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New Michael Jackson Video Game for Xmas

6/14/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson is still on the cutting edge of technology -- TMZ has learned the King of Pop is set to star in a new revolutionary video game ... and the people in charge of MJ's estate are totally on board.


The game -- currently untitled -- will essentially be "dance karaoke" ... which means gamers will see Michael Jackson dancing on screen and will then be challenged to imitate his moves.

The game will be available on multiple platforms including Wii and Xbox 360. The Xbox version will incorporate Microsoft's new Kinect motion capture technology -- which will allow the gamer to play without holding a controller.

Also in the Xbox version, the gamer will be judged based on full body movements. The game will process the movements and display the gamer's avatar on screen ... dancing right next to MJ.

And there's more -- the game also includes a karaoke feature, in which gamers can sing MJ songs like "Billie Jean" ... and even mess around with their voice thanks to an autotune feature.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft -- the same people behind Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon -- and we're told Ubisoft properly secured permission from the MJ estate ... so it's all legit.

The game is scheduled to hit shelves sometime before Christmas.


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Cool, I would like to try that one out.

1593 days ago


Michael is a busy man these days.......

1593 days ago


Will the greed never stop?
Who is the principal of that? The family? The estate executors? AEG?
I can't believe this. Horrible.
Let Michael rest in peace instead of rip him off all the time even now when he is dead.

Michael Jackson is unbreakable.


1593 days ago



1593 days ago


With all this money coming into the estate.........yeah one really wonders, how that money is being handled. Talk of the executors winning a court order to privatise all the monies generated. I understand, not wanting all the hoopla that can come with it, buy hey, don't forget the man himself had issues with the men before he died. I'm so very skeptical about the way the estate is handling business. I hope, there'll always be something left for them kids, because their Daddy still generates lots of $$$$$$$$, and no one but those 3 deserve all that money.

Always leave that room for doubt, especially where money is involved, needless i say where MJ's name is involved. I rest my case.........

1593 days ago



1593 days ago


@ #5-correction

Sorry guys, meant to say "but hey". Just a typo, and also when i said MJ had issues with "the men", i meant the executors. Just thought i had to clarify to avoid confusion.


1593 days ago


Both Elvis and Marilyn's estate has capitalized handsomely since their death.

Hopefully it will benefit his kids and not daddy dearest.

1593 days ago


Since MJ isn't alive to generate new money into his estate someone will have to do it to make sure those kids have it when they are old enough to be responsible for it. Who else is going to see that done, Joe? haha

1593 days ago


It's beginnig to look like somebody really did want Michael Jackson dead.

1593 days ago


Interesting...I guess thats the EXCITING ANnouncememt FB page will post...

But in truth...$$$$$ Is the very reason this is being done...but hey, who cares right? Mike is not here so WHY NOT exploit him! *SMH*


1593 days ago


For those who mocked MJ, he did the most brilliant move of all time. Genius!! Now will he emerge or stay behind the scenes?

1593 days ago


As I look at this I am thinking all of this money coming into the estate and they won't give Joe Jackson the 15 thousand dollar a month stipend that he has asked for? It was Joe's diligence in the Jackson 5 early years that led to their fame [and later the solo careers of Michael and Janet Jackson] and fortune. Parenting didn't come with a manual. Joe probably did the best that he that knew how at that time. Everyone else wants to benefit financially from Michael's talent. Joe did not allow them [J5] to be mediocre and that work ethic stayed with Michael, making him a world class super star without equal--in the entertainment field. It is kind of disrespectful to treat the family patriarch like this. This estrangement between Michael and his Joe was stroked by the media et al. Michael went into eternity with this “unresolved issue” with his dad. I am sure that Joe loved Michael and was very proud of his son. Why is it okay for everyone else to make money off of Michael‘s talent? Joe had nine kids that he nurtured [to the best of his ability] to reveal their talent. He could have been one of these lazy parents who disregarded their children and didn’t explore the options. He is the reason the world knew who the Jackson 5 were. Give him his proper credit and a stipend. It is reported that the estate has already made a billion dollar$ in ca$h money.

1593 days ago


How much money do those kids need??!! I mean come on already!!!
Poor kids...give me a break!!! They lost their amount of cash will bring him back, and the estate has enough $ for them to live quite comfortably.

1593 days ago


i wish mj was around to see how popular he really was. and loved by millions.

1593 days ago
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