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Randy Jackson: They're Exploiting My Family

6/26/2010 10:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626_randy_jackson_bn_gettyRandy Jackson says his parents are being manipulated by people who are just out to make a buck -- problem is, his parents are sharing in the profits.

Randy has been tweeting today, bitterly complaining about the Jackson Family Foundation event Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Bev Hills.

Randy says, "Let me be clear, there's no legitimate 'Jackson Family Foundation' that my brothers & sisters are aware of."  And, Randy says, "I know my parents would not be involved if they really knew the characters they have aligned themselves with."

The Foundation, which lists on its website Joe Jackson as the Chairman and Katherine Jackson as Vice Chairman, is selling tickets for the event for as a much as $500 a pop.  A spokesperson for one of the organizers -- -- told TMZ some of the money will go to charity. He would not say how much.

And remember just days after Michael Jackson died, when Joe held a news conference announcing his new record label and touting a rapper who was signing with him? That rapper is singing at tonight's event.


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Re my posting (number 91) apologies for typo... the name should read BRANCA.

1550 days ago


If by "They" he means Katherine and Joe then I guess he's right.

1550 days ago


@All. The Jackson Family can do whatever they damn please, Michael came from them and no matter what anyone says I'm sure he wouldn't mind if his family "profitted". He let his MOTHER the 40% and did not mention the rest of the family because he didn't have to. He was fully aware that she would help his father and siblings, no matter what squables they had in the past he still loved his family and he always said his mother was the RIGHT person to HANDLE the family finances. MJ gave to 39 charities and to all these socalled FRIENDS in his life. Why shouldn't his family benefit now? They have more rights than all the "vulchers", like for instance TMZ and all those "biographers" like Rabbi Shmuley, Ian Halperin and Taraborelli who are cashing in harder on him then when he lived. They are the ones people should attack, not the the Jacksons. Leave them alone, because MJ's kids are completely at ease with them too. Randy has the right to complain if he wants, he is a visionary, he wants to protect his parents, like he did Michael. Remember how in 2005 he got rid of the first lawyers who were taking advantage of his brother and brought in Tom Mesereau who did a wonderful job defending him. On the day MJ was acquitted he especially thanked his brother Randy for his help. It's funny how less than a week ago everyone was praising Randy that he made it possible for MJ fans to visit his burial site. Now he's being dissed again. It's very hypocritical to show concern for MJ's kids and bash their loved ones at the same time, just think of what all these attacks on their family is doing to them. The Jacksons are ALL they have left. And for those who don't know or CONVENIENTLY forgot WHO or WHAT the Jackson were in the past, just take a trip on YOUTUBE and find out what these people meant to the music industry. Please think before you judge. It's ALL FOR LOVE MJ said and if his fans can't live up to this, he just might have LIVED and DIED in vain.RIP Michael, my heart is still crying a YEAR ON.

1550 days ago

Why oh Why?    

@91 Fully agree with you!
Michael chose Branca & co. to run the estate. He wanted the money to go to his mother and his children. Respect his wish! Good Gawd, the family seems to be so eager to throw out a hollow "I love you, I love you!" Love and respect do not come with a few words, they come through actions. Michael never had any real, unconditional love from them. I believe that´s what he was looking for his whole life - but never got.

1550 days ago


Randy is always complaining. I guess he wants more money

1550 days ago


As far as I know, Randy hasn't exploited Michael. He was the one to scramble together money from friends to hire Tom Mesereau as defense attorney in the molestation trial and get Michael off the false allegations. If I'm correctly informed, he didn't get the money back and had to file a claim with the estate.

I wonder why there are so many strange things going on with this family. All those puzzling deals and announcements. Joe and Katherine are both retired and should pick their activities carefully.

1550 days ago


Hey Randy: The exploitation is going both ways Bud. That's a big 6 lane highway running both directions.

1550 days ago


1.June 15th 10 days before MJ is poisoned Murray drafts and sends a letter to patients. "A once in a lifetime opportunity"

Sorta sounds like Kenny Ortega wrote that.

The rest of the letter is dramatic as well. I don't know one Dr. who would write a letter like that to interrupt practice. ( somehow this will be used in the defense)

Something also stinks about how Murray treated MJ kids for a cold.

A cardiologist doe's not treat children of that age unless they have specific pediatric training.

To my knowledge Murray was not a pediatric cardiologist.

Today's Family Med doctors are very basic.

Murray did not meet MJ through those kids, pretty convienent bs though since kids do get colds frequently.

2. Seven days before MJ is poisoned he re-hires Branca?

3. Three to 4 days before MJ was poisoned Cheryl Lee NP states MJ called asst. called her and she heard MJ in the background. One side of my body is hot the other is cold.

There is a 7-10 day timeline the Murders put this plot together.
Anyone else know any facts that happened to MJ 7-10 days before they killed him?

1550 days ago


On one of the MJ fan boards, a fan who has a source from inside Havenhurst. It wasn't just Randy behind this, but that Randy was the one who suggested to see whether that can be something they can use to overturn the will's legitimacy.

It was when the will/trust/beneficiaries were made public. If you recall, Randy was the spearhead of getting the will overturned together with Joe Jackson. They hired Londell McMillian to overturn it. The source (I think it's an employee there) said that Randy was a madman looking to prove that MJs kids weren't actually his children to overturn the will behind Katherine's back. He was heard grumbling about how MJs fortune went to people that weren't his blood. But when the results came back that they were MJs bio-kids, Randy let that tactic go. Then Randy/Joe they tried the whole "Branca was fired & is a fraud" tactic, then after that the "MJ was in New York when he signed it so the will is invalid" approach, which also failed.

Randy is responsible for a lot more of MJs financial troubles too. After the whole fraud, MJ forgave his little brother & MJ gave Randy the keys to his kingdom while he was in Bahrain. Randy ran Neverland to the ground, spent millions of dollars and never paid the loans. That's when Jermaine steps in with Tom Barrack & Dr. Tohme Tohme.

So what Joe didn't finish doing to MJ, Randy & Jermaine did. And when MJ decided that he would not be a part of AllGood Entertainment's reunion concerts & decided to go to London with AEG, here comes Dr. Murray - who was introduced to Michael by his own father JOE. Until the day MJ died, Joe was trying to get MJ to do one performance with AllGood - it was even reported here on TMZ before MJ died.

What Randy is doing is projecting his guilt by accusing others. He's not innocent, that's for sure.


70. Is that true....that randy had secret DNA tests done on MJ3???? Where did you hear about that????
Please tell me what your sources are??
Posted at 10:14 PM on Jun 26, 2010 by Lee lee

1550 days ago


There are 3 People listed on the foundation _Joe & Katherine Jackson
and The PRESIDENT Simon Sahouri _ who is this person ???

Also Why is Randy involving fans in personal family disputes

his own brother Tito is listed as part of the entertainment
for the "Forever Michael eveny. Why doesnt Tandy tweet his disaproval to him

Randy says he wants fans support _ BUT FOR WHAT ??
He never says

I dont put any trust in this Jackson Family Foundation YET. becuase I dont understand the purpose or mission of that foundation yet or where the money goes. I would also like to know where the profits go from this show _ Im mean REALLY _

Hey Mikey Rooney was there and he was singing "Smile"
Genevieve Jackson sang _Human nature

1550 days ago

Throwback kid    

If Randy put the same amount of work into paying for his children's support, they could live in their own house an not be the responsibility of his 80 year old mother.

1550 days ago


Janet is the only one who never used Michael for money or fame. Rebbie seems like a very nice person who is very private and has been married for 35 years.
But, the rest of them are all fame whores, still trying to leech off of Michael even in death.
No wonder he distanced himself from them while he was alive and wouldn't see them. Did they ever once think that maybe part of his drug problem was because of all the pressure they put on him all the time for money and fame?
His poor 80 year old mother is being pulled in every direction and trying to please all of her kids, take care of her dead beat sons ex-wifes and kids, and Joe still has some type of control over her.
They all make me sick to my stomach!! What a sad bunch of people.

1550 days ago


This family is wierd

1550 days ago


Listen up peoples! He's like the REAL "IT" Jackson, so pay homage to his every word and breath... j/k

1550 days ago


Listen up peoples! He's like the REAL "IT" Jackson, so pay homage to his every word and breath... j/k

1550 days ago
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