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Gary Coleman

Don't Pull the Plug on Me!

6/14/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained legal documents signed by Gary Coleman in 2006 in which the actor specifically directed that he did not want anyone to pull the plug on him ... if he was ever in that situation.

Gary Coleman
The documents were ironically filed by Shannon Price -- Gary's ex-wife -- the person who authorized doctors to take Gary off life support last month. Price has filed the docs in an effort to be granted control over the disposition of Gary's body. 

Among the documents filed today by Shannon is a health care power of attorney which Gary filled out in 2006.  Under the heading "Instructions for Health Care" -- Gary checked a box  titled "Choice to Prolong Life" which states, "I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards."


The other option Gary had -- "Choice Not to Prolong Life" -- was left unchecked.

In the docs, Shannon explains her decision to end Gary's life saying she was "forced" to pull the plug. She does not explain why she felt forced.


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all you need to do is watch the videos, she looks so guilty!!!it's obvious she's lying through her Mr Ed teeth.

The Homicide dept needs to get in on this action

1594 days ago


I don't think hospitals "pull the plug" readily. You don't just go in and pull it... My guess is that all the medical advice was that he was already dead, the machines were just keeping the body going but he wasn't there any more. Brain injury can do that very fast. They often just keep life support going until the family has had a chance to say goodbye.

In any case - his situation in 2010 was quite different from his situation in 2006. His health had been seriously deteriorating over the past year. So it would be no surprise if something surfaces with a different set of instructions, or if he did talk with her about his current wishes especially after his surgery. Just because she's a ditz doesn't mean she's necessarily a murderer.

1594 days ago

Sad sad    

Someone mentioned elsewhere she had scratches on her neck. Is that true?

1594 days ago

Sad sad    

OH, I just read this chick is going to see his dead body again before they cremate him. Who wants to bet there will be a new photo op?

1594 days ago


"82. OH, I just read this chick is going to see his dead body again before they cremate him. Who wants to bet there will be a new photo op?
Posted at 10:11 PM on Jun 14, 2010 by Sad sad"

Do you really think she'd have the nerve to do that? That would be so over the top that there would be no coming back from such an act. She's already lying about being involved with the previous photos. Though, I have to say that she's so obviously brain dead that you're probably right and she probably will do it.

1594 days ago


This is just too much! The law is not doing it's job in Gary's case or in Michael Jacksons. That so called Dr. Murray is STILL A FREE MAN almost 1 year after MJ died!!! He's out living his life and they have the gall to allow him to keep his medical license?! I hurt for Gary and Michaels memories. This is so not fair!!! Gary, that crazy @ss woman used you in life and in death. Haunt the **** out of her!!!! May she rot in hell along with Murray!

1594 days ago


why is her name Price and not Coleman? Or Price-Coleman, it's not like she had a career or anything. Her looks aren't going to get her any where. She will always be recognized with her gummy smile and her red hair..WATCH OUT FELLAS!! Who takes pics. when someone is on their "death bed"?? Where is that person? Karma is a BI%&H! What comes around goes around..if she can't 'deal' while her husband is bleeding she won't deal well with the media and accusations...

1594 days ago

Mike C.    

This do***ent gives discretion to the agent to pull the plug on life support if Gary is in a coma or in a near death state where his quality of life cannot be improved. Read the do***ent at the paragraph beginning at the bottom of page 7.

1594 days ago

Mopar Man    

Per Kadius: Yeah Kadius, like no republican has EVER sued anyone!!
You *******!!!!!!!!!!!

1594 days ago


This is a sad example that you need to be VERY careful when you give medical power of attorney to someone. It is so unfortunate that he wasn't surrounded by people who had his best interests at heart.

1594 days ago


Shannon Price is a heartless greedy little witch!She needs to get what is due her.Maybe someone will pull the plug on her.To bad for Gasy his parents didnt give a hoot either.Give the guy a decent funeral.He is gone now let it all be over.Bring him home to Zion,Il where he grew up.At least he could rest in peace here!!! Rest in Peace Gary!!

1594 days ago


Look folks, like it or not, this is the girl Gary loved and this is who he kept in his life. This is who he married, this is who he filmed his reality show with, this is who he reconciled with, and this is who he died with. I don't like her at all but what say do any of us have when this is the girl Gary chose for himself. Just give her Gary's stuff already. Not like he has kids to leave it to and we KNOW his parents are total losers. People are acting like Gary had billions for her to steel when it was quite the opposite. People will just believe whatever the tabloids feed them and that is a statistical fact. What is overlooked is that this girl may have given Gary the only happiness he ever had in his life.

1594 days ago


These docs don't even show Gary's name anywhere. I'm sure they are his but these could be anyone's TMZ. What the frack?

1594 days ago

the owl    

She killed him and didn't want him to wake up and incriminate her. she looks like an inbred horse. couple this info with her 911 call and i think we might have a murder case.

1594 days ago

Johnnie Griffin, Jr.    

Everyone is letting this woman get away with murder. Any idiot would be able to see that she is responsible for this. This is why she wantes to hurry and pull the plug to keep him from telling what happened later on. I wish I was rich I would spend my own money to see to it that her ass gets put in prison for what she did.

1593 days ago
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