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Cops Respond

To Verbal Attack at Kardashian House

6/25/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned cops rolled out to the Calabasas home of Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick earlier today ... after Scott went ballistic on his neighbor ... and even called her a "whale."

We're told officers arrived to the scene after somebody called police and reported a "dispute with a neighbor" that was going down in front of the Kardashian home.

We're told no arrests were made and no one was cited.

As for what triggered the verbal spat -- it appears it began over a parking dispute ... but it turned nasty when Scott turned to the woman and screamed, "You're disgusting ... I would kill myself If I looked like you .... you whale."


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This boy needs help...he is well en route to becoming a sociopath!

1589 days ago


it's all about the money. you deserve each other, a bitch and a bully!

1589 days ago

Illinois person    

The neighbor may be a whale, but he's a hen-pecked *****-boy, man-girl who's seems to be no better than the pot calling the kettle black so-to-speak. Perhaps he'd be at peace if he had a home of his own with his own funds. But I too have to agree with Simon, who'd want to live with and/or next door those eyebrows & ass Kardashians? They have no respect for anyone except for their own reflections in the mirror. They're the worst of the worst and no better than Lindsay Lohan except with money. All of them starting with the mother are as phony as the day is long. What happened to you Bruce Jenner, you used to be your own man? Meanwhile, Scotty boy will never be a has-been 'cause he's a never was!

1589 days ago


I think Scott has "Little Man Syndrome"

When a man degrades or bullies a woman, he is a spineless coward. An abusive jerk who should not be raising a child.

If he has a temper like that with a neighbor lady, imagine what he could or may do to his own son when older, or to Kourtney.

I don't think it was kind of Kourtney to sit and smirk while he said such a thing to their neighbor. I don't get what she sees in him, because what he CHOOSES to display on TV, is not that of a man of honor or integrity, instead it is this little boy with an inferiority complex who is taking his rage out on those around him, just because he feels inadequate.

He should not be allowed to be around that baby until he goes to anger management courses and can prove to be more stable minded and grounded as an adult, not a little boy with LITTLE MAN SYNDROME.

Seriously, bullying a neighbor lady? Did that make you feel a bigger better man? Because it makes you look like a spineless tool. No REAL honorable man does that to a woman, neighbor, girlfriend, sister, etc.

Kourtney, why do you want to be with someone like this? Do you not think enough about yourself?

1589 days ago


When is Courtney going to wise up and drop this loser? If he had a real job he would be too busy to scream at his neighbors.

1589 days ago


What a wiener! Can we agree! This kid needs to grow up and mature he has no clue about how life really sorry to say but move on!!!! You can do better.

1589 days ago


Scott may be handsome, but he is NO CATCH.

1589 days ago


If my neighbour was harassing me I would have reacted the SAME way as Scott. She started it and was yelling at him first. SHE could have been civil and just knocked on his door and talked to them like a normal person. No reason to hate on Scott for defending his home.

1589 days ago


Yep, just what I thought, she married trailer trash. He would be nothing if it was for the Kardishian trailer trash family. Poor neighbor having to put up with this kind of trash. He is no man that is for sure.

1589 days ago


Wow very immature and to think we are supporting these peoples lifestyle by watching them. I was a fan of the Kardashians but I am going to skip watching them altogether.

1589 days ago


I Love the Kardashians-they are interesting bad ass sisters, but Scott is a complete s*** sucking dispicable s***bag! I give Kourtney props that she didnt marry the dumb ass! Its hard when you think your in love and have a child with said idiot. My thoughts are with you! Be strong Mama!!

1589 days ago


Kourtney just stands there with a smile....trailer trash if you ask me.

1589 days ago


All of America is just waiting for this looser to go over the edge. I just hope he doesn't kill someone when he snaps do to his coming out as a homosexual. It's just a matter of time......

1589 days ago


You people are incredibly naive and thats just what the E Channel is banking on ...Scott is playing a role on this stupid show ...

1589 days ago


You have to be a loser to like those girls or admire them LOL ..

1589 days ago
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