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JWoww & Vinny Visit The Situation's Wife We Got Your Back!!!

4/15/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's pals from "Jersey Shore" are supporting him on the outside, paying a visit to his wife while he's locked up. 

JWoww and Vinny Guadagnino showed up this week to Mike's apartment in Long Branch, NJ ... checking in on his wife, Lauren Sorrentino, while Sitch is busy serving out his 8-month sentence in federal prison. 

We got video of JWoww and Vin dropping by the complex, giving each other a big hug and a kiss hello before going inside to visit Mike's bride. We're told the cast members were there to shoot scenes for the 3rd season of MTV's "Jersey Shore Family Vacation."

The last time we saw JWoww and Vin at Mike's place was back in October when the whole "Jersey Shore" cast was there for a family visit with The Situation, who had just been sentenced to hard time in his tax evasion case. 

Mike's not getting out until September ... so it's nice to see his friends are making sure everything's good at home. 

Nick Cannon Wanna Wild Out With Me?!? Show Me Whatcha Got

4/3/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Nick Cannon is looking for the next castmate to join his 'Wild 'N Out' crew, and that special someone could be you ... if ya got what it takes!!! 

Honchos at MTV tell TMZ ... Nick's ready to start touring the country searching for the show's next star, and he's looking for funny people who can freestyle rap, rhyme, crack jokes and light up the room. 

Sound like you??? Well, all ya gotta do is send Nick a video, photo and a reason why you'll be perfect for season 14. The submission deadline is April 17, and you must be at least 18 years old to apply. 

MTV tells us casting producers will be inviting select candidates to audition in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta in front of Nick. 

Good luck!!! 

Vinny & Pauly D Ripped & Ready to Rumble On The Beach in Mexico

3/21/2019 4:45 PM PDT

"Jersey Shore" stars Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino just got some serious G & T in on the beach ... soaking up the sun and looking ripped in the process.

The two reality star BFFs are in Cancun, Mexico working on their tans for their upcoming dating show. Pauly and Vinny first took a stroll through the sand before tearing up some serious waves on a jet ski ... all while showing off their tatted torsos. 

As for their new show -- it's called "Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny" -- and it recently got the green light from MTV. The show will feature 20 women looking to find love with the reality show bachelors. 

Both men have been super busy lately -- having booked shows around the world -- and Vinny continues to be a major part of the 'Jersey Shore' franchise. 

Their trip to Mexico was a little bit of business mixed in with the bro time and surf -- they are shooting MTV's "Spring Break" which will air next week. Whatever the reason, each guy certainly looks ready to play the field, sandy or otherwise.

Puck on MTV's 'Real World: San Francisco' 'Memba Him?!

2/21/2019 12:01 AM PST

David "Puck" Rainey gained famed (and infamy) after he stirred up drama with his HIV-positive roommate, Pedro Zamora, and was ultimately evicted from the house on MTV's 3rd season of the hit reality show, 'Real World: San Francisco.' Guess what he looks like now!

'Beach Club' Star Sarah Tariq Lohan's Not the Next Vanderpump ... She's Much Meaner!!!

1/10/2019 12:20 AM PST

Lindsay Lohan's the #1 boss bitch at her Mykonos beach club, but unlike Lisa Vanderpump -- she doesn't even try to be nice about it ... so says one of the stars of Lindsay's new MTV show.

We got "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" cast member Sara Tariq at LAX Wednesday, and asked her what it's like to work for LL. Sara, who's a VIP host at the club, didn't hesitate to call LiLo a hardass.

She did add that Linds is very personable with the staff during off-hours, but when it's business time ... she doesn't mess around. 

As for whether Lohan can mimic the matriarch of "Vanderpump Rules," Tariq has doubts because Lindsay rules with more of an iron fist than Lisa.

"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on MTV.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Smashed Jen Harley's Ring Cam!!! She Claims He Did NYE Damage Too

1/4/2019 1:00 AM PST

Jen Harley's convinced Ronnie Ortiz-Magro ransacked her home this week because there's video proof he destroyed her security camera a month ago during another violent incident no one knew about.

TMZ obtained this Dec. 4 Ring security footage showing Ronnie hauling back and smashing the camera at the front door of Jen's Las Vegas home. Law enforcement sources tell us the "Jersey Shore" star showed up around 10 PM that night and also threw an object through a window when she refused to let him inside. We're told she filed a police report, and Ron is a suspect for destruction of property.

The incident is highly relevant, considering Jen says someone broke into her house and trashed it on New Year's Eve after she and Ron got into a fight at a Vegas nightclub. Sources connected to Jen tell us these pics show the utter destruction that was left behind.

As you can see, someone went to town. The entire place looks like a complete mess ... there's a huge hole in a wall, shattered glass everywhere, toppled furniture, destroyed artwork, overturned tables, broken kitchenware, and a smashed flat-screen TV.  

As we reported, Jen's blaming her baby daddy and he has been named a person of interest.

We also broke the story that Ronnie went to cops too ... claiming Jen hurled an ashtray at his head during their NYE nightclub clash. 

Despite the Dec. 4 and NYE incidents ... Ronnie and Jen smiled and posed together for a family Christmas photo.

Still, there's no denying the extensive history of violence between these 2 keeps growing ... and it's kinda scary.

MTV Reboots 'True Life' Takes Kardashian Obsession to the Extreme!!!

1/2/2019 12:40 AM PST

There's nothing true about the life these Kardashian wannabes are living with fake butts and lip injections ... but that's exactly what MTV's tackling when it reboots "True Life."

The new franchise -- dubbed "True Life/Now" -- will tackle obsessions in several directions ... starting with "Obsessed with Being a Kardashian." TMZ's obtained a preview of the first episode ... which follows 3 subjects on their quest to look like a famous K.

Check out the clip ... there's truly no such thing as pushing the limit. Future episodes will tackle obsessions with the perfect booty, looking like a Snapchat filter and avenging revenge porn. Wild stuff.

"True Life" was a huge hit for MTV after it premiered in March 1998 ... winning an Emmy in 2009. Though it was never officially canceled, no new episodes have aired since June 2017. 

"True Life/Now" premieres Wednesday at 10 PM on MTV.

JWoww & Roger She Gets Him Booted from Their House ... Both Recorded the Incident!!!

12/14/2018 10:09 AM PST
Exclusive Details

10:09 AM PT -- Roger tells us he did record Jenni on his phone, but only because his attorney advised him to do so. He also says he's trying to level the playing field with her -- because he says she has 5 Nest cameras around their home recording at all times, but she's the only one who has access to the footage. 

He claims Jenni throws that fact in his face, threatening to edit the footage and using it to disparage him. 

8:35 AM PT -- Snooki posted surveillance video recorded in JWoww and Roger's home, showing JWoww speaking to police. The audio is low, but from what we can make out ... Jenni is making the point to officers that she wants Roger to be able to see their kids.

She flat-out says, "He should be allowed to see them ... He's not a bad dad."

The officer tells Jenni she's going to have to make that distinction -- keeping Roger away from her, but not the kids -- to a judge when she gets a court hearing in 3-7 days.

In her IG post, Snooki claims Roger was taunting Jenni by recording her on his phone "trying to get a rise out of her to use it for court."

JWoww's estranged husband is out on his ass after cops hauled him out of their home early Friday morning ... for absolutely no reason, he claims, other than Jenni blowing things out of proportion.

Roger Mathews says the 'Jersey Shore' star got a restraining order against him late Thursday night after they had what he calls a "disagreement." Roger got his side of the story out quickly by recording a video -- from the back of the police car -- describing the night's events.

Roger claims JWoww got "completely, uncontrollably emotional like she always does" and threatened to call cops -- but he went to police first to file a report, preemptively informing them about their argument. 

He says he went home, went to sleep and was awakened by cops at 2:30 AM ... telling him he had to get out of the house due to the restraining order. Roger wasn't arrested, cops just drove him to a friend's home. 

Roger continued pouring out his emotions from the friend's couch, and ripped into Jenni for not being able to see their 2 kids. He claims she exposed them to their fight, saying things like ... "Your father's a piece of s**t, he's out of here. I'm sorry I ever had children with him."

He maintains he did nothing wrong, and Jenni was so out of control he feared she would beat herself up and accuse him of abuse.

Remember, JWoww filed for divorce back in September ... but Roger said he wasn't giving up, and wanted to save the marriage. That seems like a tall order now.

Originally Published 7:10 AM PT

Farrah Abraham to Bristol Palin You're Jealous of Me And You're a Wimp So Leave 'Teen Mom'!!!

12/13/2018 11:06 AM PST

Farrah Abraham has sage advice for Bristol Palin -- leave "Teen Mom" if she can't handle how she's being portrayed ... as a Farrah wannabe.

We got Farrah out Thursday at LAX and she bristled at Bristol's verbal attack this week, when she blasted MTV ... "All they want with my little segment each week is some fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS."

Bristol griped that the program fails to showcase her work ethic -- a single mother who juggles parenting 3 kids all by her lonesome.

Farrah -- who was initially shocked when MTV picked Bristol -- says it all boils down to 2 things ... she's not cut out for reality TV.  

Oh, thing 2 is jealousy. 

Ex-MTV VJ Matt Pinfield I'm Grateful to be Alive Today!!!

12/7/2018 3:30 PM PST

Matt Pinfield has one helluva spirit -- 4 days after he was struck by a car, he's telling the horrific story from his hospital bed ... and it's pretty freakin' inspiring.

The former MTV VJ -- and current host of the radio show 'Flashback' -- joined us Friday on "TMZ Live" from L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai hospital ... where he had multiple surgeries this week, healing from 2 broken bones, facial lacerations and a gruesome head injury.

Matt said one second he was crossing a street to his apartment, and the next he was smashed straight-up into the air by a speeding car. He says when he landed he looked down at his leg ... which was suddenly pretzel-shaped.

The good news, as Matt put it, he's "blessed to be alive." Since the accident ... he says he's experienced an incredible outpouring of love and support -- and it's clear his old MTV fans are still down with him.

Get well soon, Matt!!

Ex-MTV Host Matt Pinfield Lucky to Be Alive After Getting Hit by Car

12/5/2018 1:59 PM PST

1:59 PM PT -- Matt's gonna be okay!! His friend just posted this and you can see the severity of his head and leg injuries. But, he's eating and smiling. Get well soon!!

View this post on Instagram

Guys! Matt's eating a muffin! He's gonna be ok. #muffinpower #mattpinfield #getbetterbuddy #humourhelps

A post shared by Mike Jakubow (@mikejakubow) on

Former MTV host Matt Pinfield is recovering in a hospital after getting hit by a car that resulted in major injuries ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for Pinfield tells TMZ ... the MTV legend was hit by a speeding car Monday night in L.A. Matt was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a leg broken in two places and lacerations to his head that required stitches. He underwent surgery and is now in stable condition.

We're told Matt's awake and in great spirits. He'll soon begin physical therapy. As for the driver that hit him ... we're told it was NOT a hit-and-run situation. 

For those who didn't grow up in the '90s ... Matt was practically the face of MTV in its heyday. He hosted a bunch of shows and dropped serious music knowledge on 'TRL.' That knowledge ultimately led to his own TV show and becoming a vice president of A&R and Artist Development for Columbia Records.

He was a DJ for a decade at WHTG before moving over to MTV.

Originally Published -- 8:44 AM PST

MTV's 'Catfish' Swaggy P, Slick Woods Slated to Guest Co-Host!!!

11/27/2018 10:38 AM PST

Nev Schulman went fishing for a new "Catfish" co-host and turned up with a handful of celebs to help him ... including NBA star Nick Young.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ ... Swaggy P will be 1 of 8 guest co-hosts when the new season debuts Wednesday night. The other guests include model Slick Woods; Jane Carrey, Jim's daughter; Tallulah Willis, singer Elle King and former NFL star Rashad Jennings

TMZ broke the story ... Nev's been searching for a new co-host since Max Joseph bounced earlier this year after 7 years on the job. 

That set things in motion for MTV to begin its search. Nev himself had a list in mind and really swung for the fences ... 'cause he was down to bring Cardi B on board. No dice there, but he still got some entertaining guests.

Nick's no stranger to the spotlight. He once made out with a puppet and went on a bro date with Draymond Green but also nearly blew his hand off in this crazy 4th of July video

Swaggy P's gonna have tough competition ... he's not the only guest co-host who knows how to grab headlines. Remember, Slick recently went into labor right after walking the runway at NYFW.

Farrah Abraham Would Get Her Ass Beat by Kailyn!!! 'Teen Mom OG' Star Says

11/18/2018 12:20 AM PST

If Farrah Abraham gets in a boxing ring with Kailyn Lowry she's gonna get DESTROYED ... at least that's what one "Teen Mom OG" star is predicting.

We got Cory Wharton -- he's Cheyenne Floyd's baby daddy -- at LAX Friday and had to ask him about the potential celebrity boxing match between the 'Teen Mom' stars. TMZ broke the story ... Damon Feldman's willing to forgive Farrah for backing out of her first fight IF she gets in the ring with Kailyn.

Cory's prediction might be a surprise to everyone but him ... dude says he used to train her and she's got fast hands. And, get this ... he says he's willing to be part of the undercard and he's already got an opponent in mind.

Hint: it's a 'Teen Mom' star too!!! 

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