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Coleman Executor -- Give Back Gary's Truck!

6/9/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife has pilfered Gary's truck, video game system, and lots of other stuff ... and now the police are involved ... so says the executor of Gary's estate.


Dion Mial tells TMZ Shannon Price entered Gary's digs and took, among other things, a 2005 Dodge pick-up, a cargo trailer, computers, telephones, musical instruments and furnishings. 

Chief Dennis Howard of the Santaquin PD tells TMZ last night his officers accompanied a locksmith who changed the locks at Gary's house, per Mial's request.  And the Chief says, Monday night cops went to the house as Shannon's family was loading Gary's stuff onto a truck.  Howard says his officers convinced Shannon's dad to return the load to Gary's house, but Mial says that was just the tip of the iceberg -- Shannon had already cleaned Gary out.

Mial tells TMZ he's told Price she's prohibited from entering the property again and is demanding the return of everything she's taken, or else he'll seek criminal charges.


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Thank God for Dion! He is looking after Gary Coleman big time. Thank you thank you thank you. We have all been waiting for somebody to put this EX EX EX wife in her place. She's absolutely awful. And if selling the pics aren't enough, here she is stealing from him. I don't believe she ever loved Gary but beyond that, she's just an awful human. AWFUL!

1594 days ago


I really hope criminal charges are filed. What kind of mother and father help their daughter steal from a dead ex husband like this? They were present during the picture taking in the hospital as well.

Horrible family!

1594 days ago


It is sad, because Gary did love her at one time. There is nothing good about this woman. I like to think everyone has one good quality about themselves (personality, smile, looks, etc.), but this woman has nothing to offer.

1594 days ago


Old news, but worth reading....she was selling **** of Gary before he was even dead!

1594 days ago


So it's probably true, she pushed Gary down the stairs, or hit him with a frying pan. Just so she could steal from him. She should be charged with murder, and grand theft. Someone do something to this bitch.

1594 days ago


Wow, just dug up an old TMZ article about Shannon being arrested for domestic abuse against Gary. I have the feeling that the police are being quiet about the cir***stances surrounding Gary's "accident" until they have enough solid evidence against the monster to send her butt to jail for a long, long time.

Here's that link:

1594 days ago



1594 days ago



1594 days ago



PLESAE have an analyst listen to the tape of gary's 911 tape.
She's talking to him like a dog too sit when he's hurt.
Listen at these points. 4miniutes 49 seconds
4 miniutes 50 seconds
5 miniuntes 3 seconds
5 miniutes 5 seconds
5 miniutes 23 seconds
He's repeating the same thing? Something about (LAW? or he's saying (your wrong) just after she says he fell and hit his head.

Do you hear force when she says SIT down?

And when she says her name such a high pitch for her last name like she is giving a job interview.

1594 days ago

Candy Adams    

As I said several days ago police and whatever other law agency needed to get involved the day Gary "feel and hit his head".. You would have to be as brain dead as Shannon to not see by her demeanor and behavior that her "first and foremost concern" is HERSELF and what she can gain financialy and personally. With the help of people who knew and loved Gary hopefully the truth will be revealed and the law with punish anyone responsible for his death and the destruction of his estate. The history regarding his parents is just that, history. The issue presently is that Gary is given a proper and respectful burial and that his final wishes are granted. What Shannon says and does is obviously what SHE thinks Gary would have wanted ONLY if she benefits from it. If the right person takes control of the situation, Gary would be the one to benefit as it should be..

1594 days ago


I can't say I'm shocked that she would pull this stunt. I really hope the cops look into everything else she's pulled- pretty much responsible for his death. Gary deserved at least that much, if nothing else! What an evil bitch!!!

1594 days ago


Shannon's name is on the deed of the house and her property has been stolen by Dion. So, Dion is complaining about his stealing her property? Get the most aggressive attorney in SLC and sue Dion and his attorney. It won't take much digging to find out why Gary dropped their relationship after 20 years. Good friends stay in contact.

1594 days ago


Now you'd think maybe the Police will start Investigating this Whole Situation- Gary Coleman doesn't deserve this kinda treatment. 1st she can't even help her Husband as he has a horrible fall/push down the stairs, She ends in Life in the Hospital-Then takes pics to do***ent it and now she is STEALING. She wasn't even Married to him at any of these points and has NO RIGHTS including the Right to end his Life.
I agree to alot that this isn't the kinda person Gary would or would have had in his life-hence WHY he divorced her. Gary's Real friends know the situation & truth behind all this and have done an Awesome job of protecting him in Death and it so sad, As he can't even Rest in Peace with this Crazy Person at every turn taking from him.
I hope Authority's now really check into his Death as I wouldn't be surprised if Her whole family is involved. She has no business with Gary anymore and NO rights to anything.
Someone Please STOP her.

1594 days ago


First of all, Who cares about his sexual preference, that is a private matter having nothing to do with this situation.. You must be homophobic to even bring it up twice, nobody cares! Second, I was wondering if it is on record that she has seizures, and if so wouldn't their be another caretaker for both of them if his having a seizure and falling would be so traumatic to her to cause her to have one too? Thought she was there to take care of him...She should be in jail for removing property from the home if nothing else,,,The investigation will take more time, And even if their is no evidence to convict her she will recieve nothing from all this!Did anyone see the interview with Todd bridges? Pension? In any case she is not in the will and is hurting herself by acting so greedy, Lets hope eventually she will get hers...and we will know the truth and he can rest in peace. Also people who suffer from seizures are allowed to drive? Is that a risk the public should have to endure? What happens if she runs over a child or Dion then blames it on a seizure? just doesn't seem right... Wonder what she will do now, she is not a good actress, not a good liar, if you have seen her videos,,, Not a good singer, Nobody would hire her for a real job.... She can't write a book, no one would buy... She has made a pretty empty bed the best thing she could do is go to prison at least then she could get 3 hots and a cot!

1594 days ago


Big f-ing deal. Let her take the stuff. It's worthless. If she doesn't take the stuff, Gary's greedy-ass lawyer will.

1594 days ago
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