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Dr. Murray

Targeted By California Medical Board

6/9/2010 8:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The California Medical Board wants a judge to order Dr. Conrad Murray to stop practicing medicine ASAP -- in order to "protect California's citizens."

While Murray is already prohibited from administering "deep anesthetics" -- including propofol -- the Board has filed documents last week in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming those restrictions are "insufficient under the circumstances of this defendant's behavior."

In the docs, the Board states, "It is not just his 'prescribing' practices that are in question, but his fundamental judgment and skill as a physician."

The Board is requesting an order that Murray, "cease and desist from the practice of medicine" until his criminal trial regarding MJ's death reaches a conclusion.


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Of course his license should be revoked.

1594 days ago


Its already been a year, whats another year. Dr. Murray's patients need him. He had one miss-hap. He just saved that woman on the plane. He is a hero!

1594 days ago


Good to hear but this is just in question and action just taking place on questioning his judgement?!

Amazing..A year to late, well better late than NEVER.

-In the docs, the Board states, "It is not just his 'prescribing' practices that are in question, but his fundamental judgment and skill as a physician."

1594 days ago


Well better late than never but they made a valid point: Murray's fundamental judgment is definitely off and he shouldn't trat anyone at this point. I can't believe its taken so long, what da hell are the official doing when they are supposed to work. Get his lisence and leave him without work, he killed a man and is being charged with involuntary manslaughter.

1594 days ago


They should've taken his license a year ago! Talk about being S-L-O-W!!!!

*I heard if Dr. Death keeps his medical license he will be giving free visits to all the MJ haters.

1594 days ago

Karen in Texas    

I wrote to the Texas Medical Board right after Michael died and requested they take his license away. He in no way should be practicing medicine with all of the personal and legal problems he has. There is no way this man can stay focused in the situation that he is in. I think his license should be revoked in every state and it should have been the day Michael died.

1594 days ago


That's only fair, folks!

They were supossed to do that on 26th of june 2009. No matter what happened that unfortunate day, he was the Doctor in Charge!!! that's why he was hired as a personal physician : to watch over his patient, especially after administrating powerfull drugs. Period!

1594 days ago


Do you really think Michael wanted to die in front of his children.

Please give the guy some respect...........he never got it in life.

1594 days ago


-Great Point K in TX.

1594 days ago


DAYUM....Michael is smokin HOT!!!!
Thanks for the great pic TMZ.
MJ....miss you forever.


1594 days ago


Good. This is way late in coming. I hope a judge revokes his license ASAP! It's the LEAST that should be done until his trial is concluded. If he is found not guilty, then the license can be reinstated. He should NOT be prescribing medications of any kind in the meantime.

1594 days ago


I'm very interested in what's going on with the anniversary of June 25.

My brother passed on a date which I won't disclose. I feel very strongly for Michael's children. I know Michael made the best choice, meaning for Kathrine to raise them. I still miss my brother to this day and for some reason they parallel.

1594 days ago


tmz.. thank you that is mj and a much better picture of him. also nothing is going to happen to dr. murray, nothing. he knew his fate on this deal before june 25th. its just a formality being played out. i can assure you he wont do a day and he knows this. he also knows that was not the real MJ that he killed but his almost identical body double. use your heads think look mat pictures, look at evidence, look at timing. and you better believe he was well paid for his services. and not by MJ. he was suppose to kill the real MJ except the real MJ found out about it. look at all evidence.

1594 days ago


Michael your so gorgeous.i love ya most.we the fans miss ya and your beautiful smile.your a beautiful person inside and out.tmz thanks for a nice pic of MJ .LOVE YOU SWEETHEART.HUGS MICHAEL.

1594 days ago


I am white and I think this is the most racist thing said yet. You need to go back under your rock.
5. He's a stupid negro. What the hell do you expect? All negros are criminals. When will America finally wake up and realize this?

Posted at 5:07 PM on Jun 9, 2010 by Jason

1594 days ago
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