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Danielle Staub -- I Can Outsell Kendra

6/10/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Staub claims her sex tape will move more copies than Kendra Wilkinson's -- because it's got one thing Kendra's tape doesn't......herself!

Danielle Staub
Her opinion .... not ours.


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she is an old lady who cares about her dumb tape

1605 days ago


Gramma Wrinkles sure has a high opinion of herself, doesn't she? What a disgusting piece of narcisstic white trash. She's just plain nasty. It is obvious that she cares nothing about what this may do to her children. Her face looks like a rat and if she gets any more Botox, her eyebrows are gonna be at the top of her head. Shoulda spent the Botox $ on getting those square boobs fixed. Yuck!!

1605 days ago


I say we have a poll - this nasty piece of white trash or Gramma Wrinkles? My vote's with Gramma Wrinkles!!

1605 days ago


She is a disgusting pig!! Since when do we celebrate sleeze.

1605 days ago


Danielle is gross!

15. Why does this have to be racial? All people of any race on reality shows are fame whores. I agree this woman has no moral standards, at all! But as someone with good morals and ethics, I hate to be lumped into the same category as her bc we're the same ethnicity.

1605 days ago

Harsh Critic    

she's an idiot and should be embarrassed by her actions not bragging. this past season you can see how her older daughter is beginning to resent her for being the way she is!

1605 days ago


Well if it talks like a whore and walks like whore guess what honey your a whore!!

1605 days ago


About the sex tape though, I don't believe that Kendra honestly tried to block the release of her tape, I think the pretense of that was just for appearances... She's beautiful, and seeing how she was a playboy bunny and had hugh perv hefner for a boyfriend, is anyone really shocked that a sex tape, or two, was floating around? I don't buy her act of pretending to squash the release of the tape. That being said, I'd watch it :)
But this womans tape is a different story, she isn't the least bit attractive, and even though I've never watched even one episode of any of the real housewife shows, she sounds like a POS...

1605 days ago


I haven't seen either sex tape and have no intention of watching them...but I did see sets of still pictures from each and there is a huge difference between them. Kendra looked alluring, but I thought the one this lady did was some kind of parody and just looked nasty. I have no idea who she is either. She looks like my mother-in-law a little, I'll need therapy after just seeing the pictures.

1605 days ago


KellyR Thanks for the bigot comment, that made my day! Oh and BTW I am 1/2 white and the other half Indian!! Yes, that means I am a half breed! The government PAYS my family every year a big lump sum for taking my tribes (the Siletz) land. Thanks for telling me that I have more right to be here than you!!!

1605 days ago


Ashley: Wow, you are biracial and you go around spewing the word half-breed ? Then you're just ignorant and stupid... My kids are biracial (half white and half black) and if I ever heard someone call them a half breed I'd knock their f***in teeth out... People like you contribute to the problem... "Half Indian" or not (which I doubt, since you keep talking about other races being inferior to white people), you are offensive, and ignorant... Period... I don't care what race you are, and I'm happy that our government is compensating your people LMAO Waste of space...

1605 days ago

Pretty LL    

Those kids of hers are going to hear about this forever. How their old, manly mom made a sex tape that people watched for the hilarity of an old hag having sex. Seriously, this woman is delusional if she thinks people are buying this tape because she's sexy. She's old and leathery. too old for a sex tape.

1605 days ago


definitely need a poll, I would probably want to watch both, but for very different reasons, danielle's would be like watching a train wreck, it may be disturbing but you gotta look, I just think kendras would be fun to watch,

1605 days ago


Ashley aka dumb bi**h, I have a job baby, I don't need a government subsidy to take care of myself or my kids... Don't hate it that my job allows me to have free time LOL And you can say what you want, I'm just content to know that you are an idiot. So just go play in traffic little girl, or hit a Klan meeting, you are played out and your argument is just stupid. And as far as knocking your teeth out, inbred bigot rednecks only have a few so it shouldn't take long...

1605 days ago


She is so "FUGLY" can't imagine anyone watching that tape unless they are brain dead,perverted,desperate or a sexual predator!!!! she thinks she is hard because she has been in prison puuhleeze beotch.... wish I would run in to you!!!! your daughters are the victims here they have more common sense than you do and how do I know because on the show you always turn to your youngest and ask her, her advice on GROWN UP situations....get off your back on up off your knees and be a mother to those girls

1605 days ago
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