you a couple of hundred dollars a pop. She better stick to "virgin drinks" though. She could lose the farm.

1596 days ago

Pretty LL    

So will these violations affect her case?

1596 days ago


ughh i am so tired of this bitch. just stop talking about her, maybe she'll finally go away.

1596 days ago


who. the. f**k. cares. about. her

1596 days ago

jen newman    

her as belongs in jail and she is making a fool of the judicial system and she knows it. As long as they call this a misdemeanor she can stay out forever. I suggest they take off the SCRAM thing and let her do whatever she wants. Eventually she will wind up dead instead of in jail. People are losing interest in her already. Let it go... It is just more of the same anyway...

Jen Newman

1596 days ago


"Jesus Juice" cost Michael Jackson over 20 million.

1596 days ago


Her time will come soon enough. But what is the point of the scram if she can just pay for what it catches her doing? Still no consequences, YET. Still seems unfair. it just further shows she doesn't care about the laws.

1596 days ago


Easy come, easy go.

1596 days ago

From Norway    

here we go again.

1596 days ago


Two words: TRAIN WRECK. Go away already bitch! Another Hollywood moron who will inevitably die young.

1596 days ago

Harveys nemesis    

FYI Harvey;
Harvey, a bit of Patty Hearst trivia for you.
In 1974 Patty Hearst was kidnapped. I owned Flookys Hot Dogs Restaurant on the corner of Cedros and Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. It was at my Restaurant where the SLA mad their phone calls for demands for Patty Hearst and the SLA and it was right after that on that day when a telephone phone repair man came inside my restaurant to supposedly repair our phone which was working. Two weeks later he came back and told us what they had done. They had tapped our phone to try and catch the SLA. How is that for a little trivia? Would you like to see pictures. Just let me know.

1596 days ago


Ba ha ha what a loser life for the perfect loser!

1596 days ago


I think Lindsay looks confused in every picture I see of her. The recent video interview I watched with her also seemed to show her acting and looking confused. I hope everything is being done to make sure there is not something wrong - - other than the drinking/drug problem. Maybe something else is going on that hasn't been diagnosed. Her behavior doesn't indicate clear thinking and her demeanor indicates confusion. What is everyone is just blaming the drugs and alcohol when there could be something phsiologically/mentally wrong that needs treatment? Does anyone else wonder about this?

1596 days ago
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