Dr. Conrad Murray to the Rescue -- The Video

5/21/2010 4:30 AM PDT

Dr. Conrad Murray to the Rescue -- The Video

A bunch of you thought the whole mid-air medical emergency with Dr. Conrad Murray and a passenger was a publicity stunt.  Well, we just got video that suggests it was the real deal.

Remember our story -- that the doc on trial for allegedly killing Michael Jackson was on a US Air flight when a female passenger passed out with a dangerously low pulse.

The photo below was taken during the emergency, and the video -- which shows the woman being wheeled off the plane with Dr. Murray in tow -- was shot after the plane made an emergency landing.

The passenger who shot the video tells TMZ after the woman passed out the flight attendants tried in vain to revive her ... and that's when one of them got on the P.A. and asked if a doctor was on board.

The passenger says Dr. Murray walked over to the woman -- and several flight attendants thought he was just a regular passenger trying to make his way to the bathroom. We're told the flight attendants asked Murray to return to his seat ... and that's when he revealed he was an MD. 

We're told Dr. Murray elevated the woman's feet and found a weak pulse.  He asked the passenger who shot the video to help him move the woman to the front of the plane, and that's where Murray inserted an IV (apparently standard issue for the flight crew) and the woman began responding.

The woman in distress -- Sharon Ross -- told TMZ when she came to, Dr. Murray said, "You probably know me ... I was Michael Jackson's doctor."