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Lindsay Lohan: 'My SCRAM Wasn't Set Off'

6/8/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is blasting reports that her SCRAM bracelet went off this weekend, saying it's "physically impossible."


Lohan just hit her Twitter page and wrote, "My scram wasn't set off-Its physically impossible considering I've nothing for it to go off-All of these false resports are absolutely wrong."

As we previously reported, law enforcement sources told TMZ the SCRAM people got an alcohol report sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning -- after Lindsay attended the MTV Movie Awards.

It's unclear what may have triggered the report.


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Helen Van Patterson Patton     

She's a modern day Neely O'Hara.

1596 days ago

Austin Rob    

Nobody cares!!

1596 days ago


Unconfirmed rumors/gossip. I'll believe it when I see it.

1596 days ago

LA Native    

Oh, we go.

1596 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Lindsay who or what r u and ur defense attorney going to lie about to fake out the judge yet again? I hate celebrities getting special treatment. Throw her in jail

1596 days ago


Yes, yes, yes. It's all a misunderstanding. Just like always.

1596 days ago

My two cents ;)    

ps~ I bet she'll say "I wasn't drinking ur Honor..someone spilled a drink on my ankle" wait Lindsay you can thank me l8r for that except with that said someone will need to check your clothes for spill stains..screwed again MWAHHHHHHH

1596 days ago


She thinks the SCRAM bracelet is a total joke. She even has a twitter account for it. Real funny, Blohan. You get TWO (count 'em... TWO) DUI's and think it's all a fricking JOKE?!?!?!? THROW THIS IDIOT IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1596 days ago


The haters made up the twitter account not her
You have to wear a bracelet that detects whether you consume alcohol and if you do you get sent to jail there is absolutely nothing funny about that

1596 days ago


Heres the excuses
1. Someone spilled a drink on my leg
2. waitress dropped her tray
3. this drunk guy spit on my leg
4. a dog drank a martini and pissed on my leg
5. this drunk chick fell down and vomited on my leg
take your pick JUDGE????

1596 days ago


omg seriously you guys, it's JUST jail. Paris Hilton went there, remember? Yes, lynwood sucks more than twin towers did when they housed woman but in all honesty she wouldn't serve all that much time and she'd get special treatment and drugs in there anywayz.

1596 days ago


Nice pic of her, Im sure the problem will be resolved.

1596 days ago

Trevis Miho    

This comment page is going to get FLOODED with "f lindsay", "she's such this", "she's such that". Here we all are watching a young woman slowly kill herself, and til that happens she's going to have every other hour of her life do***ented and snapped for the world to see. I'm only familiar with Lindsay thru TMZ and EVERY other form of media, I understand how easy it is to put her on blast, and I understand how we ALL (including myself) have a fascination of watching celebrities go through the motions of their demise until one morning we wake up and see this woman's picture with an R.I.P posted above it. This is what we are aiming for. This is what the frenzy at her court appearances are. I have to say: you HAVE to have some type of strength to put up with what she's putting up with (the comments, the paps, her own dam family). Yes, she brought this onb herself...but yes, she is ONLY human. If her bracelet did go off, instead of spittin on her, we need to realize this is a coping mechanism of hers - this is her escape and she is unable to stop this herself. She's starting to look horrible in her pics and NEEDS help. So, Lindsay: As much as we talk bad and talk down on you now is how much we will be routing for you when you wise up and rejuvinate your life..good luck, and be careful..

1596 days ago

george clooney    

@Katers....Haters? May it never be! Lets look at this girl's history and background; always someone else, always an excuse, lied about her DUI's, no producer wants to work with her; unless you talk about **********. Lohan puts me in danger every time she gets in a car because she is above the law. These hollywood types who get caught with DUI and then spend 7 minutes in jail, is laughing at the very law that is suppose to protect us who take it seriously. I am not a hater, MAY IT NEVER BE...but I want justice and I want it NOW.

1596 days ago

Kim Carter    


Lindsay Lohan is stupid. She's a horrible excuse for a person and doesn't even deserve the press that she is getting. As a matter of fact only TMZ is the only online rag mag that will post things about her. She is so low and so dumb that nobody wants to even be associated with her. It's a shame when the only role in Hollywood that you could get is of a porn star. Why play a porn star when you will eventually end being on like that girl on Different Strokes (bless her soul). So folks get ready to see Lindsay Lohan starring in her own porn movie called "Lindsay Does Hollywood" or "SCRAM Love"'s a shame that she did look halfway sober for the mtv awards and that this SCRAM device is the only thing keeping her alive for right now. The moment it comes off, you better believe she is going to go into a junkie frenzy and kill herself with an overdose because she's been off the stuff for so long now.

1596 days ago
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