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Joe Jackson's Wrongful Death Lawsuit

6/25/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The wrongful death lawsuit has been stamped by the federal clerk.

TMZ has obtained Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray that Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, will file today -- Joe asks for unspecified damages in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.  And, the lawsuit lists Katherine Jackson and Michael's three kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.


The lawsuit does not name AEG, though Oxman has alleged the company that produced "This Is It" was at least partly responsible for Jackson's death.   

Oxman does not explain what he means when he lists Katherine and MJ's kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.  He clearly does not have authority to sue on behalf of the children.

According to the suit, "Mr. Jackson believes there are other parties responsible for Michael Jackson's death but has not yet gathered sufficient information regarding their potential liability or responsibility."  The suit says the complaint will be amended when sufficient info is gathered.

TMZ obtained a copy of the complaint, which will be filed in federal court this morning. In the complaint, Joe alleges Dr. Murray withheld vital information from the doctors and EMTs who were trying to save Jackson's life -- information that he had administered Propofol.

The complaint -- much like the intent to sue document TMZ first broke -- states that Murray tried to "clean-up the scene" before EMTs arrived.

Something new ... Murray told cops he was monitoring Michael when he gave him Propofol with a pulse oximeter, which measures the level of oxygen in a patient's blood.  But according to the suit, when police searched the scene, they found the oximeter "in the closet in the next room."

The complaint alleges Dr. Murray felt he could change his story -- from Jackson had no drug problem, to Jackson was addicted to Propofol -- because he kept no medical records, as required by California law.

The complaint alleges Joe Jackson has suffered more than $75,000 in damages, the minimum amount required to get jurisdiction in federal court.  The case was filed in federal -- not California court -- because Dr. Murray's residence is outside the state.

The suit claims Dr. Murray administered a "polypharmacy" of drugs to Jackson for months before his death.

Interestingly, Oxman does not allege in the lawsuit -- like he did in the notice to sue -- that Dr. Murray was at a strip club, drinking, hours before Jackson died.

The complaint says Jackson had a week pulse while he was being worked on at UCLA.  The strong intimation -- had Dr. Murray told UCLA doctors that Propofol was a factor, they could have taken steps to save Jackson's life.

And something else that's interesting.  It was widely reported that Joe Jackson introduced Michael to Dr. Murray in Las Vegas, after Jackson needed a doctor for his children in 2006.  But in the lawsuit, it says, "Defendants Murray, Acres Home (Murray's clinic in Houston) and Global (Murray's clinic in Nevada) solicited Michael Jackson to take care of his individual health needs."

And this sidenote -- When Jackson was taken to the UCLA Medical Center on June 25, he was admitted under the alias, Soule Shaun


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Posted at 8:56 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by William Cox


1578 days ago


nunya, 108 why dont you take a trip to his grave right now? and let the fans pound your azz into the ground and then all of them can spit on your nasty discusting azz!!! you are a vile and nasty person not to mention a racist piece of sh--!!! sue from tampa--yes and i am the real sue from tampa

1578 days ago


sorry mimi, claire, i didnt want to spew any ill feelings today i am very sad this is a hard day for me, but nunya 108 just hit a nerve and i had to say something.. this is not the day for it so i do apoligize..we all love mj and this is a day to come together as his fans to share the L.O.V.E that he strived so hard for. lets keep mj and his children and family in our prayers. sue from tampa

1578 days ago

Phantom of the opera    

Tribute to Mrs Farrah Fawcett.;

1578 days ago


GO JOE! People Joe Jackson is not trying to get money. Joe is filing suit which he should because that piece of sh@# will have to answer the suit. The evidence that will come out in the civil matter (this federal suit) will uncover massive amounts of evidence that will help to bring murdering murray down. People in a criminal trial you don't have to testify or answer deposition questions - in a civil trial you do. Just like Lindsey Lohan has to do now. In the civil case murdering murray can plead the 5th on some question but will have to turn over **** loads of do***ents that will incrimidate him and the court won't let him plead the 5th to all questions. Murdering Murray killed MJ but who else was there in the house? Who is paying for Murray's defense? Who paid his child support? Who is paying Harvey Levin & the rest of the gang at TMZ to post stories that Murray is a nice guy.

Both doctor offices Murdering Murray has are well known and investigate previoulsy for giving out harmful drugs to anyone who walked in and requested this. Murdering Murray's partner was charged by the DEA. MURDERING MURRAY IS NOT A NICE GUY.


1578 days ago


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1578 days ago


what a waste of time, now let's talk about a real killer OJ!!!

1578 days ago


FANS, come on, I want justice for Michael just as bad as the next fan but all Joe is after is MONEY! Civil court ONLY awards punitive damages (in this case Joe is asking for $75,000). He could care less about MJ Justice. Same thwith contesting the Will. All Joe wants is to put his greedy paws on MJ's financial legacy. Though I am strong advocate of contesting the will, Joe should MOST DEFINITAELY not be given access to MJ estate, or ANY of the Jacksons. Under the current cir***stances, court should interview & assign and independent Probate attorneys to manage MJ estate. SO DO NOT SUPPORT OXMAN OR JOE ON THIS, IT HAS NOTHING NOTHING TO DO WITH MJ JUSTICE. Court is not eigible to send Murray to jail, all it can do is rule punivive damages.

1578 days ago


121. Tribute to Mrs Farrah Fawcett

As much fluff as the Angels series was she did fire up some serious acting in Extremities, Burning Bed, Between Two Women, Small Sacrifices and The Apostle (even up against a big name actor) yet mainstream does not bring it up much. In interviews and her reality show she came off as a very happy, giving person with a wicked, dry sense of humor. RIP MJ and Farrah

1578 days ago


Reclusive mogul saw his big bet on Michael Jackson's comeback lurch into a drug-induced coma after the pop star's untimely death in June. His concert promoter, AEG, has lost millions of dollars from ticket refunds, rehearsal costs; recouped some losses selling merchandise, rehearsal footage. Oil driller's son bought out father, struck energy riches in Utah, Wyoming. Parlayed proceeds into diversified telecom, sports, real estate, media, movies, wind empire. Has netted billions of dollars selling shares of Qwest Communications in past years. L.A. Live real estate development transforming 5.6-million-square-foot block of downtown Los Angeles into entertainment hub anchored by Staples Center, home to his L.A. Lakers (basketball) and L.A. Kings (hockey).

1578 days ago

Phantom of the opera    

In loving memory of Michael Jackson;

1578 days ago


A Tribute by Clinark Michael's favorite song "Smile"

1578 days ago


128. In loving memory of Michael Jackson;

Posted at 10:01 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Phantom of the opera
Very Beautiful! Thanks for the memories.
Could you re-post my link to Smile? Thanks
Have a nice day everyone.

1578 days ago


MJ Tribute:

1578 days ago
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