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Jesse James Lawyer -- A Fair Trial Will Be Tough

6/10/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse JamesJesse James is going to have "a really difficult time" getting an impartial jury to judge him -- so says his lawyer Joe Yanny.

Jesse -- who's being sued by a manufacturer over a planned clothing line for Walmart -- is in the middle of jury selection, and Yanny tells TMZ it's not going well.

Yanny says, "So many prospective jurors are talking about what they've read or heard, saying 'I don't know if I can be impartial.'"

Yanny complains that many people on the jury panel have shown prejudice, "over totally unrelated issues and mostly untrue accusations."

Several people have said they could not give Jesse a fair shake, given the stories about his infidelity.

And, Yanny says, it's pretty clear some of the prospective jurors are not saying what they really feel.


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1596 days ago


Yeah, a fair trial will be tough. I'm surprised they haven't claimed that jurors would not like his stage name.. after all, everybody knows that the train robber Jesse James was an evil guy too.

I'm gonna rename myself Timothy McVeigh. He was a bad guy almost as loved as the original Jesse James.

1596 days ago


Well who would use the posting name CARTMAN? Half cart and half man? Conjures up some freaky Roman holiday wagon.

1596 days ago


Big deal. So he cheated. Not good. Past that, I am tired of everybody calling her a saint and him a villan. People cheat all the time and they don't pay for it for life unless you are this man. Forgive him for his shortcomings. He's going to pay for these orgasms for years and years. It's time to grow up and get past this. After all, it's HIS business and any marital problems are joint. There is probably more to this than we know.

1596 days ago


and this is why, if I ever have to go to trial, it will be with the judge only --- jurors make decision through emotion, not facts. Been on jury duty on five court cases, one decision was held up because most wanted lunch (from the city) another several said they didn't like the persons looks, said he looked guilty! Please, what does that have to do with justice?

1596 days ago


FSOB What are the Legal Docs necessary (where can I get em)& what is the correct procedure in purchasing Land?

1596 days ago


using the word "fair" in reference to Jesse James a oxymoron

1596 days ago


Okay. . . .one is supposed to get a fair trial in court. But. . . .maybe he should think that "what goes around, comes around". How fair was the "justice" that he served to Sandra?? She certainly didn't get what was fair, but umm, I forgot: "it's different when it's happening to me, right"? Sometimes, it's not like McDonald's and we can't all have it "our way". Grow up people!

1596 days ago


TMZ; this is NO longer news.
He's a BIG loser with a capital "L".
Move on please.

1596 days ago


TMZ please save us
and stop reporting on Sandra Bollock too
we already saw how lame she is too

1596 days ago


LOL- Jesses' lawyer trying to justify his fee....

Gee no kidding- Jesse has a reputation; Wow, he must be the first person ever in HISTORY with a poor reputation to go into court and be judged....

Oh, and BTW? Defending Jesse by saying his reputation has been ruined by people who know his reputation is bad isn't the BEST idea in the world....

Bottom line- Jesse made a LOT of money in his life on the basis of a reputation that CLEARLY wasn't accurate, so gee- losing this deal won't exactly keep me up sleepless at night for Jesse James;

Hey Jesse- why not try doing what Billy did- cut your hair, clean up your act, and try to appear normal to a jury?


1596 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

I love the picture of Jesse He looks real bad a$$.
Was it taken before or after he cried like a little school girl?
What a little B I T C H.
Come on Jesse cry for us again.
Cry baby cry.

1596 days ago


well giving the finger to the jury isnt going to win him any sympathy,,thats for sure

1596 days ago


Do you really believe that someone deserves a fair shake after how they totally desolve their family. He asked for it .. he gets it. Morally, personally, in business (how can he be trusted)..he should have the childrens feedback on whom they would like to be with, feel safe with, be loved and be secure or personal he should just build bikes to ride around his "biker broads". Even biker "ladies" have a code to live by, don't denounce them for this "decorated ----"

1596 days ago


they should request to have the trial moved to the middle of nowhere. that way even if they know who he is they won't give two ****s

1596 days ago
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