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Jesse and Janine

Clash Over Father's Day Plans

6/19/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a day after appearing court, Jesse James' ex is already complaining about being blocked from visiting her child.

We're told Janine Lindemulder was supposed to have visitation rights to Sunny on Sunday, but because it's Father's Day the plan was for her to take the child today and Jesse could see Sunny for Father's Day.

But here's the problem -- sources say a monitor must be present when Janine picks up and returns Sunny to Jesse's home ... and no monitor was available. As a result, Jesse will not give Sunny to Janine today.

Sources say Janine is pissed because she planned to take Sunny to a water park today with her other child, but Jesse's position -- rules are rules.


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They are both dirt bags so why give them the benefit of the news. Sunny has older siblings - they will be her only roll models. Hopefully Sandra stays out of the picture, otherwise she is the dumbest of all of them!!

1595 days ago


47. um for those of you that have never been in a custody battle Sunday which is fathers day overrides the visit with her mother even if its her day it's one of those holiday thinga in every court visitation do***ent. And i support Jessie monitor did not come, i would not relise my child either. so before going gaga on jessie no you facts otherwise you sound like a dumb (*&*.

Posted at 2:31 PM on Jun 19, 2010 by SUE

i have been through it and know how it all works.he could have gotten in A LOT of trouble if he had let this child go with her.that is a violation of a court order and can include jail time plus he could have lost sunny to foster care.jesse did the right sure he contacted legal counselor first and any lawyer with a lick of sense would tell you not to let the child ex gets mothers day weekend and i get fathers day weekend full from sons mom had to have a monitor for supervised visits also and she had to pay the supervisor like 50$ on a sat and 50 on a sunday if she wanted to see him.if she didnt pay she didnt get a supervisor,if she didnt call at least one week in advance she did not get a supervisor.i think it has more to do with having to pay for the supervisor for janine.this is a court authorized monitor not just anyone can do it so even if jesse wanted to be the nice guy and join them for the day he is not certified by the state for that.i guess its a good thing most in here DONT know how family court works and court orders because that would mean they were breeding.

1595 days ago


Sandra and Jesse will get back together in due time. He is chasing her and she will realize that she can't be without him. They are both cut out of the same cloth but she hides it much better.

1595 days ago


So who is in charge of the obtaining the monitor? Jesee or Janine? How can she set one up a week in advance when Jesse is play his game of tit for tat? Once a porn star does not mean one will remain one for the rest of their life. He is just as bad an influence as she is!

My respect for ALL the adults involved with this child (that includes SB) is sinking fast!Do the adults even care what the child is going through?

1595 days ago


He's a misogynist and Sandra is looking more a fool.

1595 days ago

Politico Pablo    

So there're not enough court appointed monitors available on the weekends, the very time most parents visit their kids. Nice.

1595 days ago


they did not say enough about the "monitor" to be sure but i do know you have to pay for that out of your own pocket as the visitor you must also make the arrangements for the supervisor and is usually provided by child protective or a dept of social services or court approved my state the rule is one week in advance but could be diferent in cali so i am not sure if janine was supposed to contact them by a certain date or not to procure the person for her times or who the court appointed as a supervisor even was.a monitor is supervised visits plain and simple.

1595 days ago


my guess is even if she could get the monitor she wouldnt have the cash to pay for it.

1595 days ago


that would be a really interesting subject for mondays TMZ live show because harvey would know more about it.

1595 days ago


#59 Not so sure I trust Harvey to get to the truth. After yesterday's comments, I suspect he is pro Jesse and believes everything Jesse says to him. Where is SB in all this. Strange she would speak out about other issues such as sex tape,but become silent when it come to the child she loves so much. Makes me wonder how much of this has all been planned out in advance? As in "Master Plan"?

1595 days ago

Bill C.    

Oh well, I guess she'll just have to get another tattoo to commemorate to occasion.

1595 days ago


And Sandra Bullock probably finds him attractive and admirable, even still...

1595 days ago

Margaret Kennedy    

Could TMZ just stop giving air time to Jesse what's-his-name and the rest of the uninteresting characters in this seamy situation? That's includes Sandra Bullock who is suspect for marrying such a disreputable person in the first place. They are all boring and their goings on add nothing of interest to my life, for sure.

1595 days ago


They're both freaks and the children will pay the price but on the level of soul that's what their children chose to overcome disharmony in their own future lives. If Sandra Bullock goes back to this Nazi-loving freak, she deserves to be removed from her pedestal in all aspects of life. There has to be something imbalanced with Sandra Bullock to have gone out with let alone marry a (little) man like Jesse James.

1595 days ago


We know where that mouth has been.......

1595 days ago
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