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Mel Gibson: She's Lying and She Secretly Taped Me

6/26/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's baby mama Oksana Grigorieva was bitter over a custody agreement she signed, and that's why she made up the story that Mel beat her up ... this according to sources connected with the actor.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana's lawyers went to court last Monday and got a domestic violence restraining order against Mel after telling the judge Mel beat Oksana up last January.

According to sources connected with Mel, on January 6, 2010, Mel and Oksana were arguing at home when Oksana took baby Lucia, ran around the backyard, threw herself on the ground, came back inside the house and began shaking Lucia like a ragdoll. Mel followed and the sources acknowledge there was physical contact, but insist Mel did not punch her and was just trying to protect the baby.

The sources say Oksana began traveling the world with Mel and made no mention to anyone about being the victim of brutality at the hands of M.G.

In May, after the couple split, there was a mediation in which Mel and Oksana got joint legal custody of Lucia -- Oksana got primary physical custody and Mel got visitation, which included overnights. The deal was ... the arrangement was eventually supposed to turn into 50/50 custody.
On one occasion, while Oksana was touring Russia for her singing career, Mel went to her house to see Lucia. Oksana's mother was there and told him to stay overnight with the child, which he did. Oksana's mother even let the bodyguard go for the night. Oksana had no problem with this, sources say.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ Oksana regretted agreeing to the mediated custody settlement and wanted to limit or even exclude Mel's contact with Lucia.

A week ago Friday, Mel's representatives got a call from Oksana's lawyer, saying Oksana would not allow Mel to spend time with Lucia on Father's Day ... something to which she had already agreed. 

According to sources, at noon on Monday, Oksana's lawyer called Mel's rep and said she got a restraining order against him to stay 100 yards from her and couldn't even see Lucia until a hearing in July.

The next day, Mel's lawyer went to the judge and got the restraining order modified, allowing him to see Lucia -- just like it was agreed before.

During the hearing, it came out that Oksana had secretly taped arguments she had with Mel. The judge ordered the tapes sealed and also ordered Oksana not to talk publicly about the recordings.

And, we're told, the judge was extremely unhappy with Oksana's lawyer for not revealing that there had been a mediated custody agreement in place.


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Russian woman are bossy and crazy. My friend got one on line and she was a nightmare. She tried taking his house, money and even his pensions. All in a matter of months of coming to the U.S. It cost him a lot in lawyers fees to get rid of her.

1578 days ago

Leigh Ann    

This was PREDICTABLE! She's a scheming gold digger that already has one illegitimate child with another big star. It's her M.O. She tries to land the men by getting pregnant. It's a business for her. Mel Gibson is just another stupid sucker. The sad part is that there are children involved.

1578 days ago


Singing career? Seriously? I thought she claimed to be a pianist.

1578 days ago


I used to have so much respect for Mel, he had everything. A beautiful devoted wife(Robin) who stuck by him from the very beginning. Gave him a beautiful children and a home. She always put Mel's needs befor here own. Nevery wanted to grab the spotlight from him. Then like a alot of men. Mel thought with his little head. How he didn't see that this woman wanted to use him to further her singing(if thats what you'd call it). Her singing career didn't take off so what does she do to become famous and be set money wise for the rest of her life--- she has a baby. Wow Mel, you really picked a winner. Was it worth it. You threw a beautiful,intelligent incredible woman like Robin away. All for this piece of work who only wanted to use you. Let her live in Russia, forget about her. Go back to Robin and BEG BEG, and make an incredible movie. PLEASE!!! I really want to like you again.

1578 days ago


Comment #2: lol!

1578 days ago


I still do not understand why Gibson left his first wife. This is the same Gibson who messed up in his younger years after a beating, helped by a priest, turned to God, gets married, starts an acting career, but then swears on Jews and cheats on his wife.
Gibson, dude, look in a mirror, study your old face and stay away from young women!

1578 days ago


Ah, Mel! Mel! Mel! What did you get yourself into, at this stage in your life, when you could be enjoying your grown-up family and your grandchildren.

1578 days ago



So all of this is the consequences of your behavior!

Do not understand why men would leave a perfectly good wife for trash. Unbelievable.

1578 days ago


#6 you took the words right out of my mouth. Very well said.

#5 it isn't the piano... she likes to play the organ.

A thought of my own... I hate women like this (and I am a woman). They screw up the chances for REAL women who are honest, devoted, caring. I was involved with a guy who went through something similar and the poor bugger just couldn't learn to trust again because he had been hurt so bad. It's sad.

1578 days ago


It's payback time, Mel.

1578 days ago


Mel has no sane mind. He screwed himself with his past big mouth drunken nonsense. Who in their right mind would believe anything that comes from his s***bag idiot mouth and reps these days.

1578 days ago


Serves him right for being such a jackass to the woman he was married to for thirty years!

1578 days ago


He's as stupid as Paul McCartney,there really is no fool like an old fool.

1578 days ago


Typical Russian ploy, he should boot her!

1578 days ago


I think Mel needs to take her to court and get custody of the baby, she sounds like she is a danger to her. You do not run around and throw yourself on the ground with a baby in your arms and you sure the hell do not go crying abuse when the father tries to grab the baby from you to protect the child. Mel should have called the police that night and filed with the court for her to stay away from the child or to have supervised visits

1578 days ago
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