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Jesse James' Ex -- Sunny Days Are Here Again

6/11/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder finally got to spend some time with her daughter Sunny at a community pool in Huntington Beach on Friday.


Jesse also agreed to let Lindemulder see Sunny again on Sunday.

Janine and Jesse are both due in court on Tuesday to work out  future visitation rights for their daughter.


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Jinxy: As far as i know, Community pool is a public place, therefore, it might not be her that called the paps...
Now if it was in private property, i would agree with you.
If you talk like that, Jesse should be punished for the paps picture when he drive kids at home?
the only people that should be punished here are the paps...they should leave some privacy when it comes to the kids! (in Uk,they atleast, blur the face of the kids...)

1540 days ago


Those tats are starting to look nasty. It seemed like a "cool" idea at the time; Now it's like graffiti that you want to just paint over.

1540 days ago


She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom!!

1540 days ago


Not everyone is able to afford pool, we re not all rich so we go to comunity pool. I dont see a problem with that at all.
Get a life. Prick.

28. Must feel really crappy to have to swim with a stranger in a Community pool with dirty tiles when you have swum in A private one with mommy Sandra. Bless this kid.

Posted at 4:11 PM on Jun 11, 2010 by Lb

1540 days ago


She is so damn skanky looking and a whore. Any woman that gets paid to have sex no matter if it's on film or not is a hooker. I would have banged her in her early days like 15 years ago but she's rank now and has slept with over 2,000 guys and is also a drug addict. I don't think her or Jesse respect their kids. All they care about is fame.

1540 days ago


It is her birth Mother, unfortunately for her she has both parents genes. But, this won't last long as Jessee will discourage any type of bonding with the child as the Birth Mother does not have the financial means that Sandra Bullock, so much for a community pool for entertainment! I hope she has turned around and will bond with her child. Sandra needs to get on with her own life ande child - not someone else's child. Because of her wealth, the birth Mother could never compete. Neither will Jessee because I am sure his income is fading fast. Hopefully the Judge will recognize that money does not buy everything.

1539 days ago


Sally : 100% agreeing...on everything even the "income fading fast" (it's obvious that his latest court visit were costly (and that's probably why he filled for a complain to get 150000)
Everyone assumed he was 100 millions worth, It's not true, it's the average worth of his couple with sandy (and she is worthy over 85 millions)
He is probably broke (he is selling way more than usually (and i'm not even talking about his magazine or his house)...he lost a big income: Sandra! (she was probably paying for 90% of their needs,none of the property she bought during their marriage is named as both (Wyoming was before jesse, Austin 2nd house is hers and New orleans is hers too (as for the other houses, it was before their marriage (Jesse's house,is only his (had it before Sandra))
Personnally i don't understand how a judge could consider that a good parent has to be wealthy...because then, my parent weren't the greatest (and i'm not agreeing)

1539 days ago


I think people should give her a chance.

1539 days ago


I have mixed feelings, but short visitations with a 3rd party are a good start. However, dont give her any child support for those short visits, money in her hand might lead back to drugs and alcohol.
I have to say, she looks horrible, worn out, old, tired. Maybe she can keep her life straight now that she obviously looks like she has went thru hell and back.

1539 days ago


The HEALTH DEPARTMENT needs to test the tiles and water in this pool. IT'S FILTHY!

1539 days ago


Jesse James may have his flaws, but he loves his kids. Janine does too, but hasn't showed much in critical years of this girl's life. One thing about JJ, his hands earned the living, building bikes. He and his kids will never starve...certainly not as poor as some think he is, which he made on his own.
Everyone messes up in life, has their is up to them to fix it. Some just have more to fix more, arrive later to do it (sometimes that is not their fault either on what happened in their childhoods), but the most important thing, to fix it and break the cycle of dysfunction...for the little ones just learning to swim.

1539 days ago


Sorry, but I dont buy any of this. This woman might care for her child but what she really wants is a child support check.
@#61 - Of course she wants Sandra in Sunny's life. Sandra has millions and is a very giving person. Sandra would help Sunny in any bad situation. Janine knows she'll get money from Sandra if she has financial problems.

1539 days ago

Get back to work!    

Huh? She shows her body for a living and gets tats all over her ass, but wears a shirt in a swimming pool? WTF?

1539 days ago


really do I need to see a pic of his little kid. You people are gross. just keep the pics to the adults. If I see one more pic of the kids of celebrities I am going to throw up. Leave these kids alone creepers

1539 days ago


She's as ugly & trashy looking as Jesse. Sandra would have had to deal with his 2 ex wives her whole life while married to him. Ugh!! Ugly!! Sandra is so better that all of them.

1539 days ago
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