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Slipknot Bassist -- Autopsy Shows Overdose

6/21/2010 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died of an "accidental overdose of morphine" ... this according to investigators.


The Urbandale Police Department has released the toxicology results and final autopsy report, which shows the 38-year-old rock star had morphine in his system when he was found in his hotel room in Iowa on May 24th.

In the report, the Polk County Medical Examiner's Office also noted the presence of significant heart disease.

As we previously reported, the person who discovered Gray's body told the 911 operator that there were hypodermic needles next to Gray's bed.


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Drugs, drugs and more drugs... Why not have a couple of beers, to unwind.

1582 days ago

Joe Blowe    

**** like this happens when you're into that devil worshipping crap music

1582 days ago


I told my husband about the story, and he said he is not surpirsed that it happened, he said he thought it would have happened a lot sooner. My husband is from Akney IA, and he said they have parties out in the corn fields or at someones home, and that most kids move on after high school, these guys continued to party it up and were into some pretty hard drugs, among other things. My husband says that anyone who has been at the same party as these guys knows that it was only a matter of time, these guys are really crazy. They were like many Iowa kids, trying to make up for the lame corn farm life, only these guys never stopped going to the extreme.

1582 days ago


he was awfully young to have such significant heart disease, that's too bad..

1582 days ago


The heart disease was very likely caused by an infection was shooting up.

1582 days ago


How was it "Accidental" overdose when he was purposely shooting up? Good ridens Loser. If you have to do drugs to feel good then you weren't really Happy to begin with.

1582 days ago


lk let me ask you this? When do the member's have time to throw these random party out in corn fields? I mean with Cory with his hands in many honey pots as well as Joey doing his own band. All of the other members have more then one side project. They don't have time to throw these cornfield highschool-esk parties.

You are obviously not even from Iowa. "lame corn farm life" WTF!? Very few people actually do live on farms here in Iowa. I grew up in Marshalltown and went to school with Mick's sister. That family is so down to earth and not crazy at all.

For you to sit here and Judge all of us in one lump sum of Iowa is BS. You don't even know these people and who they really are. It is such BS.

If you toured and rocked as hard as they do you prob would need some passive painkillers to cope with the stress your body has.

You are truly clueless lady!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Slipknot Family and To Paul's lovely wife and baby on the way.

1582 days ago


And he did not try and hang himself? Okay not a big surprise a rocker dies of drug overdose what is really sad is that he was spending time in Iowa.

1582 days ago

Iowa Girl    

To lk: If your husband really did know any members of Slipknot (and btw it is Ankeny, not Akney), he would know that the majority of them are clean and have been for years. They didn't party back in the day any more than most young people do anywhere in U.S., and the "hard drugs" comment is BS. Paul was a great guy - did he make a mistake? Yes. Did he pay the ultimate price? Yes. To imply that it was only a matter of time before one of the band members died is ignorant and insulting. Perhaps your husband is just looking for some attention by saying he knew the band? Almost everyone in Iowa, especially in the Des Moines area, can claim a connection to this band. It never ceases to amaze me how many "friends" they have, and yet Paul died alone in his hotel room. Grow up and stop trying to grab attention for yourself and your husband. A man made poor choices and died, and left his unborn child to grow up never knowing him. Don't blame that on anyone else.

P.S. I grew up in Iowa, went to Ankeny High School and I have never, ever heard of a party in a cornfield. I think your hubby might have taken his fair share of drugs if he ever thought he was partying in one.

1582 days ago


Stupidity and addiction can be a fatal ****tail!

1582 days ago


Wow. What a shock. Another junkie bites the dust. Boo hoo.

1582 days ago


Funny, I'm from Iowa as well. I don't live in the country and sure as hell have never been to a party in a cornfield, as fun as that may sound. I got this a lot when I moved to Cali, people assumed I was a redneck that lived in the country...people can assume many things when they in fact know nothing.

Yeah he did it to himself and I'm sure anyone who knew him knew it was coming someday. It doesn't make it any less tragic, the fact that he now has a child and a wife he will never see again is pretty huge to me as I know it is to his family and loved ones.

I live in Des Moines where they came from and I will have to think about him dying in that hotel every time I drive by it. Hard to believe how far he went with Slipknot and it all came back to square one in the end....what a way to go. Just because he may have been a junkie doesn't mean he isn't missed.

RIP Paul Gray

1582 days ago


Wow, what a shock!

1582 days ago


I`m starting to not feel sorry for these actors/actresses that are dying of drug overdoses!
They have money, nice homes, nice cars, and still they are not happy and they have to dope themselves up! What Dopes!

1582 days ago


@ Joe Blowe... Typical stereotype... Not everyone that listens to rock music... Or plays in a rock band is a druggie... And SLIPKNOT is NOT devil music! Google devil music... SLIPKNOTS music is awesome!!! I am a huge fan I wouldn't consider myself a maggot or anything... And my 6 year old daughter absolutely loves SLIPKNOT... U should get ur head out of ur A S S and not be so judgmental!

1582 days ago
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