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Kate Gosselin -- I'm Lonely, So Lonely

6/21/2010 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin made a sad statement about her personal life this weekend -- telling the paparazzi, "I am lonely and I do need help."

Gosselin was loading groceries into her car at a Whole Foods in Reading, PA this weekend, when the paps began to ask about rumors that Kate would be starring in an Internet dating show.

Kate sorta danced around the rumors ... but she did try to clear up one thing -- saying, "I'm not mean like everyone says I am."


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she's got 8 kids --- how lonely can it get. raise your kids then worry about finding a man or woman - whatever ... i don't judge.

1554 days ago


What would her dating show be called..."The Controlling Hateful Attention Seeking Witchette" How can she be lonely when she has her bodyguard lover.

1554 days ago


I think you need a younger man Kate. I'm single and think you are definitely a cougar!!!!!

1554 days ago


Mean...maybe not; however, self-center, selfish, attention junkie, control freak, rigid, immature - YES.

1554 days ago


To melisa # 18, They could NOT afford those kids in the first place and should of never had all those kids like that. They should not of been awarded a show because they decided to act irresponsible. You also think those kids are happy? Really? Maybe you should also have your head examined. I see very unhappy kids in the photos I see and when the tv show was in its last couple seasons. I did not see happy kids. How exactly do you see happy kids whose mom is constantly running off trying to keep her name in the spotlight thinking she is an actual celebrity. She is a joke. She was a B***h on that show from day one and I never understood how she ever had anyone marry her. Then all of a sudden he became the bad guy. No he wasn't. He may have made some poor choices but he was just happy to be away from her. She will never have someone put up with her and the way she is. She is an abusive person to adults and those kids. She deserves to be alone and she has caused this herself. Her 15 minutes are up. Please stop putting her on here and making her think she is someone. She is an embarrasment to all of us from Pa.

1554 days ago


She needs money but does her grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck?

1554 days ago


Steve has been her lover for years and anyone who doesn't realize that is too stupid to post. STOP COVERING THIS SELF-ABSORBED B----. There is no need to be lonely have EIGHT KIDS who are clamoring for a crumb from are DESPICABLE and never think of anyone but yourself.

1554 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

I can't lie, I would bang the snot out of her.
She is annoying as hell, but she is looking good lately.

1554 days ago

your not all that    

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm get USED to it witch. Who wants to date a WITCH who ABUSED her husband on national TV?? Who wants to date a women who gave birth to her own soccer team????? BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA get used to it witch, youll be alone for a long long time.

1553 days ago


People don't "SAY" you're mean....they saw it from your show. Kate is an abusive self centered person who comes off like she would sell her childrens organs to the highest bidder if she could get some more TV fame out of it.

1553 days ago


You are so right Melissa! I like Kate and all those morons are jealous! Think about that crazy couple with the 19 kids?! THEY ARE IDIOTS and don't you think they are selling their kids?! How about that new show on TLC with the quints? Aren't they selling their kids too?! You all are hypocrits! I like Kate and Jon is the idiot and a piece of *(#!. I bet he was envious of Tiger!! He wishes he such celeb status!

1553 days ago


Newsflash Kate we don't think your mean, we know you are mean.

1553 days ago


Newsflash Kate we don't think your mean, we know you are mean.

1553 days ago


Kate is lonely? She has no one to blame but herself. I don't know what man would put up with her. She is a bossy, greedy control freak. She has two shows with TLC in the works, but is now considering some kind of dating show? When will it ever be enough money for her? She claims she is merely providing for her kids, but she is taking it to a whole new level. I think she likes getting away from her kids, and when she is home they are being supervised by nannies, who she coyly refers to as her "helpers." She is making a LOT of money and is paying other people to raise her kids. She is merely there for the photo ops. But you have to give her credit. She is making a bundle for having no talent other than being a brood mare!

1553 days ago


Let Jon have the kids, then you'll know lonely. Most single moms are so focused on their kids they dont even think about finding someone new, they keep hope alive but focus on their kids. Maybe trying to live a real life there will come a real guy into your life. Dating on TV will attract fame-hos, and oh what a blow it will be to fame-ho-Kate when her new man from TV demands more attention than her. No-no. A man who will back you up will not be found on TV. Only thing she will find on TV is more attention to herself, exactly what she wants. Some day she will realize her kids grew up with and she never noticed because the nannies did all the work. This woman dose not deserve the kids she has. Give them to Jon, maybe he will grow up from taking on the responsibility.

1553 days ago
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