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Gary Coleman -- Little Pet Shop of Horrors

6/12/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman was clear -- he didn't like animals -- so imagine his dismay when he was forced to work at a pet store and put up with all that crap.


Gary took the job as part of a reality show pilot that was shot in 2008 and never aired.  A life coach made him take the job to improve his people skills and save his marriage to then wife Shannon Price.

It didn't work so well.


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Rhyan W    

Gary didn't seem to like anything or have kind words for anything. He's personally responsible for a lot of the bad things that went down in his life. If he would have just learned to let go of the past and enjoy the positives and enjoy life, and got rid of all the hate and bitterness and anger he held onto, he would have had a much fuller, longer and happier time on this Earth.

1559 days ago


We all need to let that little man rest in peace! Shannon, we will keep her on the chopping block! She is going to pay for killing little man.

1559 days ago

dan the man    

Just skip to 3:25 of the video. It's the only part worth seeing, albeit a hilarious moment or two.

1559 days ago


This was flippin hilarious omg lollll

Cut the guy some slack Rhyan, ya loser.
Imagine something you absolutely HATE & doing it?

I give him props for at least TRYING. Doubt you've heard of that word.

1559 days ago

Rhyan W    

Gary was a douchebag, and so are you Smartass.
And seriously, your name isnt even clever. I'll call myself smartass and then post smartass comments, hahaha. You should write for Seth McFarlane. He could use someone with your sense of humor.

1559 days ago

hillbilliy babe=toothless    

The indiginties that this poor soul has suffered since his accident and his death are equal only to the multitude of indignity that he suffered thru his life. A life that should have been happy, long, prosperous. But first his parents turned him to a cash cow, and they were just the first in a long line of people who used and abused him from then on. Why is it that the very talented, gifted and lovely people that God allows to come our way, we treat like they are worthless. And as for this so called common law wife of his, there is alot more to her story that she or anyone else is telling. I saw just a blip of a news story where they were either being interviewed or on some talk show together where he summed it up pretty well. "all you are interested in is MONEY", he may have been small in stature, but he was a giant when he figured someone out. He obviously couldnt live in peace with her, so they divorced, so how come she could pull the plug, now she wants part of his estate? Didnt she get enough?
I heard the first thing she did after she sold the death bed photos was clean out all his valuables from the home. She couldnt go near him when he was laying there bleeding on the floor, but she sure had no problem going thru the house cleaning out anything of value. We call that grave robbing. How can the police not be suspicious of her and his accident? Her actions since his death alone should be cause for further investigation RIP Gary. Your true friends will miss you always. Your smile always warmed my heart.

1559 days ago

dan the man    

boooom shackalacka... crash & burrnnned.. Apparently #5 has problems with Rhyan W

1559 days ago

Rhyan W    

Well seriously. Has anyone ever seen a Gary Coleman video where he isn't b*tching about his tough breaks or playing violins about his past. All you see is this angry, bitter vicious little man scowling at the world. And all that hate and loathing definitely played a part in his health's downward spiral. It shouldn't be a surprise he ended up with Shannon. Misery seeks out misery. She is loathsome too.
"I hate animals. You invest in them and they give you back what? Love..." yeah Gary. Maybe you should have tried it. May have benefited from a pet. Wouldn't have cost you as much as Shannon did.

1559 days ago


"He's not going to get up and go to work every day."
That made my night. :P

1559 days ago


You're absolutely right Rhyan. I can't remember a video clip or an interview in recent memory where he was positive about anything. Just because he's passed, (almost) everyone considered him God's greatest gift. Sure, he had a good run on a beloved TV show when he was a child, and people attribute his aforementioned attitude and behavior to having a crappy upbringing....and life in general. Well I know people whose lives were worse than his, and yet they continue to have a positive outlook on life. He tried holding on to his one claim to fame, which was "Diff'rent Strokes" and based his entire life on that one accolade. After all, he WAS Gary Coleman and commanded respect. Don't get me wrong. I'm sad he's gone. His show was a childhood favorite of mine in the 80's. But if people think he was this "great" person solely because of his passing, they're definitely wearing rose-colored glasses.

1559 days ago

David K.    

In this video, Gary comes off as intelligent, bitter, and opinionated... which in my mind is the holy trinity of 'funny'. How this show didn't make it to air, while multitudes of 'starlets'' have, is indeed beyond me.

The man was a talented actor as a child, and had a life that was, all told, incredibly unique. Imagine being on top of the world as the most famous kid in the world one minute, then being treated as washed up while still in his teens... if you can.

And to all those commenting negatively about this guy, whose only crime was to entertain you as a child, well... nahhh, forget it... my constructive criticism would be lost on you. Though to be fair, I probably shouln't have expected the Das Kapital of comments on such an, essentially, 'icky' site.

I feel that it's too bad there isn't a heaven for him to go to.

1559 days ago


I have a friend like Gary.
Not fun to be around. The only thing that keeps him from being all alone are moments few and far between that show some positivity.

David K. Take your spiritual beliefs and shove em up your ass. Pathetic that you had to take this comment page to slide in your dumbass beliefs.

1559 days ago


What kind of person doesn't like animals. Especially cute little animals. I've met a couple of people in my life who say they don't like kittens and puppies and I'm thinking what kind of a freak can honestly feel that way. Once I meet someone like that there's nothing else to be known about them because you just know already they are total freaks and *******s.

1559 days ago


David K: I loved your post. I didn't agree with your last statement, but that's okay.

1559 days ago


Omg I am so sick and tired of hearing about this bitter annoying iggnorant LITTLE shrimp, and his hag common law. Whats going on with Jon and Kate. Updates PLEASE. Tyvm.

1559 days ago
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