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Friends Say Katherine Jackson is Joe's Puppet

6/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People closely connected to the Jackson family tell TMZ they believe Joe Jackson is manipulating Katherine Jackson to make a quick buck -- to the point she's now in business with a dude who's in the erotic content business.

katherine jackson & joe jackson
Katherine has partnered with Howard Mann for her new book, "Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives," according to Mann has made a fortune on online gambling and erotic content, venturing into online nude gambling.

And Katherine has sold a story about Michael's kids to a tabloid and even helped Joe sell cheesy MJ belts. But here's the thing -- Katherine doesn't need the money.  She's getting an allowance from Michael's estate and will have the use of untold millions of dollars generated by co-executors John Branca and John McClain.

Joe, on the other hand, isn't getting squat from the estate or from Michael's will, and he needs money stat.

As one insider put it, "Katherine is a strong woman who can stand up to pretty much anyone but Joe. There's too much history there.  Joe has always controlled her and always will."


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Joe has some blame in the LaToya/Jack Gordon epic.....Joe was friend's with Melvin M. Belli, and Belli was one of the first sharks to go after Michael Jackson, in 1993. [not a big story now, but it will be].......Joe has said in public, that they [the Jackson's] hate GAYS!...sorry folks, but MJ was at least BI...and who knows what this DAD, has had his fingers in....go to my site..brian n. everett read about Melvin Belli's 1993 pat in the "badger game"...

1588 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

The entire family is nothing but trash.

1588 days ago


She can't win - if she writes it, she's accused of money grabbing. If she does'nt, she's accused of not caring enough. What a world we live in!
Posted at 2:53 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by Brigha from UK

You're quite right Brigha. People like to paint Katherine as Joe's puppet. That may have been the case when they were a lot younger, but I think since then, like a lot of women, she's toughened up and I feel she's fully in control of everything that's going on.
My only concern is Michael's children. Who is actually looking after them and their emotional needs? Katherine travels a lot, has written a book and is involved in the museum in Gary. For an elderly lady who has lost her son, that's a lot she's undertaken this year. So my question remains: who is looking after his children and their needs? Everyone they were close to such as Grace, Alberto and Omer have been removed from them, so that only leaves Alejandra and her kids?

1588 days ago


Old Joe has ALWAYS been a violent evil greedy bully. He has ALWAYS manipulated and controlled all his children and Katherine. They are scared of him. Branca, McClain and Weitzman need to step in and put a stop to Joe once and for all.

1588 days ago


What is problem with that. The attorneys are making their money off MJ. I dont believe that will is fully valid. The courts never really investigated the inconsistencies about the will matter, the signature date, etc. DOnt believe MJ would not have wanted his mother to not have a seat at the table ad give these executors complete control especially after he fired them. MJ would not have wanted his father out on the streets. He also lived in Las Vegas and no way he did not have a rel with Joe who also lived in Las Vegas. He willed to his mother and kids because he knew she would justly give to the others as appropriate. MJ loved his family and they loved him. They always showed a united front during crisis and many other families cant even come together during holidays. The belts were appropriate as MJ wore large buckle belts. The book is appropriate as his death anniversity is coming up and this is a beautiful tribute to the fans that want to read it. Tabloid story about the wellbeing of the kids instead of the tabloid stories about MJ being gay and other lies, here is one about his lovely kids. People are such hypocrites and judges. Leave Katherine ALONE!

1588 days ago


Bam day, lol. You guys dont even put a date for bam date anymore, you've been wrong about 20 to 30 times with dates, lol.
Now you just say.... bam day is comming.
Cowards. Your MJ died. Hoax or not, he isnt comming back.He is a legacy now. If he comes back, he returns, to the moral majority theory, of low record sales, freak looks, and outlandish ways of living. As I said, hes an idol, now. A legend. An angel. He comes back, he's a has been whos 52 years old, who's lost alot of his voice, and plastic surgery showing very badly due to age.
Please dont be an idiot and think MJ is comming back, thats so wrong, and if you honestly, in your heart of hearts believe he is comming back, you have issues that run deeper than some MJ story/fantasy you in your head. Get help. Seriously.

1588 days ago


ol joe is the puppetmaster.Always has been,you people think she is a saint when she is a wolf in sheep's clothing.Joe is the grand master of all when it comes to money he has no shame,and katherine is in kahoots with him as always,
michael jackson is not coming back,unless he is a zombie and is going to walk the earth like in the movie dawn of the dead..hey joe maybe you cam make a movie "dawn of dead michael jackson"..if so I want a cut...and they would not have to spend any money on makeup for wacko

1588 days ago


Get help. Seriously.
Posted at 4:28 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by REALUSION

Huh??? What bought that on REALUSION??? We're discussing Katherine and Joe here. lol

1588 days ago


Why is it such a problem that Katherine made this book?? It is not a TELL ALL book it is family photos with her memories, personally I think she did it for his fans and to helf her grieve.

I do not understand why when it comes to any other dead celebrity and the family starts making money NOBODY says a thing but because it is Michael Jackson it is only about the money? Elvis died how many years ago and yet his estate has Graceland which they make millions off of. When you go to stores they still sell things with his name on it and every year new things are put out there.

If there was no market for these things they would not be put out their for the public to buy. The sad thing to me is the fact that it takes the DEATH of a person to realize how much we have lost.

I think that Katherine is in a NO win situation if she does not do anything the "fans" think she does not care, if she does do something it is only about the "money". She cannot win either way!
If you don't like the idea do not buy the book then i guess she will not make in money!

1588 days ago


If Joe had been my dad, he'd be buried many years ago. Just sayin'.

1588 days ago


Get MJ's kids OUT OF THAT HOUSE!!!!

Karma is gonna get Joe soon - and it will be FAR from pleasant!

1588 days ago


she beat the kids along with joe..its obvious and now she is selling out these news kids like ol joe wantes too..its all about the money to these two,,,.admit it rabid fans(tmz words not mine)..she is just as evil as ol joe,,she is getting rid of randys kids and germaines kids because she cant make a buck off of them so she no longer wants them in the way..pretty pretty sad...i predict within 5 years if they do not get the children away from the puppetmaster and his helper(katherine) that these kids will be in the looney bin or in jail for double homicide

1588 days ago


She should NEVER have sold a story about the children to a tabloid. That was totally wrong and unforgiveable. As for Old Joe....on two occasions Katherine has filed for divorce and on both occasions Old Bullying Joe has talked her out of it. She is totally under his control. Somebody needs to help her stand up to this vile old man and get him out of her life forever. He should be kept well away from Michael's children too.

1588 days ago


She is just as money hungry as the puppermaster joe,in fact as dumb as he looks she might be the ringleader,Mchael jackson would be spinning in that crypt if he new what saint katherine was doing...

1588 days ago


rapper The Game died last night at age 30... TMZ... get at that story

1588 days ago
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