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Unofficial MJ Memorial -- Katherine in the House!

6/27/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Forever Michael Memorial that went down last night didn't have the blessing of Michael Jackson's estate or his brother Randy, but it did have the support of his mother Katherine.

The matriarch of the Jackson clan was in attendance at the Beverly Hilton last night -- our spies say Katherine, Tito Jackson and one of Randy's daughters were the only Jackson family members that were there.

We're told the place looked about "half empty" and the only celebs our sources saw were Mickey Rooney, Corey Feldman and Eddie Griffin.

As for food and drinks -- the menu consisted of a choice of salmon or steak and domestic beer could be purchased for $8.50, wine for $10.

Not exactly fit for a King.


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Music Forever    

My boss was at this event on saturday. He is a good guy and a Michael Jackson fan (a rational one too) ;-) But he said he was embarrassed by what took place. Here is what I can remember from what he told me: Randy's daughter performed two MJ songs, she I guess she sang them poorly and he said she twice FORGOT the words to Human Nature!! He said he was told that for his VIP ticket that he would get a gift and there was an open bar. He got no gift and it was cash bar (not that he really cared). He said that with the exception of playing like 5 MJ videos and giving an award that was accepted by the guy who played Joseph in the TV movie The Jacksons: An American Dream, they barely mentioned michael aT ALL!

He said they were told an "International film and recording star" was there to pay tribute, it turned out to be Corey Feldman! Then Mickey Rooney's wife apparently sang a song by Michael and some other old people performed their own songs.

Katherine was there and so was Tito who sang some J5 songs but Katherine did not say anything at all to the crowd, which by the way was pretty small. He said that they used half of the ballroom (he said they closed off the other half) and guessed there were about 300-400 people but he was there for a political fundraiser like 2 weeks ago and there were twice as many people there for that.

When he checked in he said he saw the table listings (in order to get his) and saw that Katherine and Prince were going to be there, but Prince wasn't there, so maybe that was a last minute change. He stayed the whole time, I guess because he didn't want to miss anything, but he said it was a real let down and not at all what Michael deserved or was fitting for him. He seemed shocked that they hardly mentioned Michael at all! Some comedian did a act and a girl band who he thought may be on Joseph's new label or something.

But check Youtube in a few days or so because the part where Tito sang is going to be posted.

I felt bad for him spending the money to support MJ's charities but feel SO bad for Michael after what he shared went down.

1543 days ago


I just wish someone had a tribute for Michael that DIDN'T involve ANYONE making money off of it. He deserved much better than what he got that's for sure!! RIP Michael. I love you.

1542 days ago



I was thinking about you. Been meaning to drop in to say hi, but couldn't locate you. A friend alerted me to where your posts were. You may be gone from here by now. I was gone all weekend.
Anyway. I was reading what you posted. I was also spending some time reading a lot of the old boards again. Spending time in the past sometimes helps.
I remember when we first met way back when. Seems a lifetime ago. I am still on my quest. I haven't given up. Just doing things a little more quietly lately.
I do miss posting with you. My time is not as free these days.

I still have that early morning free time. But the evenings aren't.
Anyway, you said a long time ago the same things you are saying now and I guess those who don't know you wouldn't know that.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.

Miss you

1542 days ago


I love Eddie Griffin!

1505 days ago


Michael's life was a series of lies and deceptions. Michael was an enigma when he was living and died an enigma. I think the Jackson Family feels that he never denied or confirmed any rumors about his sexuality, his kid's paternity, marriages, etc so it's not their place to comment, confirm or deny anything now. If he wanted people to know his personal business, he would have answered all of these questions himself a long time ago. Just because a person is a celebrity or public figure, doen't mean the public has the right to know all of their personal business, good or bad. The man is dead and his secrets died with him. Let it go and focus on not making the same mistakes he did. Someday someone may want to pry into your private business. Would you want it splashed all over the tabloids to hurt your children and loved ones? I don't think so.

1434 days ago
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