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Joe Jackson's Wrongful Death Lawsuit

6/25/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The wrongful death lawsuit has been stamped by the federal clerk.

TMZ has obtained Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray that Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, will file today -- Joe asks for unspecified damages in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.  And, the lawsuit lists Katherine Jackson and Michael's three kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.


The lawsuit does not name AEG, though Oxman has alleged the company that produced "This Is It" was at least partly responsible for Jackson's death.   

Oxman does not explain what he means when he lists Katherine and MJ's kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.  He clearly does not have authority to sue on behalf of the children.

According to the suit, "Mr. Jackson believes there are other parties responsible for Michael Jackson's death but has not yet gathered sufficient information regarding their potential liability or responsibility."  The suit says the complaint will be amended when sufficient info is gathered.

TMZ obtained a copy of the complaint, which will be filed in federal court this morning. In the complaint, Joe alleges Dr. Murray withheld vital information from the doctors and EMTs who were trying to save Jackson's life -- information that he had administered Propofol.

The complaint -- much like the intent to sue document TMZ first broke -- states that Murray tried to "clean-up the scene" before EMTs arrived.

Something new ... Murray told cops he was monitoring Michael when he gave him Propofol with a pulse oximeter, which measures the level of oxygen in a patient's blood.  But according to the suit, when police searched the scene, they found the oximeter "in the closet in the next room."

The complaint alleges Dr. Murray felt he could change his story -- from Jackson had no drug problem, to Jackson was addicted to Propofol -- because he kept no medical records, as required by California law.

The complaint alleges Joe Jackson has suffered more than $75,000 in damages, the minimum amount required to get jurisdiction in federal court.  The case was filed in federal -- not California court -- because Dr. Murray's residence is outside the state.

The suit claims Dr. Murray administered a "polypharmacy" of drugs to Jackson for months before his death.

Interestingly, Oxman does not allege in the lawsuit -- like he did in the notice to sue -- that Dr. Murray was at a strip club, drinking, hours before Jackson died.

The complaint says Jackson had a week pulse while he was being worked on at UCLA.  The strong intimation -- had Dr. Murray told UCLA doctors that Propofol was a factor, they could have taken steps to save Jackson's life.

And something else that's interesting.  It was widely reported that Joe Jackson introduced Michael to Dr. Murray in Las Vegas, after Jackson needed a doctor for his children in 2006.  But in the lawsuit, it says, "Defendants Murray, Acres Home (Murray's clinic in Houston) and Global (Murray's clinic in Nevada) solicited Michael Jackson to take care of his individual health needs."

And this sidenote -- When Jackson was taken to the UCLA Medical Center on June 25, he was admitted under the alias, Soule Shaun


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204. Transcripts CNN
Posted at 5:44 PM on Jun 26, 2010 by mymjj5
Most of us know how to access LKL/CNN transcripts (without having it printed out for us..LOL) and have read this transcript a zillion times...and/or watched it live.
It's 6 months old for Christs sake...did you have something new to add to it? Or just needed to post something for obsessive fanatics posting sake?

1516 days ago


If he can't legally claim on the kids behalf and Katherine has told him (according to your story) she wants nothing to do with it, dear old Joe's just going to refile using the one person's name he really means to benefit JOE!! For all those saying woderful go get em Joe, just remember this skunk wil use anyone for money and since MJ was adamant he didn't get any of his this is just JOE's way of getting money lol!! He may have been the sperm donor for MJ but he was anything but a father to him, abusing him all of his life - remember that when you're so happy for Joe to profit in anyway hm?!
Still perhaps if they keep it in court long enough Joe will die!

1516 days ago


Should exec. of the Estate raise their pay before the Estates debt is paid off? I think it is interesting they have done this while sales are at the highest. makes you go hmm. And they don't need judge approval to do it. Michael was a Jackson - he has blood relatives Alive. No one from his family is making decisions for this Estate. This is wrong on so many levels.

1516 days ago


"It was widely reported that Joe Jackson introduced Michael to Dr. Murray in Las Vegas, after Jackson needed a doctor for his children in 2006."

His children needed a cardiologist. Right.

1516 days ago


State of Emergency - 3.1......
Okay so the glow of media focus and reverance of Michael is wearing off....unfortunately. But at least there were some stories that dealt with the Murder conspiracies--I was shocked to see how many shows covered that, even Harvey got in on the act! Things aren't looking too good for ol' Conrad Murder.
The fact that they even asked the questions;
Where were you when Michael Jackson died?
Why is it taking so long to find out how he really died?
renewed my hope that even if we don't get justice, we'll at least expose the murderers at AEG, Colony Capital, Sony, the Estate, and of course Murray.
And then there was CNN with Larry King and Jermy at FOREST LAWN of all places!! I think that was beyond tacky--did you see how Larry kept trying to get the cameraman to put his lens to the mausoleum window--thank God he had sense enough not to!
Then Jermy still can't get off his Neverland kick. He needs to give it up. Michael stated himself, "I will go back to visit Neverland, but I will never live there again. It used to be a home, but now it's only a house."
This statement is why Katherine is determined not to let Jermy get his wish--thank God, again!
I saw the 20/20 show and was pleasantly surprised at how they attempted to put every facet of his life together: Career, romance, legal issues, children, murder, investigation, and legacy.
I loved the Thriller segment when they talked to the Landises and Ola Ray. Can't believe she's still torching for Michael--actually, yes I can!! You could tell on the video that she was really into him--she wasn't a good actress anyway, but she had the looks which is all they cared about.
My mouth dropped whenever that writer for Vanity Fair said he had gotten to 3rd base with her. On another interview she said he told her he was dating Brooke Shields at the time, but I think he knew Brooke wasn't as into him as he was into her, she just knew how lucky she was for Michael to be after her. As for Ola, I think he liked her, but she was maybe too aggressive for him. Michael knew what he was doing, as she said, but he also knew the difference of a girl to play with and a girl to be serious with.
The show had some very hard moments, too whenever they talked about his death, I felt like I was reliving it....horrible and sad....and they had Frank DiLeo AND Randy Phillips of AEG on it speaking about Michael which is hard for me when I think they both played a role in his death.
Guess it could've been worst. They could've done what the E channel did and had Diane "Demon" speaking for most of the show until Schmuley shut her down at the end. I think that was the height of stupidity for E to have her on a show about Michael after how she treated him during and after the 2005 trials...and then they kept hawking that trashy book of hers--that thing barely sold any copies, I bet. I plan to write E channel and tell them what I think of their dumb show...they even had Halperin of all people on it...UGH!!!!
Anyway, thank God for 20/20. Although they had that Karen Faye on there--not sure what it is but she bugs me. And she wouldn't shut up to let his costume designers speak. I know what she meant by saying he looked thin and not ready to Tour, but I disagree and think he could've done it, he just needed a REAL doctor to take care of his illnesses and get him healthy before the Concerts began.
However, I'm happy they pointed out how he looked and said that they tried to tell Randy Phillips and Ortega that Michael needed to gain weight and needed rest, but he claimed they would work it out. The costumer said Michael reminded him that he promised not to tell anyone that he was so skinny.
I already realized all of this once I woke up and really began looking at this case. The way TII was edited was the first flag. I'm surprised they didn't blow the whistle on how some of the clips were actually body doubles...
Did anybody see how Harvey got in on the action regarding the Investigation? He mainly spoke about Murray and the fact that his story didn't add up and how surprised he was to find that Murray actually had patients who loved about drug addicts....people who live in his area has stated his clinic is known to be a "pill mill". WHere you can drop on to get the, ah...meds you need at a price. I think the Pushers better unionize over this one....
I haven't watched Dateline yet, but I plan to and also the BET Music Awards is doing a Tribute so I'll watch that,too.
-#167: Hey Danger baby! Thanks so much for the kind words, but it's all generated from the feeling I get from Michael--it's hard to speak of him and not feel that way. It was so funny yesterday when me and my sisters were watching some of the shows about him...they'd show a clip and we'd all just go, "Ohhh Michael..."--if anyone else was there, they'd have us committed, unless they felt the genius, magic and love we feel whenever we see, hear or think of him..
Yes, I did watch the 20/20 show and had my issues with Karen Faye--just not crazy about her for some reason...she comes across fake to me. But I LOVED those clips of Michael they showed. The beauty of them is because there was no facade and no smiling for the fans, he looked relaxed and comfortable....and BEAUTIFUL!!!
As for Murray and the Propofol, it was first reported that he had been working for Michael for 6 wks, then it was corrected to 2 wks. Thing is, I think he was originally recommended to help the kids get over colds 6 wks before Michael passed, but he was only working on Michael for 2 weeks. It also came out that Murray didn't always stay overnight, he stayed that night because Michael called him and said he was ill. I think this is what makes June 25 different from all the other times he may have treated Michael. I think Michael was having difficulties due to dehydration and Murray was supposed to be helping him with that, but then, Michael went into a coma, and after calling Randy Phillips and 2 others, he was advised to end his life. IMO, that's where the stacking and extreme levels of Propofol come in. They decided that it would be more worth their while to end his life...
Regarding back up, as I stated, I think Murray was HIRED 6 wks prior to June 25, but only started actually working exclusively for Michael 2 wks before that date. There was one report that stated Murray was still working with patients in TX as late as the 2nd wk in June, but I will find that for you and post it.

1516 days ago


State of Emergency - 3.2............
-#172: Hey Grump! Yeah, Murray needs to go down regardless, but hopefully he'll squawk on his way down--that's if the LADA even want to do their jobs properly...I doubt it. One thing that will help is how all of the news shows talked about the fact that there's still no clear story on how he died and Murray still roams free, practicing medicine on anyone crazy enough to let him...
-#173: I'm with you on that SarahJane. I refused to watch that trash Halperin was serving up, knowing it would be as you said it was, but they had the nerve to have Halperin and "Demon" on E channels coverage of Michael's investigation--which is the only reason I watched is because they said it was about the case. Anyway, I ended up hating it because those 2 idiots were on there, and they had Oxman harping on the drug issues, too--DISGUSTING!!
I'm still not down with ABC because they have Bashir on their team, but I have to say their program was very thorough as I stated above.
-BTW: regarding that post about Halperin's low grade tripe, consider the source. The only people who would enjoy that sort of crap are NO fans of Michael's. Be advised and DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS!!
-#183: Roe50, sorry, but I can no longer support anyone or anything that helps the people who MURDERED Michael. From what I understand, the Estate is doing well. I know they have that note on Neverland coming up, but maybe the Executors can give up that extra 10% they paid themselves and save it.
That will is fake and the problem is by the time MJ3 get their share of their inheritance, Branca will have had at least 9 years to divert it into offshore he did before...
-#191: I'm with you on that suit against the media for years of trashing Michael. I also think we should file a class action suit against AEG for false representation of Michael in TII...besides the editing, they also used some body doubles...
-#199: Danger, I love Katherine but she's beginning to worry me, now. Even Randy is saying there's people preying on his parents--why doesn't he do something about it instead of tweeting?
I was okay with the book Katherine wrote, it's not like it's a tell-all, but even if it was, I don't think I would have a problem since it's her, but I think she was totally WRONG to discuss MJ3 on TV--especially that statement about not liking the kids covered up.
To me, this just showed that she's out of touch and needs to come out of the dark ages. The paps and people in general will eat you up these days, if you're a celeb. Michael worked so hard to save the kids from that, and in one fell swoop, she's torn down everything he worked so hard for.
Bottom line, I plan to pray that the children are surrounded with protection against the evils of this world, and that they'll maintain the intelligence and purity that they had before this tragedy hit them. Michael did such a great job with them and they are beautiful as a result. And while I'm sure they're excitied at the prospect of school and new friends, I think they'll grow to understand why that might not be such a great idea....I just hope the lesson is not too harsh....
-#202: Kudos, Hellnurse! So happy to have some wisdom on this subject...
-#204: Cookie, I think that was a ruse as well. One new thing that came out was the fact that on Joe's lawsuit it stated Murray and his offices SOLICITED Michael to be his personal physician, and I believe that's what happened. He may have been referred by Joe for the children, but then I think Murray and his partners saw the window of opportunity and the rest is history....
No Peace till Justice!

1516 days ago


Do you want to know what it means? :)




1515 days ago


"Before there was L.O.V.E."


Michael, I wish You wonderful Sunday! :)


1515 days ago



If Branca diverted as u say maliciously as u say well then why wasn't he arrested or at least tried for Tax evasion. No things in this case are not as they seem.

As to their percentage Why should they work for free? Let's say your employer said ok I am not going to pay u this month and I want u to work 16 hours a day or more because I want to donate it to my childrens college education. Would U? I am sure the answer would be no. I know I would say NO WAY! It is just business u are making it personal. Any way Katherine is very happy with what they have achieved.

As to Katherine Did anyone take into consideration that she did this stuff to get Joe off her back! If he has his own money he will leave her alone Maybe....Maybe she just wants to have a little peace in her life and enjoy MJJ's 3 children. While they are young. We all know how quick children grow up. so don't judge her

As to Randy he has his own motives which will be revealed soon I am sure.

The will is not Fake & the family know it. Do u see Katherine squawking...NOOOOO Just those left out! The only reason they want the will thrown out is so MJJ estate goes to the children solely! & they want control (the family mainly Randy and Jermaine) With their track record who would want them in control any way. MJJ would never have left Katherine with out providing for her. And the will does not matter As I have said before... The trust is the governing do***ent anyway and it is in line with the will.
Also for those who work in Law offices know that an attorney always keeps copies of everything he does for a client, when they turn over files, they keep copies it is standard Operating procedures, if they are good laywers that is!

IMHO u need to look beyond what others want u to believe and realize that u need to follow the money ...of those behind the scenes ..they r the ones calling the shots..

1515 days ago



She has to allow regular visits with Debbie Rowe as of 2 weeks ago Rowe had not been with them,but maybe that has changed.

As to whenther Rowe is the bio mother ..most do not think so..rumor has it she was surrogate..only. As for the legal aspect per Cal law says she is the legal parent as MJ is the legal parent ..

So the story should end there. Deb and MJJ parents!

As to This is it...the only place I could figure a body double for would be Orange pants with gold jacket ..His legs were normal size so either that was taken in March or it is a double.. Maybe smooth criminal ..but if my memory serves me that scene was (sliding down stairs right) Could be because MJ was fragile and would have some one else do stunts. So possibility.

The only thing I can say is the Estate only gave permission based on only if "MJJ was portrayed positively" "a master at his work"
So yes I am sure numerous things were edited..As was the agreement!

But Think about it Bloopers for film and TV are always edited out So why should this be any different! Just MHO ...

Still can't watch This is it I am not ready! Gone to Soon " The Greatest Entertainer Ever" Michael Joe Jackson L.O.V.E
It seems like I will have no peace until there is Justice for MJJ

1515 days ago


Cherwood, I always enjoy reading your posts. Coincidently I did see a picture here on TMZ of MJ walking somewhere with his 2 older children shortly before he died without masks and/or scarves. So I'm thinking he wouldn't mind his mother's decision to continue not to have them veiled any longer.

Also you're right about the body doubles on TII. I remember when Joe was saying the very same thing, yet people dismissed him and it was never brought up again. Then on one of the many tribute shows they showed some guy who said that he has been employed by MJ on and off since 1993 as a decoy or impersonator and he is positive that body doubles were used in the film. I personally don't like watching TII because I don't like the way MJ looks physically in it (his weight and at times his face is disturbing to me). I have to admit that sometimes he does look different. I suppose those are the times when it's not really him...IDK

*Sigh* I was just on youtube looking at childhood pics and stuff of him. He was so cute and lovable. I miss him.

1515 days ago


State of Emergency - 3.3........
-#206: roe50--Thanks for your response and while I respect your OPINION, it has done nothing to change my mind on this. You support Branca--I get it, but I support Michael, period.
First of all, as you stated, NOONE works for free these days. And before Branca and Co. asked for that 10% Incentive, they were already being paid quite well--what LAWYER do you know that wouldn't be paid?
As for Katherine, you know as well as I that she will forfeit her inheritance if she contests the will due to the clause that states just that.
YOU say she's happy with the status quo? My question is, how'd you get that? If she was so HAPPY about the will, she wouldn't be hustling to sell books and belts. Please don't confuse happiness with RESIGNATION. I think after that initial battle with the Estate, she realized what she was up against and went with the old adage: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. No Parent I know would be happy with the fact that they can't even use their own sons' image and likeness without the approval of some greedy so-called friends who just happened to "materialize" ONE WEEK before Michael died...
Regarding Joe, I agree that some of it may be her cooperating with him, but unlike many people here, I don't think Katherine allows Joe to kick her around. If that were the case, she would be backing him in his fight against AEG and Murray...
As for Randy, not sure where you're going with that. I simply mentioned that Randy is against the Estate and will. That doesn't mean I think he's innocent. Personally I think he and Jermy have a lot to answer for before I'll feel that they had no part of the conspiracy...
One thing I do know for sure--after reading that Trust do***ent, there is one person who comes out on top of the world and that is BRANCA!
If you read it, you know he has:
-power to increase his salary at any time without court approval
-power to sell or lease Michael's assets (NEVERLAND, SONY-ATV, MIJAC, HAYVENHURST, CENTURY CONDOS, etc.)
-power to delay payments to beneficiaries (Is this why Katherine has to sell books? Remember, that allowance she gets goes directly to the lienholder for that lawsuit she, Joe and Jermy got caught in after they failed to get Michael to do a Reunion concert.)
And remember, the Estate is 40-40-10-10: At this time one of the Charities benefitting is MusiCare of which BRANCA IS CHAIR, and he is also CHAIR ON SONY-ATV!!!
Add to the above the fact that Branca asked for that extra 10% only TWO MONTHS after Michael passed
Also, he and McClain were listed as Producers on TII and we all know how much money that made...
Sorry but you add all of these things up and they spell MURDER!!!
BTW: Even if somehow they can prove they weren't part of his demise, I still refuse to support anyone who is leeching off him the way they are. And if you think I support the family doing it, you got me wrong. But if the family shouldn't do it, then why is it okay for Branca, AEG, Tom Barrack and the rest to do it? And I'm no legal expert, but I think if it's proven the 2002 will was fake, they would default to the '97 will. I know Branca is in that one also, but I have a suspicion that a lot of the terms and specifics of that Will's Trust are different...
And I have done my research and thanks to Della, Chico and a few others, I know about the people behind the scenes--I'm not forgetting them. It's just that they don't have a direct tap on Michael's finances, BRANCA does. They will get the heat they deserve also, but that's another part of the story. This is about the Estate. And if you think that will is authentic, I recommend you read it again...
The Jacksons have had their moments, hey, I've even said my share of choice things about them, but I'm not against them....unless they had something to do with Michael's death...
-#207, 208: Hey Marcia! Thanks for reminding me of those pics--you're right. See, I can admit I'm wrong sometimes. Although I still didn't think it was necessary for her to say she didn't think it was right to cover MJ3 up. He was their parent and he made the decision based on what was right from HIS perspective. In other words, it's not like people were clamoring to get to her everywhere she went--she's getting that attention NOW, but before Michael died, I'm sure she may have been able to go to Target without any incidents. Michael and MJ3 couldn't step outside of their door without being harassed so he did what he had to to protect them. I guess I just had a bad reaction to what she said because it kills me how all of the family and people now have so much to say about what they didn't like now that he's gone...kind of cowardly, isn't it? If I felt that strong about something a family member was doing I would want to share it with them while they're still living...and if they reject it, that's on them, but they can still do something to change the issue. Once they're gone, it's a moot point, isn't it--no opportunity for change....
Yeah, I saw that guy--I think it was Navi, an MJ Impersonator who I'm not very fond of. I think they hired him as a decoy when Michael didn't want to be hounded by the Press. After I saw that story, I spotted Navi on several pics that were labeled as being Michael, but he doesn't look like Michael to me...his features are way too European, his jaw is too large and his overall body too big...
Anyhoo, I was happy to find that some of the clips of Michael in TII were body doubles, because they weren't moving the way I'm used to Michael moving--rehearsal or not. I know he hadn't performed in awhile, but he still had that magic of fluidity in his movement. That's what Usher and all of the others lack. They know the movements, but lack the style.
Chris Brown did a great job on BET tonight--about the closest I've seen a non-impersonator do, yet even he lacked that certain elasticity/magic MIchael had...his moves were so mesmerizing to the point where he didn't look real...almost as if he was animated or something....
-Hey roe50: Once you watch TII you'll see why all of the editing and body doubles goes deeper than just putting together a "good show" like they do on TV. Actually, that's my background so I'm completely aware of that, but AEG purposely did that to cover themselves. And I know about their agreement with the Estate to only show Michael at his best--no problems there, but then if they used Body doubles, they weren't showing MICHAEL. And if they only showed him looking good to cover up their complicity in his death, that's criminal.
Matter of fact, you just opened up another can of worms by reminding me of the Estate and that agreement to only show Michael at his best...
Not surprised since I think AEG and Branca and Co. worked hand in hand with Colony, Tohme, Murray and others to accomplish their CRIME OF THE CENTURY!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1515 days ago


Get THEM Joe.LEGEND. Hope this will be the end of Branca and his friends.Go Jackson family.M.J was MURDERED.

1515 days ago



Ok I respect ur opinion..But Katherine is selling the book and doing some of these side bars to Help her family.

OK Is Alejandro out yet? NO Jermie has to pay her off & back child support. Does Jermie have the money...NO Did Katherine not ask the estate to pay her off why is Katherine doing this??? Obvious.

As to Branca...Open ur mind..The people behind the scenes don't have a reason or benefit like Branca is???...Please look again...
If u look with an open mind and see how far this goes Branca and Co. are such small players in this it is laughable!

Now I am done I tried when MJ 1st passed to tell some and everything I said has come to pass. So All I am going to say 1 more time "SAVE NEVERLAND" don't let the powers to be get it..ATV will go to the ESTATE easily so Now STOP THEM FROM GETTING NEVERLAND!!!

1514 days ago
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