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Octomom Launches Projectile Babies

6/23/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom laid waste to an unsuspecting victim with human baby rockets -- that's correct, Nadya Suleman actually launched flying newborns ... from between her legs ... at some guy's face.

Okay, so the babies weren't real.  It's for an MTV game show called "Silent Library."

The episode airs July 6th on MTV -- please don't try this at home.


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She needs to get a real job and stop all this crap that she keeps doing. She has 14 kids to raise. If this is what they see as a role model then we have 14 more welfare & section 8 candidates. the state needs to look into how these kids are being raise. After all do the taxpayers of Los Angeles not support them.

1553 days ago


To number 36 by Dee, you are the most retarded person in the world for posting lonnnnnnnnng comments! Nobody on earth is gonna read that long and you need to learn to spell, make a good grammars and good sentences next time stupid fool! So, you fail :)

1553 days ago


To number 84, Matt- I just had to point out that #36 did not misspell anything and you used bad grammar in your comment. People who live in glass houses, my dear!

1553 days ago


She's finally jumped the shark... get out of the public eye before you degrade yourself... oh wait... too late

1553 days ago


this is SICK but u could expect no less of Octo Mom

1553 days ago


MTV aligning itself with Octomum, typical, they'll film any old crap and expect us to watch it!! DCFS should have taken all 14 kids into care when the octuplets were born because growing up with a mother (technically, she gave birth!) like this is only going to screw up their heads!! Hey, Pampers or Huggies would probably have paid the government for the octuplets upkeep for pics lol - better than this fame ho getting it

1553 days ago


Absolutely disgusting. Anything for fame.

1553 days ago


poster 11 are you ****ing stupid? She does not take care of her kids a bunch of nannies hired by Dr.phil do. The only time she actually is taking care of all those kids is when there is an opportunity.

She is clearly mentally unstable, her own parents even said this. She had these children for two reasons and that is to try and be famous and to be like Angelina Jolie because she has something mentally wrong with her and thinks she is Angelina Jolie, she even had surgery done on her face to try and look like her.

She has lost one of her children and had her entire neighborhood on lockdown and cops all over and then one of her kids swallowed poison and was rushed to the hospital. She had these kids to use as a way to get fame and of course the sick morons in this world are giving it to her. America is so freaking corrupt , she should have never been allowed to take those children home and you would think with everything that has happened child services would be involved but no, hell a nanny dropped britney spears baby and the next day here comes child services yet this woman can have 8 babies and no money , have a child get into poison and one go missing and that is just fine and dandy .

Her and the Gosselins are pathetic and are not parents, I do not call seeing your kids as a meal ticket and only spending time with them for an opportunity a parent

1553 days ago


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1553 days ago


Is she planning on reimbursing the state of California (specifically Medi-Cal) for the bill she and her "litter" ran up at the Kaiser hospital?? Or for that matter, she should be required to pay back every cent she collected from every hand-out program she got from the county, state & federal agencies. It was made available to her when she "needed" it , time to pay it all back. Whatever she has left after she pimps the kids, should be monitored & spent caring for her brood.

1553 days ago


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1553 days ago


Just go away already. Please quit giving her attention god.

1553 days ago


Looks like she is going out in the exact same why she came in.

I've been doing a bit of research on mssarcia -- which is Nadya Suleman's id on youtube & roll. Here she is kimba10 ---but on this post here today she is April on 1st page.. It's certainly not hard to spot her posts . They have read the same over and over for 2 1/2 years. Mixed into whatever lie she is trying out this time.

You can google mssarcia and easily see how she spends quite a bit of her days. Usually morning and lunchtime instead of feeding 14 kids.
I've come to the conclusion that she likely slams down her daily dosage of uppers and toasts & posts. I really doubt she spends any time at all with the babies.

And the big news here is that this how she got herself into this is the first place. For 2 1/2 years she has had so little to do that almost every day she rags on all over the Internet about the gosselin/duggars. Usually whining about how they don't deserve all that money. And how NS deserves a reality show. Like it's some kind of entitlement that is rightfully hers.
Reading her is inevitably depressing . She is so sleazy & so empty, almost like reading the consciousness of some crazed rodent. And realizing that this is what t14 kids will have to face for 198 years. It is one thing to look like a skanke. It's another to see inside the vacant head of such a dreary one.

At some point she must have gotten a Bright Idea as to how she could dip into the Multiples Jackpot. Except that it was a total fail.
So now Nadya Suleman gets to see why you never get into what you can't get out of. She's right back to where she started. Not just on Silent Library. But on-line too. mssarcia/nadya is posting the same word for word crap she did 2 1/2 years ago. But now with an added 14 Babies & 0 $.

Youtube is interesting because it shows that she has had computer skills for quite a while and she has to spend lengthy time putting together weird Michael Jackson tributes. She has had the floor plan to his mausoleum up on her frontpage since he got there.
You need to read her recent Internet Jackson posts mostly because they are just hysterically funny. She keeps referring to him as her lost true love and, with 14 kids locked out her door she is busy reminiscing about how he used to carry around Bubbles.

Be careful. She goes onto a lot of small weird sites that set off all my security stuff. But my very favorite has to be on some doll site where she is going into great detail critiquing baby dolls that move as being very lifelike and compelling. Don't you just love the idea of her locking herself away from 14 kids to chew her cud at sites that display baby dolls?

Anyway she is finally done,done,done. As far as making any money is concerned. No one will pay her a dime for the rest of her Internet future. Blogging her own fanmail every day and all the news that will detail how she keeps circling farther and farther down the drain.
My bet is she'll be at porn conventions within a year. And a fixture at them for a couple of years until her dowager's hump really starts to show. But her body is really way too screwed up to make it cost effective to film her. Even with all kinds of computer retouching. Maybe she'll start her owon fetish site. Can't wait to see her wish list.

1553 days ago


Freakin' gross!!

1553 days ago


How disgusting can a person get.

1553 days ago
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