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Targets AEG

6/10/2010 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Joe Jackson's lawyer is now gunning to make AEG one of the bad guys in Michael Jackson's death.

TMZ has learned Brian Oxman, Joe's lawyer, will file two complaints with government agencies -- alleging AEG abused Jackson in a way that led to his death.

Sources tell us ... Oxman plans to lodge a complaint with the United States Attorney General, alleging AEG violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Specifically, we're told Oxman's theory is that AEG knew Michael was a drug addict and was effectively disabled, yet he was pressured to keep a grueling and dangerous work schedule to prepare for the London concerts.

We're also told Oxman plans to file a complaint with the Medical Board of California, alleging AEG was dictating Michael's medical treatment to the point it became the unauthorized practice of medicine.

Sources say Oxman will soon file a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray, alleging he was responsible for Michael Jackson's death.  We're told Oxman will not name AEG when he files, but may add the company as a defendant if the discovery process unearths evidence that AEG is culpable.

Attorney Charles Peckham, Dr. Murray's lawyer, would not confirm the story, but tells TMZ, "Mr. Oxman has some questions with regard to AEG's participation in the last days of Michael Jackson's life and he should ask those questions."

We spoke with Michael Roth from AEG, who had no immediate comment.

UPDATE:  Brian Oxman tells TMZ the complaints with the Attorney General and the Medical Board of California will both be filed before the anniversary of Michael's death -- June 25.


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wow!!! a before and after pic of michael jackson...

1596 days ago


you got to give ol joe some credit here,,he leaves no stone unturned if he thinks there might be a dollor bill underneath it..

1596 days ago


I miss and love MJ!!!

1596 days ago

hot snot    

i wish you woud quit posting pics of MJ. even after death, he's still creepy to see. I bet his plastic facial features are still attached

1596 days ago


will love michael forever/ miss him so much

1596 days ago


It's just about the money, isn't it Joe??

1596 days ago


AEG is going to just say they had no clue he was a drug addict, but as Dr. Death being MJ's personal doctor he mosre than likely mentioned MJ's request on sleeping aides so that should've been a red flag to AEG. You think they cared.. Hell Naw!

I'm sure Charles Peckham is happy to hear some of the blame is ging to towards someone else, but they all share the blame, Dr. Death got blinded with greed just as AEG!

1596 days ago


Really, being a drug addict now qualifies you for some sort of benefit under the Americans with Disabilities Act!!!!! Anyone who is truly disabled should hold a protest in front of this lawyers office!!

1596 days ago


You go JOE, handle the business, while your at it handle Alejandra and keep her from blackmailing your wife!

1596 days ago


Leave Joe alone. He is Michael's father and he wants to see justice for his son. I don't believe it's all about the money. How would you feed if this happened to your son? God bless the Jackson family.

1596 days ago


12.I don't believe it's all about the money. How would you feed if this happened to your son?

I would wonder where I went wrong as a father...

1596 days ago


To Brian Oxman:

Use every thing in your legal arsenal! Tie this baboon, and his medical practice, down, for a thousand years, if you can! Shred whatever financial means, and benefits he still possesses...and, make his professional credentials, "null-and-void"! Do all in your power to send him where he belongs, and that is to a penal facility, for an appreciable number of years!

This nation is overrun with those who masquerade as "respected" and highly-regarded, people of integrity. Many of them has gained as much, because the country no longer has "standards" which mean anything! Everything is so vulgar...dumbed-down...and, worthless...that, from the Presidence, on down...EXCELLENCE, integrity, ability, and EXPERIENCE no longer have meaning. The crass...the ugly...the vulgar...the indolent...and, the criminal...are hailed as being "talented"..."admirable"..."brilliant"...and, "influential".
WE have a "trained" monkey, who, doubtless, took a 30-day "medical course"...and, hung-out his shingle, pretending to be a "doctor". In truth he his a faithless, and irresponsible parent. He is a whore-monger. He is a reckless business-owner...whose bad habits have bankrupted his practices. cannot criticise this ape...because that would be "politically, incorrect"! Like so many others, of his ilk...he can commit the most heinous offenses...and, he will have excuses made for him. His conduct and mindset WEAKEN THE NATION...and, there will be little, or no, consequence.

That might be the most tragic fallout, from the death of a brilliant artist, and the grief that many of us still feel.

1596 days ago


Greedy, Joe, greedy. It's sad that you didn't care this much for Michael when he was alive. You're a sorry excuse for a father.

1596 days ago

hot snot    

one more overpaid freako sex addict pedophile ....good riddance you bag of ****. should have been buried next to Dahmer

1596 days ago


Well good for Joe! Evidence should come out now that show everyone including that bastard Dr Thome Thome (or whatever his assanine name is) were conspiring to kill MJ. Too many connected people behind the scenes needed MJ dead to control the billion dollar music deal he owned. I hate Joe Jackson but leave him alone so he can try to dig up all the evidence he can to show all the parties connected to MJ's death. WHO IS PAYING Dr Murphy's legal bills? Who owns Neverland? Where did Dr Thome Thome run off to after turning over 5 million dollars of Michaels? GUESS WE ALL KNOW NOW THAT MJ was not a pediphile cuz those people would have fed **** loads of little boys to Michael while secretely filmig the rape and blackmailing MJ to do everything they wanted NEEDED him to do so they could make a fortune. GO JOE!!! I want answers...

1596 days ago
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