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Lindsay Lohan -- Up to Her Knees

6/13/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She looks good ...  Lindsay Lohan hangin' out at Bardot nightclub at 2 AM in Hollywood.

The boots are alcohol-resistant.


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Looks good? BLEH. She looks like a cheap trailor park hooker with her dried out raggedy blonde hair, her ugly as sin makeup that she must've done in the dark, and that god awful ugly dress.

1491 days ago


if the girl would put a freakin' bra on - she'd actually look GOOD in this photo. I'm just so tired of seeing her speckled mammarys.

Please, ladies. The modest breast is much more attractive than the pale, exposed, hanging bags of freckles.

Cover up already!

1491 days ago


Oh gosh, she looks ugly. I almost lost my breakfast. Urp. 'Cuse me.

1491 days ago

Laffn Bear    

As a recovering alcoholic/addict for twenty years I can say that she "just doesn't get it" regardless of two trips to re-hab.
Most of us found, in order to maintain sobriety and serenity, we needed to change not only our playmates but our playgrounds as well.
If she is to move beyond "white-knuckle" dryness to sobriety she will need to do the same.
Constant early mornings in bars and night clubs are not conducive to healthy change.
It is an axiom that no change can begin until one hits bottom.
A lesson that must be learned, but can not be taught.
Good luck to her.
I fear she still has a long, hard way to go to the bottom.

1491 days ago


She is going to look a lot worse after she gets out of jail! The 6 July hearing date is coming up soon and she is in for a rude awakening. I hope she is jailed from the court room and given at least as much time as Paris got. SHe should be made to do 20% of the 180 day max.

1491 days ago


What a used up coke whore.

1491 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Is she hoping to "spill" another drink?

1491 days ago


She looks like a bitch!!!

1491 days ago


Why are her boobs hanging out in every picture?? There not that good to begin with.She truly looks like she 50.

1491 days ago


I 'm surprised that her mother is working hard to get her "cleaned up" in order to "relaunch" whatever career she once had, after all, like Miley, Lindsay is the parents' meal ticket. Bu I guess bad press still generates income.

1491 days ago


God I hope someone is keeping Judge Revel up to date on her partying every single night....I mean does she ever just stay home and chill. I tried to remember what I was like when I was in my early 20's and trust me I was not out every night, and I did love to party. I also was not on probation and ordered to stay sober...what a stupid, vapid byatch, and when they put her in handcuffs in July I for one will have my faith restored in the justice system.

1491 days ago


I guess she's the best-lookin bisexual trashy ho,hollywood had so far huh !? By - life is a hard party 4 LiLo, fire,fire, firecrotch away . . . .

1491 days ago


Where is her street corner????

1491 days ago

send Lohan to jail    

How does she look good? Remember, this girl is 23 years old! She looks like she is in her 30s, at best. Actually, she is looking like Britney Spears, circa crazy time...blotchy skin, NO bra, and super short outfits. Do not get me wrong here though, I would LOVE to see Lindsay get back on track, because I have loved her movies- like Parent trap, and the classic, Mean Girls. I want Lindsay to get back to that healthy person she used to be. She was hot actress just a few short years ago. And since her parents are complete train wrecks, it really is up to the court to help this girl out.

1491 days ago


I'm sure Lindsay's mom Dina will be along anytime to start posting at TMZ again in defense of her daughter.

Who ever supports this women needs there head examined.

I can't beleive this woman hangs out all night at clubs,and bars...Goes to show this Lindsay has no fricking life,other than wanting to be America's Attention Whore.

She looks nasty to me.

1491 days ago
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