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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer -- Just a Little Booze

6/8/2010 9:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet "indicated the presence of a small amount of alcohol on Sunday night."


Holley added, "Having just received the report, I am not in a position to speak to its accuracy or validity, however, Ms. Lohan maintains that she has been in complete compliance with all of the terms of her probation and her bail."

So either SCRAM is inaccurate, or Lindsay ain't fessin' up.  Ultimately, it's Judge Marsha Revel's call on July 6 -- or before, if Lindsay goes astray.


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Dina is the person posting the comments on the false readings on the SCRAM bracelet, who is she kidding.

1595 days ago


She has the ambien because she suffers from Insomnia and has suffered from it since she was a child.

1595 days ago


She is so not taking this seriously...while her lawyer is in court on her behalf and the bailsbondman waiting outside the court to pay her bond - she is twittering away about a song she likes - I mean seriously? If I was her, I would be doing everything in my power to be on my best behavior - but that is rational and when you are on drugs - I guess it is hard to be rational! This is crazy!

1595 days ago


Lock the little wench up where the rest of us would be if we had this problem. She makes me sick!! She needs to go to jail and spend some time (not minutes or even hours)but months then maybe she would get a wake up call.

1595 days ago


She should have been in jail the minute she landed in california after coming back from the film festivial.

1595 days ago


Pills aren't enough for Lindsay. She paid $100K(lost bail money) for some booze. Wish I had that kind of cash to just waste. I hope she does it again, loses the new bond of $200K and sits in jail until her hearing in July.

1595 days ago

OilEating Microbes    

Kevin Costner has been paid off by BP. Anyone noticed how silent everyone is about the oil separating machine? And whatever happened to the oil eating microbes. All this could clean the golf. THE OIL DISASTER WAS DONE ON PURPOSE AND THE FEDS ARE PREVENTING ANYONE FROM FIXING IT! Go to youtube and search the pentagram of evil. They predicted disaster in the gulf back in 2008!

1595 days ago

OilEating Microbes    

How come Kevin Costner was on the news with his oil cleaning machine and now he's given up on it and no one confronts him? Not only that no one in the news is saying anything just like if it never existed!? WTF??? Just like they say, the news media is owned by the Rothschilds and the oil spill is their personal conspiracy to start depopulation!

GO to you tube, search OIL EATING MICROBES! See for yourself. Why aren't they dumping that in the golf at the rate of 3 billion gallons each day? Because the feds have vested interest in killing life in the gulf! That's why!

1595 days ago


Marsha Revel is a complete JOKE, who has been made to look like a blundering FOOL by a twenty-something year old drunk junkie that thinks she is above the law, and shows her contempt for our laws on a regular basis. I refuse to refer to Ms Revel as "Judge" any longer, as she has clearly demonstrated that she is not worthy to carry the title or the responsibility of such a distinguished position . Ms Revel's word means NOTHING, and she has made that crystal clear to not only the citizens of Los Angeles, but to the entire world. As a person elected to FAIRLY, EQUALLY and IMPARTIALLY dispense justice, she is a FAILURE and is a DISGRACE to our judiciary system. Lindsay Lohan is guilty of violating our laws, but in my opinion, Marsha has done something far worse - she has violated the trust the citizens placed in her by allowing Lindsay to make a mockery of our justice system. Shame on you Marsha Revel.

1595 days ago


she's a stupid, spoiled celebrity! when does she hear the word NO?? she needs to die already. this world doesn't need another pathetic, waste-oid on the planet.

1595 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Just a little booze isn't the same as being in complete compliance. It's amazing her lawyer can say these things with a straight face.

1595 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

How much do you want to bet that all the people defending LiLo and trying to discredit SCRAM bracelets have been busted by them at one time or another?

1595 days ago


spot is working for an idiot...go straight to jail you druggie lindsey ....what a waste of flesh you are...nuf said!

1595 days ago


God I love the Fu????G legal system LiLo-HOE could get away with murder.She must suck a mean **** or lick a mean carpet.

1595 days ago



1595 days ago
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