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Showdown Between Katherine and MJ Estate

6/21/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0621_katherine_jackson_Getty_01_EXTMZ has learned Katherine Jackson has gone into multiple businesses with a man who promotes online nude gambling -- and the stage is now set for a showdown between Katherine and the Michael Jackson estate.

Katherine met Howard Mann five months ago. We're told she instantly liked him, began inviting him to her grandson's basketball games and other events, and then they started talking about publishing a book. 

The book -- "Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives" -- is being published this week and sold online at

But there's more. Mann tells us he and Katherine are producing a biopic on Katherine Jackson's life.  And he says they're going into business to sell 273 unreleased MJ tracks. Mann bought a storage locker owned by the Jackson family after they didn't pay the storage bill.  There was a treasure trove of stuff in the locker, including the 273 tracks, along with 19,800 photos.

But we've learned the Michael Jackson estate is drawing a line in the sand. Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman tells TMZ, "Mr. Mann can listen to the tracks in his living room or play them at cocktail parties, but he has absolutely no right to the intellectual property and has no claim to the music."


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this is sad sad will go down in infamy.....the day the good ship katerine caught fire and crash and burned,
ohhh the humanity

oh am I first???

1585 days ago


Katherine is going down for this one; her age may be starting to show. Who's next in line to take MJ's kids?

1585 days ago


Don't they understand that any production outside the Estate means that MJ's kids will get no money from it?!

What is going on with that family? have they no consideration for Michael's kids?

1585 days ago


Whats the book going to say? How she watched Joe "beat" the kids for years, while she sat there and watched. The books last chapter could be about, how she's "beating," fans out of their hard earned money.

1585 days ago


ol Katherine better be careful of all her rabid fans(tmz words not mine) are going to turn on her like a rabid pack of wolves.
I bet this post hits the 300 mark easy...

1585 days ago


Marlon Jackson should get the kids. I watched a bit of the Jackson Brothers Reality show and Marlon was the only normal one and his kids are normal too. :)

1585 days ago

jealous of kate    

oh, I guess she is IN IT FOR THE MONEY TOO. sick sick sick. What are her memoirs going to say???? I left the room when Joe brought out the belt. I heard the boys sing, heard a bad note and I knew Mr. Belt. was on his way out. So I left the room. I loved My Michael, He paid the bills, he took alot of pills, but I did not want to make him mad. LaToya made him mad and he did not talk to her again. That is no good, I need the money. I am not going back to Gary, I like my mansion. Michael is such a good boy and really nice to all those little boys. I see him once a year.

1585 days ago


Shaking head @ her!!!!!!!!! Poor excuse of taking care of MJ's loved kids!!!

1585 days ago


She should go to party city and get her a pair of those dollar sign sun glasses. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

1585 days ago


OMFG! Can this woman do what she is supposed to in honoring her son & his wishes? Her only job is to raise those 3 kids & enjoy life. Instead she is letting DumJo talk her into sleazy get rich quick schemes because that is the only way he will see any money. Michael left him out of the will for a reason and how dare this woman who claims to have loved her son so much, let his father make a fool of her and those kids. Diana Ross would have done right by those kids and there would be no half-assed attempts at selling bull**** & totally disrespecting Michael and his legacy including his children. Now I see why Michael kept his distance, some of his family members are relentlessly still trying to profit from him and exploit him and his children in any way possible as long as there is $1 tied to it. She's an old fool and an embarassment for those children!! Somebody needs to step up and get these kids away from their senile grandmother and her cheating, lying, forever scamming loser husband!

1585 days ago


I think that she is getting bad advice from those money grubbing sons and husband and has made a terrible mistake going into business with this man. She was probably provoked to do all of this in the first place.

1585 days ago


I find it so sad, that the Jackson family worked so hard, (Michael the most) to get somewhere in this world and now don't even have control over what they worked for. Mrs. Jackson can't even sell one thing of her son's without someone elses approval. Life is a BITCH, man. All that hard work, for someone else to profit from now, unbelievable!

1585 days ago


TMZ is a tabloid trash site,don't believe everything you read,especially on tabloid sites! TMZ twists their stories

1585 days ago


Janet Jackson is a total disappointment. Most of the fans and media thought Janet would step up to the plate and take care of Mj's kids but it turns out she is all about saving her Career. Even going as far as trying to look and sound like MJ on American Idol.

1585 days ago


dear handlers of Michaels estate, as long as katherine handles michaels music and paraphanalia and photos with taste, LEAVE HER ALONE!! what you should be doing is making sure no one takes advantage of her. after all if Michael left you in charge of his estate, then you should look out for katherine, foremost as well as the children., after all there would be no Michael Jackson without Katherine! and i don't like the idea thaT ANYTHING MJ, ESPECIALLY MJ MUSIC IS BEING HELD BACK. i my self will buy anything MJ that i don't already have. Katherine is not an infant, look out for her!!!!!

1585 days ago
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