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Tiger Banner Pilot:

I Was Grounded

by the FBI

6/23/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pilot who flew the "Tiger: Are You My Daddy?" banner over the US Open golf tournament last weekend was supposed to make a second run -- but dude claims the FBI shut down the flight. 

TMZ obtained the post-flight report filed with the sky banner company, in which the pilot states that while en route to fly sign #2 -- which read, "Happy Father's Day Tiger LOL" -- he was contacted by a tower controller with a message from the FBI.

According to the pilot, the FBI had "strongly urged" him to "depart the area" over the golf course as soon as possible ... and, of course, the pilot obliged.

We spoke to the owner of the company hired to fly the planes – who told us he is looking into the incident and has no idea why the FBI would intervene on such a matter.  We also spoke to the FAA – who tells us the FBI would only intervene if “criminal activity” was suspected. 

As for the FBI, we called them for comment as well -- but we're still waiting to hear back. Apparently they have bigger things to worry about.

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what BS, we still have freedom of speech; maybe not since OBBBBMMAAA
has taken office?

1551 days ago


"still waiting to here back" ????????????????

I think someone needs to go to summer school.

1551 days ago


GOOD! What a shameful waste of money. Why don't you losers find a charity to donate that to instead of rehashing everything that has ALREADY been in every tabloid. I mean, move on. Did you have a stake in his marriage or something? No? Then shut the ef up.

1551 days ago


Arrogant, Abusive, Angry Anthony, the hater of white people and probably everyone who is not of his race, is back. The way he becomes so upset about Tiger being criticized makes one think he's queer for Tiger.

It's so fun to see an egotistical, conceited, arrogant, immature, narcissist like Tiger crumble. No one deserves it more than him. Now he's blaming his caddy for his failure to win 1st place at Pebble Beach last weekend. What a freakin' loser! Such a pathetic whiner crybaby Tiger Woods is!

1551 days ago


I have to agree with Wow at 2:30 am. People are taking this as a serious hit to them, it's laughable!!!

1551 days ago


guess the fbi got nothing else to do thats why they stopped the pilot just for the hell of it or maybe tiger paid them???

1551 days ago


9. Danger Baby: Are you effing serious? Yeah. TW's people were behind this assine stunt LMAO.

You stupidity is epic!!! This was a self-righteous, small minded white idiot trying to find some solace for their small life.

Posted at 4:14 AM on Jun 23, 2010 by Anthony

What the fu*k are you talking about? Clearly you don’t read other people’s comments correctly! Danger Baby said that she thought & I agree as well, that it is entirely possible that Tiger’s idiot people called the FAA to ground the plane. No one has stated that Tiger’s idiots were behind the stunt, but the complete OPPOSITE.
What is “ASSINE”? Insane?

Before you call someone stupid, perhaps you should take a long look in the mirror. It seems to me that you have some sort of NAPOLEON COMPLEX. You must be a small man who feels the only way others will listen to you is if you over compensate for your size by acting like an ******* TYRANT!
Do you even know who the pilot was? I don’t think so. Who cares what race or ethic background the pilot was. That doesn’t make a bit of difference.
Where do you get your information from? Self-righteous? Small minded? White idiot? Small life?

It seems to me that you are describing yourself.

Since when does flying a plane with a funny clever banner equal self-righteousness? Who ever was piloting the plane is not small minded, they were thinking big.

I don’t think someone who is a licensed pilot with access to a plane is “trying to find solace for their small life”. Do I really have to explain why? It seems to me that someone who has a pilot’s license & access to a plane would live a pretty BIG LIFE. YOU DUMB TIT!
Although Tiger Woods is old news, this was extremely funny. How can you not see the humor in what was done? You are entirely too serious. I fell extremely sorry for anyone who has to listen to your ranting in person.

If Elin Woods had been the one screwing skanky men & porno men across the globe & in the bed that she shared with her husband without protection, I’m confidant that you would be singing a different tune.

This man whore has built his career not just on his golf expertise, but also on his image. He deserves every piece of humiliation, to remind himself of what a s*** bag he is & that the entire world knows it too.
You need therapy! Then you can pay someone to listen to you crap. DON’T FORGET YOUR BOOSTER SEAT!

1551 days ago


49. GOOD! What a shameful waste of money. Why don't you losers find a charity to donate that to instead of rehashing everything that has ALREADY been in every tabloid. I mean, move on. Did you have a stake in his marriage or something? No? Then shut the ef up.

Posted at 9:03 AM on Jun 23, 2010 by c


I obviously do not have a stake in his marriage, but I do have a stake in "something". I own stock in 2 companies that have sponsored Tiger Woods.
So you have become the authority regarding the 1st amendment? You are a joke!
Why should anyone donate money to charity instead of speaking their minds? Maybe most people don't have the money to donate to charities & maybe plenty of us have the money and we do donate to charities.
To make a blanket comment like yours is pure stupidity!

YOU SHUT UP! Where is your donation?

1551 days ago


37. I hope they arrest whoever hired the pilot for harrassment

Posted at 7:03 AM on Jun 23, 2010 by jeff


Harassment, please. Haven't you heard of freedom of speech?

What law(s) were broken? Um, none. Well except calling the FAA impersonating someone from the FBI. That one is federal offense.

There should be an investigation into what so called FBI agent called the FAA.

1551 days ago


27. Flower: a stupid moniker, probably used by a white girl who thinks she is being clever.

Let me explain to you the difference between racism and bigotry. You seem to confuse the two. Racism , as defined by Websters, is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and characteristics and racial differences produce an inherant superiority of a particular race. You see racism is a tool used a numerically dominant racial group to impose their set of racial beliefs. Bigotry is defined as the state of mind of a bigot, one who is intolerantly and stubbornly devoted to his own opinions and prejudices. Get the differnce, you POS model of reading comprehension? Racism is a tool used a numerically dominat racial group to impose their racial beliefs. Now in the history of this great land of ours, who has had this power? Hint, it aint the blacks, latins or asians. It has been WHITES.

Get it. *******? LMAO

I so enjoyed our little talk. But then again as a" minority" , you would have known this difference, right? !! LOL

Posted at 6:45 AM on Jun 23, 2010 by Anthony


Did you just barf up these definitions from the internet. WHAT A LOSER!
Since when is being Latino a race? It's a ethic background.
The only time you have appeared to have a brain is when you are quoting the dictionary!

Most of these comments are directed at you & your stupidity. I can't imagine why. Anyone can barf up facts from the internet sounding kind of intelligent, but when you are forced to use your own mind you really sound like an idiot.
I've read your "comments" if that's what you what to call them & you truly sound like an uneducated inbred racist & bigot.

No one wants to read your angry little man comments Napoleon!

1551 days ago

dirty diana    

yo toni get lost whoever is behind this is my hero and I hope they keep it up. he deserves every bit he gets, remember he got away with domestic violence and driving under the infuence of his sleep aid and possibly more, because he has money and obviously that flys in Florida, he is a piece of **** and so are you. google THAT!!

1551 days ago


Tiger, GET RESTRAINING ORDERS AGAINST ALL THE WOMEN INCLUDING GLORIA ALRED all these attacks on you from them are nothing more than extortion plots for money meanwhile the safety of you and your family are in danger from these money hungry women.

1550 days ago


Instead of banners, next time it should be a "squadron" of planes, dropping actual "live" bombs on this idiot ! ... yes, there'd be some collateral damage to the galleries, etc ... but it sure would be fun to see ! By the way, what's happening to Tiger's head ? More and more, it's taking on the shape of a bicycle helmet ? Has anyone else noticed that ? Perhaps one of the "Lovers" would be so kind, as to provide us with some elucidation ?

1548 days ago


Come on She got 10 million to keep her mouth shut about all of Tigers activity with drugs, thresomes & the use of Poly Max Extremes on the golf course, the truth is haunting Tiger every day.

1536 days ago
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