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Chris Brown Breaks Down Crying During MJ Tribute

6/28/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After about four minutes of some of the best Michael Jackson inspired dancing you will see, Chris Brown broke down crying on stage during the BET Awards tonight.

The waterworks start around 4:30 mark if that's what you're into -- but seriously, his dance routine before that was amazing.

He started crying right as he got to the "Man in the Mirror" portion of the medley. Coincidence?



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I will never buy into this stunt to boost his image. Remember that he beat the s#!t out if a woman???

1577 days ago

In Loving Memory Of    

Are you kidding me right now? What a cheap immitation. Not even close

1577 days ago


Rihanna had it coming. Good job CB!

1577 days ago


Chris Brown Is The Best ! :]

1577 days ago


i thought he rocked it

1577 days ago


I agree with M Smith. There is a double -standard and no consideration of how as a kid he suffered while watching his own mom get beaten for many years. If Linsay Lohan or some other white young celeb had chilhood like Brown's everyone wound be symtpathetic and discussing treatment. He went into a rage probably because of the pent up anger against his mom's abuser ( his stepdad) People never conside that Black men suffer from the effects of childhood abuse. DMX, Chris Brown and James Brown among others. The stereotype is that they are all born violent. I am surprised no one at TMZ discused his cildhood traumas.

1577 days ago


I think he was dissappointed in himself. He always said he would never do what his stepdad did ( beat his mom for years).
Chris spoke at the beginning of his career of how he was always in fear as a kid. He probably shocked himself when he flew into a rage after all the years of holding in his emotions as a kid. He has never had a thugh image and would be a good spokesperson for abused kids.

1577 days ago


Honestly i've been a Chris Brown fan ever since he came out and what he did was in the past and im sure you people have done things in the past your not so proud of but nobody judges you because of it. Give the man a chance he said he let us down once but it will never happen again. Anyone who believes him is a very strong hearted person. And honestly i dont think anyone can fake cry like that, especially since he couldnt even sing cause he was crying somuch. That means he's trying to prove that he has a heart and he's trying to get everyone to forgive him. I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN!

1577 days ago


He also has to forgive himself.He probably hates the fact that he did what his stepdad did ( beat his woman). We should look at breaking the cycle of abuse for all the other abused kids out there in our community who live in fear as Cris did. The rage a kid has could lead them to all types of unexplained self-destructie behavior. This may be why we have teens in trouble today. TMZ should discuss their upbringing as they do with Lindsay Lohan and other young celebs

1577 days ago

Eric bland    

we need to forgive CB we all made mistakes in life no body is perfect in this world

1577 days ago

Jizz Michaels    

what a piece of ****

1577 days ago


people u all need to leave chris alone he is only human and all off us make mistake he did a wonderfull job at the betaward no one else but mj could top that no 3 people will not stop a ture talent

1577 days ago


The dancing was great, for it being Brown. The so-called breakdown was completely retarded and if I were Brown I'd be ashamed of myself for how stupid I looked. But he does show he works hard to make MJ proud so good job, Chris.

As far as the Rhiann incident, it's MY opinion that Brown is not a woman beater. How stupid to even suggest that. This boy was NINETEEN when that crap happened AND SOMEONE served him alcohol, not to mention served HER alcohol too! SUE THE CONTRIBUTING PARTIES! She contributed to that fight as well, stop acting like that slut bag is innocent, for God sakes looks how provocative she dresses, how can ANY young 19 yr old NOT get jealous of her slutty behavior? You know she was throwing her sh[i]t in every mans face she could find just to make Chris jealous. pffft Funny how her career took off after all that happened. She is no innocent party!

1577 days ago



I am a person who listen to people's opinions and agree I understand your first point. But as a person with a heart even though I do not and will not every agree to a man ever hitting a women but I do see the good in everyone.

The second point you made is someone what agreeable. I didnt say he or she had to be on MTV and BET. There are other talented people in the world.But BET was not going to pick a person off the street to do it.And I not saying Chris Brown is the best dancer that I have ever seen because I have seen amazing dancer.

For your third part i do not agree with you since one you don't even know me. Two I am not a person who listens to everything I see or hear.What the F is a top 40's list and I can give a D*** who is even on that freaking list. And Wade Robinson and the rest of the people you just name I dont think he could have done it better and I am a huge fan of his. Personally the only person who could have done it better then Chris is Janet.

1577 days ago


I think Chris brown is an amazing singer, he did the best and he is a good person. I love his MJ tribute on BET.

1577 days ago
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