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Cops Respond

To Verbal Attack at Kardashian House

6/25/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned cops rolled out to the Calabasas home of Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick earlier today ... after Scott went ballistic on his neighbor ... and even called her a "whale."

We're told officers arrived to the scene after somebody called police and reported a "dispute with a neighbor" that was going down in front of the Kardashian home.

We're told no arrests were made and no one was cited.

As for what triggered the verbal spat -- it appears it began over a parking dispute ... but it turned nasty when Scott turned to the woman and screamed, "You're disgusting ... I would kill myself If I looked like you .... you whale."


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This guy is a puny little nitwit and a narcissist. Kourtney should get rid of him. He's extremely unattractive in every way.

1589 days ago


Boycott everything about the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner and those two younger girls. Kris and he have raised these freaks and are nothing but money-grubbing trash.

Do not buy anything with their name on it, ie. clothing, perfume, this diet thing (isn't it the same one that Anna Nicole Smith pushed?)

Obviously Scott Disick (I sick of him) is only using Kourtney and the Kardashians for every dime he can. He does not love this girl at all and SHE is the one CHASING AFTER HIM.

He also appears to be a raging alcoholic and deeply resents her and this baby that he allegedly fathered after these two went on a date after having "broken up". Now, Kourtney has him living with her and probably is begging him to marry her since she has this poor baby.

If she has any sense of decency or love for that baby, she'd have kicked him out long before now. But there she stands, like others have said, thinking this is so funny.

Every episode of their reality show is filled with four letter words coming from the filthy mouths of these trashy Kardashians and Kourney and Khloe are always engaging in sexual antics which is beyond inappropriate for two grown women. Their actions are those of two incestuous lesbians.

Child Protective Services will be the next to be called and I'm surprised they haven't been as yet.

It is good to know that someone said her parents live in this townhouse community and it is small. The walls are probably thin. After this, I hope all the neighbors are watching, listening and filming anything out-of-line they see or hear these two doing as that baby could be in very serious danger. Call the police or CPS if you hear them arguing and that baby crying.

As long as she has him around and he is drinking, things will only get worse as that child gets older and he grows to hate Kourtney and her family even more than he appears to now.

1589 days ago


Personally i think the lady deserved it she was the one who started the dispute. If you see the video you can tell kourtney is not mad she's laughing XD

1589 days ago


What a douche. I mean Scott - - not the neighbor. I like watching the Kardashians, but I have to wonder if they (the Kardashians)are really that nice if they support the antics of Scott the **** . . . opps, I mean Scott Disick.

1589 days ago


Spencer Pratt handed over his Douche crown. He said to Scott "I know my capabilities, and I can't nor will I try to out Douche you. You make me sick. Yes, ME"

1589 days ago


@MIDOL I agree with you 100% ... It's really late, (4 glasses of wine) but the incestuous thing with
K-HOLE is SOOOOOO creepy. KRIS & BRUCIE ...You must be so proud.....(cha ching..cha...ching)

1589 days ago

Throwback kid    

The Kardashians are just as bad as Scott! everything they do has to be on camera. If they were really serious about Scott getting his life together and being a good father, they should get him off the show and into a treatment center to deal with his anger and drinking problem.

But no, of course any treatment Scott wiill get will be part of the show with cameras rolling the whole time. It is much more important for that family to get more attention than really dealing with a serious problem. He is only in his mid 20's and already appears to be a full fledged alcoholic.

1589 days ago


Everyone who knows the Kardashian family knows that Scott is NOT the father of Kourtney's baby. He is simply being used to add that extra drop of drama to the show (like they needed any more drama). He knows he can't get away with saying some douche bag sh*t like that on the street and live to tell about it.

1589 days ago


Man, WHAT A LOSER! He is such a dumbass drunk and a bum! Too bad Kourtney didn't listen to her mom when she had the change. Kick his ass out!! He is nothing but trouble for that sweet little baby!!! Take it from another mother with a little one.

1589 days ago


When is Kourtney gonna realize she is in a textbook abusive relationship? She just is never going to have the happily ever after she wants, and staying together for the baby will only do one thing - mess up the baby. Kourtney, Get Out!!!! Get yourself some counseling girl, and wake up and smell the roses.

1589 days ago



1589 days ago


I just don't get it, Kourtney has so much going for her. She is beautiful, smart, and has ambition. He just seems like such a loser, he is really putting her and the baby at risk with his behavior. His temper is out of control, along with his drinking. Some of us that have been in abusive relationships, we see all the signs. He needs her a lot more than she needs him. That baby deserves such a better life than this. Mason does not deserve to grow up in a war zone, and that is what life is going to be like for him. She needs to get rid of him.

1589 days ago


Kourtney you need to get rid of Scott as soon as possible he will never amount to anything he is leech and the longer you keep him around the harder it will be to get rid of him.

1589 days ago

karen dapello    

I can't wait till someone kicks the s@#$ out of him...hope the cameras are running then.

1589 days ago

Chun LI    

He needs to be put out of his misery like a rabid animal.

1589 days ago
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