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Jermaine Jackson's MJ Cemetery Interview

6/22/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson arrived at Forest Lawn Cemetery today with his son Jaafar by his side ... for an interview with Larry King.


Friday marks the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.


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The interview will be shown on Larry King Live on Friday. Guess I will skip that one.

Funny how it seems the only times any of the bros have been to visit Holly Terrace was when there was a TV program involved.

1587 days ago


Personally, I sent the following opinion to Forest Lawn. However, my beliefs, as well as my views, may well be unintended mis-representations of Forest Lawn's desired intent. Again, this is strictly my opinion...

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to offer the following opinion. I am not a huge Michael Jackson fan, rather a Christian business person, who finds your lack of moral character deplorable.

In order to protect the inner sanctity of a mausoleum, Forest Lawn denied fans the opportunity to pay their respects to Michael Jackson. Yet, when Larry King and his $$$ come a-callin', you have opened your doors to his cameras, lights, crew & staff. Really... quite pathetic.

Well.... you've truly shown how deep Forest Lawn's religious beliefs run and that's right to the almighty dollar.

Hopefully, one of the many very wealthy and powerful families, whom have a loved-one interred in said mausoleum, will see fit to raise, in the true sense of the word, holy hell. Profiteering on their loved one's final resting place.... that's a sweet deal huh??? NOT!!!

Surely, with your vast resources, you could have arranged an orderly and dignified viewing of Mr. Jackson's final resting place for his fans on the anniversary of his passing. Just as surely, that viewing wouldn't have shown any less respect for the souls that are interred there, than a Larry King production taking place in it's confines.

With Disgust,

1587 days ago


I'm glad I'm not the only one who cracks up every time I think of his other kid's name, Jermajesty. BAH HAHAHAHA!!! I'm sorry, Michael was very talented (and so is Janet), but that entire family is INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE.

1587 days ago

Mary Ann    

This whole family is trash and should go back to Gary, Ind.
Michael was weird, no one tied him down and forced him to take drugs. He paid for them and took he's dead. So be it.
Get over it people.

1587 days ago


Helloooooooo, June 25th, is also the day Farrah Fawcett passed away. Is anyone having a memorial for her?

1587 days ago


Why is he taking clothes to a cemetary? This man has NO CLASS!! It's true the J brothers started out as the J5, but once MJ broke off from the group they were just known as Michael Jackson's brothers. Michael was always the star of the show with the rest of the brothers being in the background and that's how it will always be. It's a shame the family is still mooching off of Michael. TMZ reported that Jermaine's ex wife and her 4 kids (2 of which are from the brother Randy) are living at Katherine's estate which has been financed through MJ by way of an allowance he gave his mother. And since Jermaine is a loser and doesn't take care of his children, they want to move the ex and her kids to a condo owned by who else: Michael. Pathetic!

We miss you Michael

1587 days ago

Throwback kid    

Unless Jermaine is talking about Michael he has no other way to stay relevant today. He can't talk about his job, he doesn't have one, he can't talk about his music career (it ended decades ago) and he won't discuss why he won't pay his child support. They are all still trying to make a living off their dead brother.

1587 days ago


21. Helloooooooo, June 25th, is also the day Farrah Fawcett passed away. Is anyone having a memorial for her? 5:20 PM on Jun 22, 2010 by DJ

One plus to your post, for whatever lifestyle she led in the end she put her cancer out there to show what it does to the human body and soul. What was named once the most beautiful woman in the world bald and puking on our screens to give us a reality check.

In my grouchy mode tonight I will have to say that heaven forbid any helicopters fly over during the interview or Jerm will claim some violation of his (insert current Jerm project name here)media copyright.

1587 days ago


O.P.M. Update: We went there to have ice creme, water the flowers, and Who shows up?? BRO+.I think we could hear MJ screaming from the grave.HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!!! "HE HURT ME"

1587 days ago


25. O.P.M. Update: We went there to have ice creme, water the flowers, and Who shows up?? BRO+.I think we could hear MJ screaming from the grave.HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!!! "HE HURT ME" Posted at 5:38 PM on Jun 22, 2010 by ICI WATCH Oi, is this train EVER late? hear all you want, type all you want in some elusive code but nothing will be done unless you spell it out for the norms.

1587 days ago


JERMAINE you got what you wanted how did Randy all of a sudden have a heart attack..You are the King of evil while you tell your wife to tie your shoes........DISGUSTING!

1587 days ago


Electiczipper I need you...Jermaine is evil! I know this for sure, I went through it!

1587 days ago


Maybe he'll tell the reporters if he's going to pay his back child support and support his kids like a man is supposed to do!!

1587 days ago

i wish i would    

Uuugh He is soooooooooooooooo disguisting. I can't stand the sight of these leaches. Alejandra wont leave Micheals Estate cause this loser wont pay child support. She has 2 kids by Randy (genievieve, Randy Jr) then 1 by another man that Randy adopted (donte)then two by the Jerminfestor (jaffar, Jermajesty), what a whore. They all or money hungry horrible people. I cant support any thing Micheal because they will profit from it. Now the brothers are starting a charitable foundation to get the 20% Micheal intend for REAL charities to have. Micheal was a part of J5 but that was over 30 years ago. What have these lazy Jacksons done since then but beg Micheal and now steal from their own dead brother through their stupid mother. Pitiful loser.

1587 days ago


This guy is the lowest form of life I have ever seen.

He constantly has used his brother's name to gain fame for himself.

Shoot he doesn't even take care of his kids and from where he and his brother knocked up the same woman.

You can tell who takes after who in this family...Joe, Jermaine and La Toya better enjoy their last days riding the gravy train

1587 days ago
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