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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer -- Just a Little Booze

6/8/2010 9:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet "indicated the presence of a small amount of alcohol on Sunday night."


Holley added, "Having just received the report, I am not in a position to speak to its accuracy or validity, however, Ms. Lohan maintains that she has been in complete compliance with all of the terms of her probation and her bail."

So either SCRAM is inaccurate, or Lindsay ain't fessin' up.  Ultimately, it's Judge Marsha Revel's call on July 6 -- or before, if Lindsay goes astray.


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Um, wow... lasted longer than I thought... SCRAM bracelets don't MIS-READ...ANYTHING... However, with that being said, it is so sensitive, that it can even pick up mouthwash, etc...which contain trace amounts of alcohol... I'm not saying that in defense of Lindsay...Just saying... Besides, why doesn't Lindsay "need" alcohol?!?! She can still take ANY prescription meds she wants (as long as it's HER prescription) which is why I'm SURE she's having all of her wisdom teeth get narcotics... So sad... I really don't think this will teach Lindsay ANYTHING... She already thinks she's above the law...and she is so dilusional (thanks to her "MOM") that she doesn't think she has ANY kind of problem... SO sad... Her mom should be made to attend a 12-Step Program, as well, for being her sole enabler...

1542 days ago

kobe bryant    

dont be sad 4 her lawyer, cause she is getting paid. and dont be mad at the judge, cause she is making lindsay pay even more. i think the judge was right to let lindsay post bail so that the money could be used 4 something useful instead of buying booze and crack. if lindsay wants 2 keep on paying 2 get out of trouble then the judge should let her. how long does lindsay think it will last before she is broke? i say 2 years max. but i think that she will be sent 2 jail in july 4 sure.

1542 days ago

Me me me    

Who cares if the SCRAM device gives false readings, she should have never put herself in the situation to have one on in the first place! Oh, and I love how she has been attending all the alcohol classes, but it is obvious by all her partying that she takes nothing from them. What is the point in the classes if she is learning nothing?! She thinks she is above the law and can get away with anything! Throw her in jail or rehab!

1542 days ago


she should wrap that scram up in plastic and have one hell of a weekend!!!!!!

1542 days ago


Harvey - Please explain the 200, 000 vs the original 100,000 -

Does she still have the original date? We thought it was one for one -
Now it looks like two for one. Meaning she only pays 20.000 more to stay out of jail until the July 6rh hearing....What gives?????

1542 days ago


Just a little booze
Just a few ambien
Just a few pain pills (for my molars ya know)
Just a few ADHD meds
Just a few more pain pills for the tooth surgery I'm having this week

Can you say drug addict? I sure can. What the heck is she wearing a SCRAM for anyway? Someone -- tell me...please...

1542 days ago


it can't be worth being paid all that money just so that she can defend an idiot.

1542 days ago


im confused why conditions would ever be set on bail if one could continually post bail for such a violation.

1542 days ago


What is this girl going to have to do before someone finally puts her in jail? This is ridiculous. Anyone else by now would already be locked up.

1542 days ago


I bet 1,000,000 she blames it on perfume, and sweat...well her lawyers will tell her thats prolly what did it, and then she will go with that..or someone spilled a drink on her leg...

1542 days ago


Stupid Is as Stupid Does

1542 days ago


I guess Linds was right when she said she is a celebrity and she can do what she wants.

1542 days ago


Yeah you know how much alchohol those light up braclets contain. REALLY!!!!!!
She is snubbing her nose at judge and getting away with it. Is somebody going to do something before this girl is the next hollywood OD?

Way to go judge.

1542 days ago


They can't put her in jail, it would be too disruptive, distracting, expensive and a circus and she knows they will not do it.
What they can do is put her under house arrest for a couple of months and that's what they will probably do in July.
She may not be able to stop her from drinking but she can sure make her drink at home.

1542 days ago


Just freaking throw her in Jail and not for just 6 months, she deserves and needs longer jail time. If it was any average joe off the street who was drunk driving and in possession of cocaine, they would of not had the chance for probation. She is an assclown who needs to grow up. Tired of hearing about her.

1542 days ago
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