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Unofficial MJ Memorial -- Katherine in the House!

6/27/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Forever Michael Memorial that went down last night didn't have the blessing of Michael Jackson's estate or his brother Randy, but it did have the support of his mother Katherine.

The matriarch of the Jackson clan was in attendance at the Beverly Hilton last night -- our spies say Katherine, Tito Jackson and one of Randy's daughters were the only Jackson family members that were there.

We're told the place looked about "half empty" and the only celebs our sources saw were Mickey Rooney, Corey Feldman and Eddie Griffin.

As for food and drinks -- the menu consisted of a choice of salmon or steak and domestic beer could be purchased for $8.50, wine for $10.

Not exactly fit for a King.


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I'm surprised Lindsey Lohan didn't show up!!!

1557 days ago


#54 (by mymjj5), best post ever!

1557 days ago


"These tributes/memorials shed light on what has been going on in the Jackson family for a long time. Division, jealousy, GREED. (anyone remember Jermaine's song for Michael?)"

I remember it. Jermaine wanted so bad to hurt Michael, but he only ended up hurting himself. Killed his own career without Michael even lifting a finger.

1557 days ago


Debbie Rowe now sees the children once a month for 8 hours. She will continue to see the children and will be present. Michael did not want that, she is money hungry and so is the guy she hangs out with. The guy who did the tribute book. They think they will get the kids and all the money because of Debbie's parental rights. Katherine is making a big mistake by allowing this woman into the children's lives. This is going to end very badly for MJ3, I smell a big custody battle on the horizon.

1557 days ago

Gsharon 710    

That was Katherines son and she can do whatever she desire. You cannot love Michael and keep downing his parents. How would you like someone to post publically that your mother should be tied up in a Nursing Home. Stop being POS and live and let live.

1557 days ago


Jermaine's song To the bad: It ended with words of longing for his brother, let's not forget that. When the song came out Michael and Jermaine had a heated discussion, Michael crying and at the same time worried for Jermaine's career, if we are to believe Jermaine's common wife at the time.

Debbie Rowe: Michael did not arrange for a good situation for the children in the event of something happening to him. He chose to get children by Debbie Rowe, but in the end, none of the three children had a mother. According to the will, Diana Ross is the backup. We don't know her position when Katherine dies. Debbie let the children stay with Katherine, which was a wise decision and does not point to her as a money hungry person.

I really, really hope the children will not be brought up as Jehova's witnesses. I don't know how Rebbie is doing, but LaToya and Michael were very devoted, and look what happened to them.

1557 days ago

limor barak    

michael i waiting for you forever

i mean to that so much
even nobody will not remember you anymore
i keep waiting just for you forever
and ever until you will back...

1557 days ago

limor barak    

michael i waiting for you forever
even nobody will not remember you anymore
i awlayse here,
just for you my love...

1557 days ago


35. Right on Tellit. People always try and make Katherine out to be a saint and she's not. She was just trying to sell belts a couple of weeks ago and now she has a book coming out? She makes me sick just like most of the Jackson family.
Posted at 12:53 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by N.O.Lady
Everyone else is making money off MJ (AEG, Sony, etc) and Katherine and Joe are not allowed to enjoy some fruits of their own labour from kids they raised?
would sooner support Katherine and Joe in their endeavours than I would anyone working for the MJ Estate.
Posted at 1:07 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by WordOutlet
How much "fruit" do they deserve?!!! After 2005 Michael Jackson mortgaged (Neverland/Catalog) his azz to the hilt in order to maintain his extravagant lifestyle and that of Katherine/Joe and his two deadbeat brothers and all their siblings. AND for the 25 years PRIOR to that!!!
HOW MANY BANANAS do those worthless buffoons deserve? They got everything EXCEPT his friggin blood...and NEARLY got that....had he not brainstormed his own friggin "death"...and saved their sorry azzes yet again.
Michael Jackson will not allow MJFT to confront his mother re the belts...this unauthorized memorial, etc. watch.
And are you referring to John Branca the entertainment financial wizard/genius? The 1 person who Michael Jackon could depend on for 100% for 30 years? As business partner AND trusted FRIEND? The same John Branca who was instrumental in the production and release of the "Thriller" video? The John Branca who negotiated Michael Jackons purchase of "The Catalog" in 1985 for $47,000.000 and is now worth what? $1,000,000,000. or more?
You talking about that John Branca? The man who had Michael Jackson as Best Man at his wedding? The man that Geffen talked Michael into letting go of in 1990? (A BAD MISTAKE!!!) The John Branca that Michael Jackson himself appointed as one of representatives on the Sony/ATV board in 1993. Which Branca sold his interest in back in 2006 when he resigned as Michael Jacksons lawyer because he couldn't turn a blind eye to the "people" that Michael Jackson was surrounding himself with....Drug enablers and NOI....etc. etc.
...refresh yourself on some FACTS WordOutlet.....
Are you a Jackson? Or a close close Jackson clan friend ...blogging on these boards?
Just asking...since you appear to be.

1557 days ago


PS: and WHO did Michael Jackson call back onto his team just 3 weeks before his "death"?....why!/why? John Branca...the financial team with the Wizard of illusion...Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson created the idea...Branca and key others helped him achieve it.

1557 days ago


what type of eduction does mj have

1557 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

Stealing from this Endangered Slave Family Empire the U.S.A. Way..Sammy Davis...Ella..etc..

1557 days ago


I think others in the family initiated the memorial event. Katherine became an endorser at the very end when they realized no one was attending. sad to say the family should stay away from endorsing any projects to do with Mj. most think they are only trying to capitalize off his death and its not really about MJ the person at all. the bottom line is who will really receive the proceeds?

1557 days ago
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