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Shawn King Depression Triggered by Alleged Affair

6/10/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_shawn_king_EX_TMZ_02Sources tell TMZ Shawn King's depression started, continued and never stopped over Larry King's alleged affair with Shawn's sister.

We're told Shawn has been "extremely depressed" for more than five years ... and the trigger was Larry's alleged long-term involvement with Shannon Engemann.

As we first reported, Shawn had a showdown with Larry several years ago and as a peace offering Larry transferred title to all three of the couple's homes to Shawn.

We're told Shawn has struggled for years, believing her husband remained involved with Shannon.  One source says, "She fought like crazy to remain sane, just to take care of her kids."

We're told even though Shawn reconciled with Larry and put the divorce proceedings on ice, she remained deeply depressed.

One source says, "Shawn's not a pill popper, but she feels it's her only way to deal with her depression."

Shannon has denied having an affair with Larry.


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bring back recent posts    

money issssss the root of all evil..soo true.

1594 days ago


Even something on baldy brett michaels would be an improvment over this crap,,enough already....noone cares

1594 days ago

Harry Hackamore Hughes IIV    

harvey`s wormie lit dog made her DO IT2IT

1594 days ago


Who the hell would kill themself over Larry frigging King???

Larry is old and ugly. He's the type of guy you dump and move on.

Wake the hell up, Shawn. You can do better than Larry by dating a frigging corpse.


1594 days ago


How sad.

1594 days ago


TMZ... any update on her condition?
A sane self-respecting person would have walked away long ago if they continued to be riddled with such doubt over their partner's fidelity. But perhaps her suspicions are just paranoia. In any case, mental illness sucks. Hope she can get past this.

1594 days ago


I figured she would have to be depressed being married to that old mummy.

1594 days ago


Whether her suspicions are based on reality or not, what a terrible thing to think about your husband and your sister! Shawn apparently adores Larry (and possibly some of his money) to continue on. I wish her all the best in her struggle to overcome these latest challenges!

1594 days ago


Half the pills were flushed and not taken by her. She had no where near the level of drugs in her system that taking all the meds would illicit and she had hardly any undigested when they pumped her stomach

1594 days ago


Didn't William ****ner's wife commit suicide, or did she drink her self to death. For some reason this sounds similar. Hollyweird can be a real tough life style. As Joe Walsh says, "Life In The Fast Lane: faster, faster, all the lights are turning red."

1594 days ago


Geez, the owl is losin' it.

She should take the two clones and leave the chicken for good, and let him hook up with Betty White.

1594 days ago


This is just so sad. When people do things, they really don't think of the effect it will have on someone else... It just feels good at the moment. It is no one's fault that she chose to handle her depression this way, I just don't think he ever thought of how much it would really, really hurt her. I'm very sorry that she's in so much pain.

1594 days ago


I agree with comments, written here! I'd never have given that idiot the satisfaction of destroying myself, over ANYTHING that he has done...or MAY do! Shawn has vested too much of herself into a male who saw his best days...30 years, ago! If she wants to DIE, so badly, suit-up and go to Afghanistan...or, go to work in an AIDS hospital ward! King has always looked like a "roach"...and, it turns-out that he IS a "roach"! And, that sister of hers can be referred to by any number of terribly ugly, and vulgar names! Neither is worth DYING, for! Shawn should pack-up, move on...while she still has her looks, and a semblance of "sanity"..and learn to LIVE, and love life, again!

1594 days ago


It's a pity that King doesn't put as much energy into his shows, as he does "catting-around", with his wife's sister...and, many doubt! Has anyone taken his pulse, lately???

1594 days ago


How many women would stay with their husband knowing that he is sleeping with her own sister? Not many! So if you are depressed--GET OUT! If you are staying together "for the kids", then don't OD because that certainly isn't for the children! Wake up and move on! You are set with money so get your self esteem back and let your slut sister have that old man all to herself. What a sick bunch of people. Poor kids.

1594 days ago
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