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Shannon Price: I Was Gary's Common-Law Wife

6/10/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price, just filed legal docs claiming she wants to be appointed special administrator of Gary's estate ... on grounds she was Gary's common-law wife -- and she's submitted a handwritten document purportedly from Gary making her the sole beneficiary. 

Shannon Price

Shannon has submitted a copy of what she claims is a handwritten addendum written by Gary Coleman in 2007, which says Shannon is the "sole heir of any and all monies, properties, bank accounts, earnings, model trains, vehicles, cars, toys, games, electronics, homes, other inheritances if any, all things physical and/or intellectual." 

And this is interesting the handwritten document, it says, "This I have done because of my personal selfishness and weakness and I Love her with all my heart."

The handwritten addendum modifies a will written in 2006, which states, "I revoke all previous wills.  I specifically disinherit my biological parents and siblings."  But here's the catch.  The 2006 will was never signed by Gary.

In the docs, Shannon says the most pressing matter right now is the "disposition of the body."

Shannon's lawyer claims in the docs, "Shannon and the decedent continued to have a romantic relationship and engage in romantic and sexual relations."

As for why Price claims she was Gary's common-law wife, her lawyer says they had joint bank accounts, incurred debt jointly, filed joint tax returns, celebrated holidays and other important days together and "they fought on occasion."

We checked and Utah is one of the few states that does recognize common-law marriage -- however, the law requires that the couple "request to have a common-law marriage recognized" during the relationship or within one year after the end of the relationship.

Shanon's lawyer also filed a letter from a pension department which says she is listed as the "primary beneficiary to receive the benefit."


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sean dell    

a true piece of human garbage

1598 days ago

Don't Question Authority!!!    

Are the police not investigating her? This b!tch needs to be locked up.

1598 days ago


#1 she is worse than can people act like that? do they not have a conscience or morals at all??

1598 days ago


Don't you have to be living w/someone for 10 years to be considered common law? And most states don't even recognize common law anymore. I don't know about Utah though. Anyway she's a piece of sh*t. Karma is a b*tch lady & it's coming for you.

1598 days ago


were they fighting the day he fell?

1598 days ago


oh she is his common law wife alright she's about as common as they come...or should I say low.....please !! yeah and I got swamp land in florida I can sell you.any human being willing to sell photo's of his last few minutes on earth and shortly there after isnt human they are a fungus that probably is growin on rotten to the core brain because obviously she doesnt have a heart and never did. Just another leech willing to suck out what little life dignity and pennies this poor man had.

1598 days ago


Why does this ugly woman die already? She should just just jump in the oven with gary and burn. Im so tired of her. UGH. RIP GARY. What a b****

1598 days ago


This B!tch is crazy.

1598 days ago


"Shannon lawyer claims in the docs, "Shannon and the decedent continued to have a romantic relationship and engage in romantic and sexual relations."

EEEEWWW HIS standards were pretty low. She's is one nasty nasty person!

1598 days ago


She's trying to get this settled before they have proof she pushed him.

1598 days ago


she killed him and no one is doing nothing about it
that is messed up on the real

1598 days ago


Shows you even the dumbest dumb dumb can be a conniving ho! You can tell she's lying when she opens her mouth.

1598 days ago

My two cents ;)    

No Shannon you are not the common law wife...U are the common law grim reaper...ur job is done sick bitch stay away from Gary's stuff

1598 days ago


another thought when gary fell and was bleeding to death on the floor she told 911 she couldnt attend to him a man she suposedly loved because wha wha she might have a seizure?....yet she could pose with his dead body with tubes coming out every orfice?...I guess that tells you that that wasnt stressful pulling the plug on him or posing for pictures. while we are human let us remain humane...price is her last name and it fits her to a tea....Karma ...all things eventually come around...

1598 days ago


what a piece of swamp sheet.

1598 days ago
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