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Jake and Vienna Split

Now They Want Privacy?!

6/22/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shocking news everyone -- Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi from "The Bachelor" have officially broken up ... but the shocking part ... they claim they want "privacy" while they deal with their "heartbreak."

Anyone really buyin' that?!

Just three months after Jake went on a national TV show looking for "love" -- and then exploited said "love" for another gig on a national TV show (Dancing with the Stars) -- the couple has released a statement saying, "Jake and Vienna have split. They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time."

So is it a coincidence the couple called it quits right after their reality show ran its course? 

We gotta ask ...




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1584 days ago


who cares...good grief..please everyone let these nobodies alone..

1584 days ago


Wow...I am so shocked (rolls eyes)

I guess he realized he wasn't into men.

1584 days ago


The guy was an actor with a stage name years ago. Anyone can see their "love" was just for their 15 minutes of fame and how much money they could try to make out of it. Real pilots (and I'm married to one) don't do reality TV, and don't aspire to be the next Heidi and Spencer!

1584 days ago


We think it is funny that Jake - an obvious homosexual - is 'kissing' that elderly fish!

1584 days ago


They are phoney and so is the Bachelor shows. They are mostly staged, and the drama is for ratings. Just like now, perhaps Ali the present one showing on TV is for real but the producers so I hear KNOW Justin is there for publicity he has a girlfriend back home. I HEAR she takes the final 3 and one of them say "I am in love with someone else." it is a rotten thing to do to for the girl who is trying to find love. These people were fake from the beginning. I am sick of watching them.

1584 days ago


Really thats no surprise to me,he picked the wrong girl. Its possible that Ali will not pick anyone of the guys,she might end up back with Jake, Elaine

1584 days ago


Really thats no surprise to me,he picked the wrong girl. Its possible that Ali will not pick anyone of the guys,she might end up back with Jake, Elaine

1584 days ago


This game show is a total joke. You'd think after, oh 10 or 12 seasons the viewers would figure out it's all BS! But no, they keep tuning in to see if some teary eyed 23-year old can find her soul mate! Pathetic!

1584 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

He's GAY. Everyone Knows It.
And if you're stupid enough to have watched "Dancing With the Stars" and not realized it , then you're a complete, clueless moron.

On the "Bachelor" he had producers constantly telling him to " keep it BUTCH" and tirelessly editing out his "Mary Moments", which were frequent BTW.
On "Dancing With The Stars" however, he had no such producers trying to keep his masculine image intact, and was not being intensely edited, due to lack of time as well as lack of concern. Therefore, because Dancing was a live show, you got to see "The Real Jake", and what a sissy he really is.
It's just ridiculous, that so many fat lonely women in middle America could convince themselves that he was straight during the bachelor and even more so during Dancing.
And Vienna was practically an escort for God's sake. She's a tramp and fame whore and "Everyone knows that too".

1584 days ago


AGREE!!!!!!!! he is so fake! and cried like bi*ch on dwts and you could tell even the host 'tb' was like WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!! sissy!
Poor girl,it was probably 'real' for her until he became more of a girl than she did.

1584 days ago


I wondered how long it would take before the hot passionate sex wore off and he realized she was really a man..then again maybe that is what he liked in the first place. The girl is a beast. Anyhow I hear now that Ali doesn't pick ANYONE so maybe it is time to put this stupid show out of its misery and let it die.

1584 days ago


Enough already - who cares about the tramp and the gay guy. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are fixed. Maybe the first season was okay but since then they have added all this drama into the show. This season is the same. The guy getting caught next week with a girlfriend is only the beginning of the drama that will build up for the last few shows. WHAT A JOKE. Guess ABC have a lot of money to throw around.

1584 days ago


I knew it. My "Gaydar" told me that Jake was a pillow biter. Next, I predict that Jake will get it on with butt-pirate Ryan Seacrest.

1584 days ago


Maybe he should go after Kate Gosselin. They both seem to like the limelight.

1584 days ago
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