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Randy Jackson Rushed to Hospital ... Chest Pains

6/15/2010 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0615_randyjackson_bnTMZ has confirmed Randy Jackson was taken to the hospital today after suffering from chest pains.

A Jackson family rep tells us Randy is still at the hospital -- Huntington Memorial in Pasadena -- and she doesn't know how long he'll be there.

The rep says, "He's ok," adding it was a precautionary move.

Randy was in court yesterday for the Conrad Murray hearing.

UPDATE:  We're told Randy was not taken by ambulance... he walked into the hospital and is still there for tests.

UPDATE 5:40PM PDT: Doctors are still conducting tests, but we're told Randy may now need to stay in the hospital overnight.


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You got that W.R.O.N.G.
Michael Jackson is the biggest conman who ever lived.
Got Milk?
Wonder who much he's now paying his new doc?

1559 days ago


Posted at 9:03 PM on Jun 16, 2010 by Tellit
Why don't you come up with some
facts instead of your usual
attention-seeking b.s.?
Posted at 9:18 PM on Jun 16, 2010 by mary
Oh hush up dizzy mary.
Go give yourself a good f'ing.

1559 days ago


Posted at 9:27 PM on Jun 16, 2010 by Tellit

Oh please, you're such a boring
old baggage. Try to come up with
something original or at least
factual. Which nic you gonna use
next? Let me guess.

1559 days ago



Now we've learned that Dr. Conrad Murray is wishing him a speedy recovery. A rep for Dr. Murray tells X17online exclusively:

"Dr. Murray feels so sorry for Randy and the family. He knows the tremendous amount of stress that they've been under. He wishes them the best. Dr. Murray knew them before the death of Michael and he has nothing but great memories of them. He, too, is anxious to find out who is responsible for Michael's death."
As for how Murray is handling the pressure of being charged with manslaughter, X17online has been told:

"Dr. Murray is working as much as he can and has seen as many patients as he can fit in. He's in a much better mental state right now as compared to this time last year. Last June, he was mourning the loss of his friend and patient. Plus, for the first six months after Michael's death, he wasn't able to work because he was basically under house arrest due to the media scrutiny. Now that he's working, he's doing so much better."
We've learned that Murray will not be attending the one-year anniversary memorial service on June 25 at Forest Lawn being organized by Randy Jackson. Our source tells us:

"He's going to be mourning privately. Dr. Murray has visited Michael numerous times at Forest Lawn, but he doesn't want to distract any attention away from the family's grieving process ... especially on that day."
Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing has been set for August 23.

Update: 9:30am - Randy is currently undergoing stress tests.

What are your thoughts regarding Dr. Murray ... and his mourning process?



1559 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

1559 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

"There's a reason why God made the sunset red or purple or green.
It's beautiful to look at - it's a minute of joy. There's a reason we rainbows after rain, or a forest where the deer come out. That's
wonder, that's escapism - it touches your heart and there's no danger that. Escapism and wonder is influence."

"I love the whole world of dance because dancing is really
interpreting the emotions through bodily movement... there's a whole psychological thing to just letting everything loose. Dancing is important, like laughing, to back off tension.'s just great." Michael J.Jackson
L.O.V.E and Miss MJ

1559 days ago


211. Cathy. Yes,I noticed the same things! Not that it stopped my admiration for MJ, but he's said (on the Boteach tapes) that he didn't want to get old because of the physical limitations. He talked about Fred Astaire & how sad it was that someone who was once so agile, in the end could only walk slowly & had lost their sense of balance. Michael was really devastated about that. Age catches up with all of us :(

1559 days ago

Gavin Saunders    

Hope Randy recovers fully. The family need him to be well and strong.

Hope he's read the explosive new article by journalist Charles Thomson’s at Huff Post

It really tells it like it is.

Pay it forward people.

1559 days ago


Am I my Brother's Keeper? Pt. 2......
I know there are a lot of people who are Randy fans so this won't go down as a popular statement, but it just occurred to me that we've been bombarded with stories since that one about Oxman and Joe's charges against AEG. So I wonder if this is yet another ruse to distract us from the real deal. Guys this is not a joke. These people have major connections in commerce and even worked out of the White house in the past, so their power is practically unstoppable. Do some research on this and see what I mean.
On the other hand I do feel for the family as much as the next guy, matter of fact, I worry there's a chance that Randy is the next victim since Michael's death:
-Evan Chandler
-Klein's assistant
-Peter Lopez
I refuse to believe that it's just a coincidence that these people are gone and they HAPPEN to be linked to each other. How many more people will it take before we wake up and realize these people are willing to go to all ends to get their hands on Michael's Estate. They have control if the media and they have control of you too if you accept Michael's death as merely a bad "mistake" due to greed on Murray's part. Of course he played his role, but he was not alone.....
Thing is, as Randy was the closest (other than Katherine) to Michael, it stands to reason that he knew more of what was going on. I never said I have proof that he was involved, but I think he does know a lot more than he's sharing...maybe his life has been threatened...
A few more things:
-Cindee, if you read my post again you'll see that I wrote I SUSPECTED him of KNOWING who the culprits are and ALLOWING it to happen.
As for Katherine and the $99 mil, she hasn't gotten it yet according to the reports I've read. Randy may have made money off of royalties, but most of the sales after MIchael's death fell under SONY's umbrella. The only thing post Jacksons Randy helped Michael with was a few songs from "Off The Wall" and he helped do demos for "Billie Jean" and "Wanna be Staring something" but he's not listed with ASCAP as a writer or Producer of either of these.
As for "Big Business", I know how it works, having been a part of it for some years of my life. We're not talking about their right to be competitive and make money, we're talking about their INVOLVEMENT IN ORGANIZING A FULL SCALE PLAN TO MURDER SOMEONE AND TAKEOVER THEIR ASSETS/EMPIRE!!! That's a totally different thing.
I know you want to support Branca, The Estate, and Sony but ask yourself a question--who has gained the most since Michael died? Further, did you know that Colony, under the leadership of Tom Barrack attempted to purchase Michael's stake in the Sony/ATV on JUNE 30, 2009--ONLY 5 DAYS AFTER HE DIED??!! That's not just a coincidence either.
One last thing--Please read the Trust do***ent and see how Branca and Co. are given the power to withhold funds from beneficiaries at their discretion (probably why Katherine doesn't have her share yet,) They have the power to increase their pay without court approval, thy have the power to SELL ESTATE ASSETS (sony/ATV, Neverland, Hayvenhurst), They have the power to lease Estate property for exploration of oil, gas, and minerals, and the list goes on...
Please, do me a favor and RESEARCH THIS before you respond again!! I think you mean well, but you are not looking at the big picture and once you do see the truth, you'll regret it.
If you really love Michael and MJ3, you'll look further into this and quit accepting what the media and the Estate wants you to think. The Jacksons may have their moments, but they have a point with this one. Michael may not have wanted them to run his Estate, but he certainly didn't mean for Branca and co. to run it and get richer than his own children from it.
If you want to continue to support the murderers and reward them from taking Michael from us, don't do any research and accept the consequences....
As for the Trial, I don't need to wait to know it's going to be a travesty of justice perpetrated there. The fact that Murray can still practice medicine is your wake up call on that one...
I realize what I have to do and I am going to do it, EVEN IF I'M THE ONLY ONE. It won't be the first time, I believe in following my convictions and the truth, not the masses.
As Michael stated, "Everybody's always saying, they can do it, or he can do it. Who's they? It starts with US..."
-#179: mjlover4life, I accept your opinion, but I did say that was my OPINION and that I wasn't sure if he was involved or allowed it to happen.
Where did you get that Jermy was with Tohme at the house when Michael died? All of the stories I've read said Randy. Tohme and Jermy were at UCLA together, but I've never heard anyone say he was at the house which would be strange anyway since he and Michael hadn't been close in his last days. But as you say, he was close to Randy. And as for the $10,ooo/mo., reports stated the brothers were receiving that as "hush money" so if that's true and Randy's receiving it, he's covering something up. In all honesty, I'm not sure I believe any of that story. The media continues to churn out a bunch of spin on this whole case and everyone attached to it so you have to be really careful what you believe.
As for posting on TMZ, I come here because they are one of the few news sites (albeit tabloid) consistently posting stories about Michael's case. I understand where you're coming from about the haters and all, but I don't respond to haters. I'm grateful for your words of admonishment, but for now, I plan to stay on these boards and educate, encourage and alert people to the inequities and injustice against Michael.
BTW: I may check out Amazon also and see what they're about, THANKS AGAIN!!
-#192: Thanks for that Cathy, you are my hero tonight!! Every once in awhile we need to remember that Michael loved doing what he did, and he did it ALL FOR LOVE! Remember, as a child he was the one who begged to be in the group, saying, "I can do this!"
-#204: Cathy, one thing about Michael and the Cherry Picker--a lot of that was just pure adrenalin, the way he would hang from it during performances, if you watch the performance closely, you can tell. Michael was a "take no prisoners" beast on stage! No matter what the age, you know it was never in the plan for him to do that. I know if any Insurance company ever saw him do it, they would've terminated their policy so fast.....
-#205: Cookie, if you look up Mijac under ASCAP, you'll find all of the Jackson songs and their credits so I already knew about that along with a few others he co-wrote. And yes, SOME of the Jackson CD's were selling, I know they did according to Billboard, but not as much as Michael's solo CD's. So I'm not sure how much he could make from the songs he did co-write. Jackie actually co-wrote the most with Michael out of all of the brothers.
BTW: One of the reports where they said he worked at a Body shop was on CNN--and his brothers said it! Thing is, they never aid he was a mechanic, they said he worked at a BODY SHOP, so that's probably semantics on Randy's part.
-And yes, anytime they play that song as a cowriter, Randy gets paid, but Michael gets paid as writer AND publisher!!

No Peace till Justice!

1559 days ago


get well soon Randy and take a lot of good rest.
god bless you.
Dimple xXx

1558 days ago


Good...maybe when his azz get's better he can finally step up and stop pawning his kids on his mom. She's really getting too old for this "baby sitting" thing.. Jermaine is trifflin too tho

1558 days ago


Randy, you are in my prayers! Hope everything will be ok. Love

1556 days ago


I thought this was the "dawg" guy from American Idol but when I clicked on the link I found out I have no idea who this is.

1554 days ago
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