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Kim K. & Justin Bieber -- Flirting with Disaster

6/13/2010 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is about to have Justin Bieber's rabid fans all over her giant behind after frolicking in the Bahamas with the golden boy.

Biebs and The Butt were holding hands for a photo shoot just one month after Kim said his fans sent her death threats -- all because JB jokingly Tweeted that she was his girlfriend.

Deep breath, Bieber Nation.



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Just saying, doesn't she prefer big rapper and football types???

1595 days ago


Shes like 40 and only likes black guys with big ****s and he's a 17 year old kid with a tiny penis. I don't see this being anything legitimate. Oh yeah and Klohe looks like a big fat monster and needs a huge black guy to facilitate her needs because her vagina is the size of the Indian Ocean.

1595 days ago


Lets hope she didn't stay in the hot sun to long, that could wreak havoc on her plastic surgery! It's too bad to she was once so beautiful!

1595 days ago



In less than 12 months none will want the hear anymore about him.
and all boy bands remind you anything??

Soon (as soon someone will release that string around his testicles) testoterone will break his voice and start to have pimples.
So everyone will forget about him.

what the little kid doesnt know is that he is just A PRODUCT,
and as for all products the mode change fast.

1595 days ago


ugh he is such a player! I cant stand that shortie! >:P He thinks every single freakin girl likes him and he can just stroll around with any girls he wants! If I ever dated someone like him... wait, let me rephrase that: I'd NEVER date someone like him because I'd never be able to trust a jerk like him.

1595 days ago

Lisa W    

What an attention seeking loser!

1595 days ago


is that HIs MOTHER OR WHAT????

1595 days ago


Maybe he will have his first erection???

HOW staged is that hand!!

1595 days ago


LMAO,His little fans have nothing to be jealous of. Kim is a no talent piece of trash. All the kartrashians are nothing but media whores. Reggie was right to run away after she stuck her horse face in front of the camera after the Superbowl.

1595 days ago

Justin Diaper    

POOR Justin Diaper. His 15 minutes of fame are already up.. he no longer trends on twitter, his music is horrible and his voice is changing.
Bye Diaper Boy. He is now using publicity stunts and photo ops to try and stay relevant. First that Kiss with that poor Dolphin ,now this lol

1595 days ago

Throwback kid    

Kim is really becoming a desperate pathetic joke! Her 15 minutes is almost up for her and her no talent loser sisters. How desperate does an almost 30 year old woman have to be to hang out with this 16 year old 5 foot 3 mouse boy?

1595 days ago

bring back recent posts    

geez...some of u r sooo stupid..its a photoshoot...geesh

1595 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

Seriously, let her make him a man. Christ, at least it will get done right. She's 29, for the record, only in West Virginia could she be his

1595 days ago


This shoot was set up so that it would get exactly this kind of publicity... the whole "we hate Kim for touching Justin" thing.

TMZ just part of the publicity system. The way of the celebrity world.

1595 days ago


Can't you tell a friggin' story without insulting someone, TMZ????
Kim dosen't have a big behind any more - she lost weight remember?
Take a look in the mirror you jerks at TMZ and then think about insulting your co-workers.
If you think your faces and bodies are so great - better look again you ugly bunch of idiots. Just tell the f-ing story without putting people down. Think you can handle that?

1595 days ago
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