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Katherine Jackson: Michael's Kids Have No Friends

6/20/2010 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0620_katherine_jackson_bookKatherine Jackson says Michael Jackson's kids are isolated and miss their father desperately ... this according to her first interview since MJ's death.

Katherine tells the Daily Mirror, "They don't have any friends. They don't go to school, they have private lessons at home -- but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private college."

According to the interview, the kids spend hours listening to their dad's music.

She says Paris has turned her bedroom into a shrine to her "Daddy" and that Prince and Blanket talk often about trying to make him proud.

Katherine says she wanted to decorate Paris' room with pictures of flowers or ballerinas -- but "Paris went into a closet and she brought out seven or eight pictures of Michael, and she told me, 'No, I want daddy hanging in my room'. So she goes to bed looking at him and wakes up looking at him. She said, 'I always want to be able to see him.'"

Michael's mom goes on to say Paris is the most musically-inclined of the three and that Prince wants to produce movies.

This new interview comes days before the anniversary of Michael's death ... and in conjunction with a new book Katherine is selling (pictured above) containing pictures and Katherine's memories of Michael.

She says, "Michael was so misunderstood ... I treasure my memories of him and wanted to share them with his fans in my book. I remember when he brought gifts for me -- a watch, a necklace and a ring. I'll never forget how he smiled when I opened each one. He was so generous. I want the world to know that real Michael Jackson -- a loving person."


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Something fishy about this interview...reports have always stated that the kids were doing ok and hanging in there since his death. Obviously they must miss him terribly but we've seen pics of them w/ friends (the Malnik family).

Also, isn't this a British tabloid? I wouldn't be surprised if this interview was bogus altogether. College is possibly a British term for high/jr. high school. If that's true, I don't think KJ would ever use it.

Lastly, why the hell is KJ collaborating w/ that dude on this book after her son having a huuuuge falling out with him - I think b/c MJ found out he was a liar who'd directed porn and possibly stole from him.

1557 days ago


Dear #37,

I hope you burn in Hell.

1557 days ago


okay now I am getting upset with the fans. don't believe everything you read. stop bashing his mother. the way a story is written has a alot to do with how it is perceived. I believe when discussing "children" the media should be very careful with the words they choose. a better read "". you will cry. Recently a story was posted by TMZ where they stated the story was false but everyone continued to comment bashing the accused in the story. It was false! do your homework before you comment.

1557 days ago



What abour your picture on the wall?

1557 days ago


Please help clearing MJs name!­=QmPxoyu9F3s

Thank you. :o)

1557 days ago


Help clearing MJs name!­=QmPxoyu9F3s

1557 days ago


Can't help but tearing ···Mike,we want u back!

1557 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

this is a very sad touching has it's up & downs good & try not to worry..

1557 days ago

TV Gord    

dd, I did read. She says the kids have no friends.

Sure, she says this is all going to change in the fall, but this family has a long, pathetic history of saying they are going to do one thing and then doing something else (The annual Jackson Family Honors, the big international memorial concert for Michael, how many aborted tours?). September will be here soon enough and we will see how normal the kids' lives become.

1557 days ago


Don't believe everything you read,also the daily mirror is a tabloid.Everyone grieves in their own what you read because all tabloids,including tmz,put their own twist on every story!

1557 days ago


Interesting that her fondest memory involves the lavish gifts her son gave her. What a vile family.

1557 days ago


Not a real big fan of Michael or the rest of his family, but I do hope these children turn out alright. They need relationships outside the family. Glad to hear that they will be able to do this come September. I hope they aren't spending much time with Joe.

1557 days ago


Everybody should lay off of Joe. Joe Jackson is the reason for all of the Jackson's success. Nobody here grew up in the Jackson househould, so you can't judge him by hearsay.

1557 days ago


Mrs. Jackson I think you are a great grandmother and Michael was a
great father and in my heart still is. He is and was a man of God,
that was and still is so misunderstood. You know Jesus suffered
and was misunderstood in this fallen world. But now Michael is at peace with God and moonwalking on the streets of gold and singing
with the heavenly choir, overlooking his children and you and the rest of the family.

Love You Forever Michael!
Miss You Michael!

1557 days ago


All Kids need friends....He's not even the birth father - that's why they are white. Happy Father's Day and all - let the kids get some normal world in them..MJ was secluded..don't let the kids be subjected to this - it's not healthy..They need to learn the highs and lows - so what if Blanket gets in a fight,,that's growing as a human. we all go through it. They are not Faberge Eggs. Let them enjoy the best time life gives us - OUR CHILDHOOD. No taxes, no job, just friends and fun with discipline. They are already due for repairs because they never had a chance to grow or gain social skills.

1557 days ago
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