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Shia LaBeouf: 'Transformers 3' Is Looking Rosie

6/22/2010 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Megan Fox nowhere in sight, Shia LaBeouf and his new leading lady, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, filmed scenes for "Transformers 3" in L.A. the other day.

A movie that Megan is actually in -- "Jonah Hex" -- came in eighth place at the box office this weekend with $5.1 million.


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God I really hate to say this but... she is not as hot as Megan Fox and I can't stand Megan Fox.

And for the record Megan is just "OK" not Hot.

1561 days ago


I don't care what chick they put in that movie as long as it isn't no talent fox. Really, all I care about is Shia and his hot @ss.

1561 days ago


Of course is Megan Fox posting, she reads these to catch up with what a colossal mistake she made by getting kicked to the curb by the transformer executives due to her big pie hole.

She cant act and transformers was her meal ticket, now thet every movie she is in has bombed her future is to do tv commercials at best, in 5 years people will go Megan WHO?

Too much posing and no acting skills = UNEMPLOYED and that boyfriend of hers was dates her thinking she was his meal ticket,

1561 days ago


I don't think the failure of Jonah Hex, is all on Ms. Fox. I have been waiting to see it, being a comic book fan. However it did not come to theatures at all in my area. In fact it did not come to theatures in most of america. It remained coastal, and big city and that is it. My question is what is michael bay thinking, casting these beautiful women to play a love interest to Shia. A normal guy does not get women like that.

1561 days ago


@ #23..Well in the first movie it was about the geek getting the hot girl. It isn't unheared of..most girls won't date a guy way more attrative than them..Every model I've heard of has iffy boyfriends. With exception of a few..Slightly above average on the looks. No girl is off limits..I've had my fair share of hot ass..As long as guys keep thinking like that..Thats more for me ^_^

and besides..Most celebs arent that much attrative than regular people, It's just the media brainwashing people into thinking they are..Alot of them would be head turners but most wouldn't be given a second look on the street. People seem to think you need to be rediciously good looking to make it in Hollywood, funny thing is..Girls like Megan are a dime a dozen..A hot ass with a mouth. Notice the ones that lack the looks are normally the most talented people in their field?

Every girl is different..One ridiculously hot chick can think you're the cutest thing she has ever seen. But an ugly fat girl can think you're the ugliest thing that she has ever seen. Not all women that look like that are shallow,self centered. Besides, Most girls in the fashion/entertainment industry are really insecure even thou they make those top 100 hot list,etc..Which is easier. Women care more about personality and if you want to get shallow and generalise..MONEY. Women LOVE status. A homely looking rich movie star will beat out a ridiculously hot bag boy.

1561 days ago


She wasn't "scrinching" her face to try and look sexy. This is a candid photo. They weren't posing for the cameras. He's also making the same face. It's dumb to hate on her and compare her to Megan, megan made rude comments about Michael Bay, why would he want her in his movie? I wouldn't want someone in my movie if they talked to me like that. This is Rosies first movie, and shes brave to come into it knowing people are going to compare her to megan.

1561 days ago


All I care about is the plot of the movie. The story line. DOnt give a damn about who plays the leading lady against Shia. As long as the story is great movie will be a hit no matter what.

1561 days ago


"She'll never be as hot as Megan."

I'd disagree, but beside the point, Megan is a self-centered idiot who deserves to have her movies bomb. That whole jab at negotiating with terrorists to have them kill hillbillies in Middle America while attempting to promote her upcoming movie? Well, Ms. Fox is from Tennessee originally. I'm quite happy to see her alienated audience pays no interest to her vapid mind and loose-canon of a mouth.

If I was a director, I'd cut her, too.

1561 days ago

Throwback kid    

Is Shia going to take any acting lessons for this one? He sucked in the first two and he was also bad in Indiana Jones. He may be the most overated actor of his generation.

1561 days ago

lallaaaaa balls    

i agree kevin. also Shia can act, funny how it's all dudes saying he cant, and all girls saying megan is gross. Well, I am a guy and would like to say, who cares what they look like? Megan can't act, maybe this chic can. Also, Shia is a good little actor, great in eagle eye or w/e and megan is TOO THIN, too manly looking, like she has had botox , reminds me or skeletor a little bit.

1561 days ago


Is it not so that angry testy boys are boys who are not getting any - I thought people in relationships were happy and satisfied. Have you seen Shia happy or even slightly satisfied since he supposedly began dating Carey in august last year. Shia seems even more like a miserable angry bum than ever. Fake Hollywood for publicity romances will do that to you.

1561 days ago


she is confused! u c it?

no then c on

1561 days ago


shia looks like my ex boyfriend so that's why i like him.. besides he knows how to act.. keep seyf always shia.. lov yah..!

1560 days ago


Stop trashing Megan Fox. You don't know her, and you may all think "Oh yeah, it's all that bitch's fault for losing her job on Transformers." In my eyes I don't think it is, she was just speaking truly about how ****ty Michael Bay is at directing. He ****ing casts with his ****. All he cares about is the beauty and not the acting, because he thinks his ****ty little CGI work is gonna cover it all, but it's not. It's sad that you can tell this bitch is going nowhere with her acting and it's pretty sad that you can tell she sucks just by stills. SHE'S A MODEL, NOT AN ACTRESS.

1560 days ago



1557 days ago
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