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Gary Coleman -- Little Pet Shop of Horrors

6/12/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman was clear -- he didn't like animals -- so imagine his dismay when he was forced to work at a pet store and put up with all that crap.


Gary took the job as part of a reality show pilot that was shot in 2008 and never aired.  A life coach made him take the job to improve his people skills and save his marriage to then wife Shannon Price.

It didn't work so well.


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Whew...Samantha did you forget your meds today?

Dont bother responding..this unfounded hatred is making me sick.
I am outta here

1560 days ago

Johnny B.    

Gary Coleman was a miserable human being. Almost every interview or appearance he has given showed a very angry man. To let him anywhere near animals was very telling. He died in a very sad way much like the way he lived. I look inside myself and see that I have to fix the way I see the world and not take my frustrations out on others. I don't think Gary ever figured that out. So So sad. I couldn't finish watching this video of him in the pet shop. As for the reason why that reality show did not get on tv I will tell you this. Gary did not come off likable in any way shape or form.

So sad to die so angry. Now he's feeling nothing and his pain is over. So So Sad.

1560 days ago


OK. Enough about Gary Coleman already. He didn't seem that relevant in life so why make him such a big thing now?

1560 days ago


All of this is pathetically sad.

1560 days ago

Brooke Lynn    

i feel bad for him...he never knew what kindness and love was...finally he is at peace...

1560 days ago


I am an avid animal lover and I have been all of my life, but I simply had to post this because all of the Gary animal bashers were really annoying me. Just because Gary says that he isn't fond of animals doesn't automatically mean that he hates animals, people. Use some common sense. Look at the number of people who "supposedly" love animals who either abuse them or neglect them every single day!!! If these type of people didn't exist, you wouldn't have such an abundance of stray animals or an overflow at the Humane Society, so get over with your Holier-Than-Thou attitudes.

1559 days ago


All I'm wondering is how much $$ they paid him to do this degrading job?

You know that fire crotch "wife" of his got all the earnings, too.

1559 days ago


You would think he was used to animals-his "parents" and his "ex-wife"

1559 days ago


Animal Abuser!! He was a horse's ass in life and still continues to be in death. Those cute animals have more class in their little paws that that black turd had. Even now he is in hell!!

1559 days ago


People are allowed not to like animals. Which is beyond me, but I always keep in open mind. I think the problem here is, he just seems like such a disagreeable person. In the last 15 years he has been nothing but nasty. Sad but true.

1559 days ago

my dog is the best    

Liked him on Different Strokes...watched him as a kid and thought he was so cute. Totally have a different opinion if him now. What a cold-hearted insensitive bitter little angry prick he turned out to be. How could anyone hate animals?! Anyone who cannot respect the beautiful innocence and loyalty of God's creatures is seriously messed up. His freak of a "wife" disgusts me. She is evil. Saw them on Tyra Banks' crap show once (for a brief few minutes, it was such a disgusting negative vibe) Karma...
That poor rabbit! Geez to think I felt sorry for him for a few days. He turned out to be a very ugly person : (

1559 days ago


Rhyan W does have a point. Every time I saw Gary on tv or on the web or read about him, he just came across as a bitter angry person. Okay, your childhood was not all it was cracked up to be, but them again, who has ever had a great chilhood? If everyone had a great childhood, no kid would ever have to go to school, all kids would get to go to Disneyland, and every kid would get a pony. In other words, childhood is what you make of it. The good and the bad just come with the territory. It won't always be perfect, but if you can take something from your childhood, learn from your past mistakes, and make your adulthood the best it can be, you'll at least be a well-rounded individual and appreciate what you have now, not what was missing when you were nine years old.

1559 days ago


that was hilarious it would have made a great reality show i love his sarcasm and straight to the point approach for the record can tmz stop exploiting gary coleman now seriously you guys are no different to that dirtbag shannon and oh i don't like animals either sue me everyone has a preference

1559 days ago


Did they ever make SHANNON perform any degrading tasks on this so-called "show"? It seems like poor Gary is getting the shaft for no reason. "You don't like people? Here, be a used car salesman." "You hate animals? Come work at the pet store!" WTF?? I wanna see them make Shannon do some **** she doesn't wanna do. Like I don't know, they could have taken her to an ER and made her work as a nurse since she's so "freaked out" by blood. I don't know..just a suggestion.

1559 days ago

Rhyan W    

Lol, have multiple accounts MJ/Smartass. Thats cute.

1559 days ago
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