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Prosecutors Mulling Over Erin Andrews Case

6/26/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0625_erin_andrewsThe U.S. Attorney is now deciding whether to charge the man who threatened Erin Andrews with violent emails with making criminal threats.

TMZ broke the story ... a man in Newport News, Virginia sent a series of threatening/violent emails last March to "The Dan Patrick Show," directed at the ESPN star.  Among them:

- "I hope she gets shot in the face.  I would love to see if she can dance away from a hail of gunfire.  That would really make my day."

- "I'm one in a million.  She'll never see me coming."

- "Somebody should shoot her in the face."

Sources tell us the FBI went to the suspect's house and spoke with his dad, who explained his son -- who is in his 30's -- had serious health and mental issues.  Sources tell us the suspect had a stroke earlier in his life.

We're told the FBI forwarded the case to the U.S. Attorney 2 weeks ago for review, but so far no decision has been made.

One source close to the investigation tells us ... given the man's mental status, it's "doubtful" criminal charges will be filed.

The FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office had no comment.


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please go away

1517 days ago


I thought insanity meant that they couldn't charge you with the crime in a normal fashion but could lock you up in a mental institution for an indefinite amount of time. If that isn't the case here that is disturbing. Virtually every stalker that makes threats and then carries them out is crazy.

1516 days ago


Harvey.. Why do you allow these comments to appear?

You have a tremendous platform here to eradicate violence against women - and you cease to use it.

With every premeditated thought - Erin Andrews was raped
With every manipulated action - Erin Andrews was raped
With every legal process - Erin Andrews was raped
With every media report - Erin Andrews was raped
With every person who uploaded/watched - Erin Andrews was raped
With every comedic joke - Erin Andrews was raped
(Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC/The View - You are simply an Idiot.)

With every continuing comment - Erin Andrews is raped again.

Freedom of Speech - Opportunity to Incite Racism Against Women

So Harvey.. your choice?

1516 days ago


I am horrified by some of the comments.
Violation of anyone is not acceptable.
It doesn't matter if you think she has not talent or is too skinny
( which I think is ridiculous to hate someone because they are skinny) being threatened and stalked is extremely frightening.
Amazing how callous a society we have.

1516 days ago


I don't like her, but if he is not in jail, he does pose a threat to her. He belongs in a psych ward, at least.

1516 days ago


Hey, TMZ-do you ever read the blatantly violent and racists comments on this site? This story proves that TMZ employees do *not* read the comments section. If they did, the TMZ lawyers would lock own all comments because, like the Andrews proposed case above, it could easily open up a TMZ lawsuit.

1516 days ago

Bill C.    

Who cares if he has mental issues. If he can't get his **** together he should be locked up.

1516 days ago

2 HOT!    

No charges??? Are the waiting for the poor women to get killed in order 2 say it's criminal??? Why must they always wait for something bad 2 happen in order 2 take control of the situation!!! Is is truly horrable whether the victim is famous or not~

1516 days ago


What happened to her is horrible but the girl sure did milk it for all it's worth.

1516 days ago


duckface duck-face! Why is she making that face??

1516 days ago


15 Agreed! On DWTS she blathered on about how her life was "destroyed" and "devastated"! BITCH PLEASE! People in North Korea who have to eat damn tree bark to not starve to death and will be executed if caught with a damn RADIO are the ones who have been devastated not your privileged ass. She grew up upper middle class so it's not like she has lived a hard life.

1516 days ago


This bitch is a complete attention whore!!! She's about 3 steps from being one of those bimbos on the "Girls Gone Wild" videos. And 2 steps from posing in Playboy. And one step from being some rich guy's mistress. If nobody gives her a TV contract, just watch all her faux morals get thrown out the window.

1516 days ago


I can post this publicly because the person was already tried and found innocent - and canot be re-tried and found gulitly of anything related to the incident.

My brother dated a girl for about 3 months and broke off wih her because she was basically nuts. She came froma great family, was educated, beautiful, and SEEMINGLY NORMAL. When they broke up she stalked him endlessly. She actually slept under his car and was laying in the parking space after he pulled away!

This nut broke into his dorm room and stole all of his clothes, underwear, and toiletries - then she returned them...used. My brother loved our old family dog that was 12 freaking years old - our dog ended up dead (with NO HEAD mind you) on the front porch of our home. My brother went ballistic and the town's police were very sympathetic and tried to be helpful, but NOTHING could be proved or done about it...

Cut to 4 years later and my brother was the father of his girlfriends child. He was ecstatic and married the mom in the hospital room before the baby was born. My brother faced his stalker at the viewing room for the babies - FOUR YEARS LATER!!! She had kept track of it all, my brother, his girlfriend, the baby, all of it. How freaked out would you be?

Here is the part I will repeat because justice has been done and my brother cannot be re-tried. This STALKER, this IDIOT, this mentally ill freak, came to my brother's home and when my brother was gone set the front porch ON FIRE... The fire was put out by a neighbor and the tiny baby inside was safe. My brother and his wife actually stayed in the house that night and the STALKER returned!!! She came through the basement window that was just above the clothes dryer and she slipped and landed on one of the dog crates which made the dogs go ape. My brother came down the basement stairs in his underwear and shot this woman 6 times. He emptied his gun.

The stalker's family sued my family in civil court and won $250, 000 from the household insurance company. My dad died of a stroke that same year. The doctor declared it was caused by stress. My mom put the house up for sale and 6 years later it has yet to sell. She lives with my brother (whose wife has lupus) and the "baby" that is now an eager young kiddo and calls me Lala.

Tell me that stalkers are no big deal. Tell me Erin is not a victim.

You tell me that, you freaking idiot, and I will tell you different.

BTW, TMZ has mt email addy and I can verify everything I just posted

1516 days ago


glad to see you removed some of the vile comments.. :)
Good choice.

1515 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

I bet she loves facials!

1515 days ago
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