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The Stanley Cup -- Full of Pride ... Gay Pride

6/28/2010 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With rainbow flags leading their path, Chicago Blackhawks Brent Sopel and the Stanley Cup had a gay ol' time this weekend ... at Chicago's Gay Pride festival on Sunday.

While it was the Stanley Cup's first appearance at a gay pride event, Sopel wanted to ride in the parade to honor Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke's son, Brendan, who was killed in a car accident just three months after publicly coming out of the closet.

Now the Stanley Cup plays on everyone's team.

Props to towleroad.com for the head's up.

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Missy and others, you're disgusting. Whoopee, one Gay Pride parade and the knickers get tied in a knot, good grief, get over it. Keep their sex life in the bedroom?? That statement couldn't be more hypocritical. Look at every TV ad, show, movie, billboard - sexuality is everywhere and 99% of it is heterosexual. For you morons, that means straight. There is such a double standard out there. Straight parades? Try the Rose Bowl, Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, St. Patrick's Day, July 4th, etc. - the list is long on 'straight parades'. See any gay representation at the last one of those you were at? Good for the Black Hawks! Everyone has a right to be who they are and shouldn't have to hide it. They're not looking for special rights, just equal ones.

1546 days ago


So after seeing these comments on here, the only defense for why homosexuality is wrong would be because of "God," like really is that all you can come up with. Stop using religion as a defense for your own short comings and lack of intelligence. Homosexuals are not going anywhere, neither are blacks, latinos, asians, or any other group that has been discriminated against. Quite frankly if you don't like it don't comment on it; Plain and simple. Oh and by the way, it doesnt get anyone pissed reading the un-educated and ill-informed non-sense that some of you write on here.

1546 days ago


I can't believe they ******ged Lord Stanley of Preston!

1546 days ago


Why can't you say "******?" The only movement here is up and down. Up and down. Until the ******ee wakes up.

1546 days ago


It's amazing how many ignorant and illiterate 13-year-olds comment on TMZ's site, isn't it?

As for that hockey player putting the Cup in the parade, good for him; he's a mature human being, unlike so many in this forum.

1546 days ago


Hey Sonja, did you ever read the bible? If so, you must know just how wrong you are. I'm thinking of forming an all hetro hockey league, or how about an all white league? This stuff goes both ways and you bet your ass those special gay players would be right in there with the regular league if they were good enough players.

Gays were not born with special status that lets them have sex in public and with confused minor children. The gay movement supports both and they get away with it because they are "special". They target children because they know that children who are raped and indoctrinated by gays are more likely to become gay. Strange how that works. I guess God planned it that way? Closet gay children just waiting to be freed?

1546 days ago


Kyle, well said! Makes you wonder about the people disgusting, inappropriate comments. Those who protest the loudest sometimes have the most to hide, they scream and point elsewhere so no one looks at them. Right, Missy & friends??

1546 days ago


Wiley, you ignorant a$$. Being gay does NOT mean you are a pedophile! These folks are wired to be attracted to the same sex, not children - you are very wrong and very confused. BTW, statistically most rapists are straight, white men.

1546 days ago


Go Pride!!!

1546 days ago


Wow, add Sopel to my roster of non-Red Wings NHLers I like!

1546 days ago


Look all im trying to get across is that no one has come into this forum shoving homosexuality in your faces, my point was to say that if you don't like it then don't look or comment. It's absolutely disgusting the amount of negativity that is posted on this website in whole. Every individual is different and thats the way it should be, someone should be judged by what they do, where they go, who they like, or any of those factors. Its a shame that the world has become so disconnected and self-absoarbed that a single person can't stop and take the time to think about someone else's point of view.

1546 days ago


This just isn't right. Hockey is the manliest sport out there just dripping with testosterone! "Gay" and "hockey" just don't belong together.

1546 days ago


Parades/walks, should be held for a positive event. Holidays, fighting disease, sports and etc... Not for throwing your cheesy sex-life in mine or anyone els face.

1546 days ago


Get your facts STRAIGHT! 90% of HIV/AIDS WORLDWIDE is among heterosexuals. HETEROS. STR8s. Only in North America and Europe is it more prevalent among gay men. But here the fastest growing population contracting the HIV virus is STR8 women under 25!

A little stupidity goes far on this site.

1546 days ago


"Quite frankly if you dont like see gay people or the gay lifestyle then don't look or don't talk because guess what honey, the world doesn't bow down to you and your views. ... So you can take your little comment and shove it! Because you are the problem with society these days."

It doesn't mean those views shouldn't be voiced. I'm not a big fan of pedophiles, taxes, traffic cameras and clowns (they're evil, mind you), either. Going to try and strike out against that, too? If people have moral opinions, voicing them is entirely appropriate.

I didn't make the original comment, but what's with the attempt to tell others to simply "shut up." On the contrary, take your fascism and shove it. If someone has an opinion and feels strongly enough about it, so be it. They should express it.

(I think it's worth noting that you might be projecting a bit with that "you're the problem with society these days" bit. It's comical, in a way.)

1546 days ago
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